BuySellShoutouts Review – Is It LEGIT? We TRIED It! *Read First*

Instagram has over 1 billion users.

And for any marketing campaign for any business or service – it’s a great place to gain customers and traffic.

Even more so – anybody themselves can become an influencer on Instagram – and use it to begin earning money.

But people struggle with gaining followers and likes.

That’s where a service like BuySellShoutouts comes in.

Great prices. Organic followers. Skyrocket your Instagram. Sounds good?

So today I’ll be reviewing BuySellShoutouts – looking at their features, reviews, pros and cons, and whether we would recommend them over other Instagram Growth Services.

Let’s get on with it.

Why Would You Want More Instagram Followers and Likes?

First of all, why would you even want more Instagram followers and likes?

When you get more likes, Instagram are more likely to push your posts out to a larger audience – as it appears users are engaging and enjoying your content.

This boosts your outreach – and therefore increases your potential audience and traffic.

It also displays how legitimate a brand is.

An account which has many likes seems way more trust-worthy, which also boosts your conversion rates.

Followers also are an important measure of how legitimate your account and make up your audience.

If you gain followers – you are also going to boost your outreach and traffic.

That’s why likes, and followers are vital to growth on Instagram – and for sustaining any business or growing someone’s influencer profile.

So, there’s a good reason why services like BuySellShoutouts exist to help you with the process of growing your Instagram.

What is BuySellShoutouts?

BuySellShoutouts is an online Instagram Growth Service that promise to deliver organic Instagram followers and likes easily and quickly.


It is important to note that organic followers are real followers, rather than fake followers – which you would get by buying followers from a service like SNS Growth.

Instead, as mentioned, BuySellShoutouts stress the fact that they only offer real followers who will actually engage with your content (like other great services such as Mr. Insta).

Their process is simple:

  • Targeted Instagram Shoutout Advertising – buy Instagram shoutouts from Influencers in your niche that are ideal for your audience.
  • Find Instagram Influencer Accounts – they feature the most popular Instagram Influencer accounts to ensure you get the best choice.
  • Add Instagram Shoutout Information – fill out the simple order form, and what image and caption you would like to be advertised. Then the process begins.

They offer many different forms of shoutouts including posts with captions, videos with captions, IGTV or Instagram Stories.

As well as shoutouts, BuySellShoutouts also offer other services such as buying Instagram followers, likes, views, accounts and more (see below).

BuySellShoutouts Features

Features (+ Pricing)

BuySellShoutouts of course offer Instagram shoutouts, but also the ability to purchase other services:


Firstly, of course BuySellShoutouts offer shoutouts as we mentioned earlier.

You can choose between many different accounts for varying prices.

BuySellShoutouts Shoutouts

They all have at least 50k followers and vary in niches so there will be sure to be one for you.

By getting your paid image featured on these big accounts – they guarantee that it will be seen, liked and commented by thousands of users.

It is effectively their form of Instagram’s paid promotion – but cheaper and far more effective.

Buy Instagram Followers and Likes

You can also buy followers with BuySellShoutouts.

They promise:

  • Safe Delivery
  • No Password Required
  • 24/7 Support
  • Delivered in 3-5 Days

Note that this is not organic growth – but they claim that it will help with the legitimacy of your account and increase the likelihood of people following.

All you need to provide is your Instagram username, and an email – and then pick a package.

Here they are:

BuySellShoutouts Followers Pricing
BuySellShoutouts Followers Pricing

They also offer the ability to buy ‘real followers’ – which costs more but offers higher-quality profiles.

As well as this they offer Instagram likes, auto likes, video views, and mentions.

Buy Instagram Accounts

BuySellShoutouts also offers the ability to buy Instagram accounts on their marketplace.

Buying an Instagram account saves you the hassle of growing it in the first place – as they are all already established and have real followers.

Their prices range from $50 up to thousands of dollars for larger accounts (a 10,000 follower account they claim to be roughly $300).

All you have to do is browse through their listings of various accounts – choose and pay for one with PayPal, and within 24 hours you will receive the accounts’ credentials.

They recommended to change the account’s password and email after receiving it.

Then you are all set with a brand-new account!

Here is an example of some of the accounts listed at the moment:

BuySellShoutouts Buy Instagram Accounts

Press Release Distribution

They also offer the services of Press Release Distribution, where your story will be published on major new websites including ABC, Google News, USA Today, Digital Journal and more.

BuySellShoutouts Press Release

They offer 3 different packages – and promise to publish the press release within 24-48 hours.

They recommended it to be about 600 words in length, including images and videos – and 2 links maximum.

Their most expensive plan ‘Ultimate Business Promotion’ offers the following:

  • SEO Content Blueprint
  • Published on all: Google News, USA Today, Street Insider News, ABC, NBC, Fox News Affiliates, Digital Journal, Wired PR News, Market Watch
  • Published on Partner News Websites
  • Web 2 Social Sites
  • 24-48 Hour Distribution
  • 1 Video, 1 Image
  • Up to 2 links
  • 50 Online News Partners
  • Search Engines.

In terms of boosting your brand and SEO – this is the best deal we have seen on the market – and will gain you high DA backlinks for your website.

Partner Program

You can also become a partner with BuySellShoutouts, if you have an account of over 50k followers – and can earn hundreds from shoutouts.

All you have to do is post the shoutout and send a screenshot to their service – you will then earn a 30% commission and be paid instantly.

This is a great way to monetise your Instagram account – and is all automated making it super easy, and profitable.

All money transfers are through PayPal – and they promise free listing assistance, no commitment, and no hidden fees.

To get started with them all you have to do is register here.

How to Get Started with BuySellShoutouts

We have now underlined the main services that BuySellShoutouts offer.

Put simply, just navigate over to their site and go to the page where the service you want to purchase is.

All purchases are made through the secure payment gateway PayPal.

Pros and Cons


  • Offer many different services – Instagram likes, shoutouts, press release etc.
  • Very competitive pricing.
  • Email support.
  • Offer organic Instagram growth.
  • Clear and varied pricing points.
  • Secure payment – PayPal.
  • Great website – lots of information, FAQ page etc.
  • Partner Program.
  • Don’t need password for any services – so very safe.


  • Not 24/7 Support


BuySellShoutouts has largely positive reviews – which is a great indicator for the strength of their service.

Here is one from Trustpilot for example:

BuySellShoutouts Reviews

And one from their website:

My Instagram account only had 500 or so followers, until I bought a shoutout and added my Instagram account name to the caption. In 2 days, I had over 12,000 followers and so many likes on my pictures I couldn’t count them all!

Lucy, Cake Designed

And one more:

I used other services like BuySellShoutouts before online, but none compared to the speed and customer service they provide. My shoutout was created exactly how I wanted it to be and the views to my site were incredible. Best $40 I have spent on advertising.

– James, Retargg Ad Retargeting Software

Alternatives to BuySellShoutouts

If for some reason, you don’t like the sound of BuySellShoutouts and want an Instagram Growth Service which will also help you grow safely, organically and quickly – here are a couple of our favourites:

Mr. Insta – No.1 Instagram Growth Service

Mr Insta Best Instagram Growth Service

Mr. Insta are one of our favourite Instagram Growth Services.

They offer an incredibly wide range of features including:

  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • All Real Users
  • No Password Required
  • 100% Safe and Secure

Mr. Insta also have the best reviews on TrustPilot we have ever seen for an Instagram Growth Service – with over a thousand reviews and an Excellent 5-Star Rating.

Mr Insta Trustpilot

Mr. Insta also provide 24/7 support – and promise 100% safe order and payment.

By gaining in followers quickly and easily, your Instagram outreach and engagement will increase – meaning your account is promoted more by Instagram, further growing your audience.

We would 100% recommend getting started by buying their 5000 followers package for less than $100 with the discount by clicking here.

For an amazing price, you would be completely set – and even better, they are all real followers and users!

(Get Started By Clicking the Button Below and Get A Free Discount Code)

Or learn more with our full Mr. Insta review here.

Inflact – No.1 Instagram Bot

Instagram Alternative Inflact

An amazing Instagram Growth Service, and certainly one of our favourites, is Inflact.

If you are looking for an Instagram bot to automate all your tasks, and let you sit back whilst your following grows, Inflact is our go-to choice.

They offer the following features:

  • Auto Liking and Following
  • Smart Unfollow – to keep your account clean.
  • Auto Posting
  • Detailed Analytics

Even more so – Inflact offers extended features (which hardly any other bot offers) such as Whitelists, Blackilsts and Watching stories.

All of which combined means immense growth – and Inflact states than on average their customers grow 3000 followers a month.

With a Great 4-Star Rating on Trustpilot – this bot is also well-reputed and trusted in the niche.

Click below for a Special Discount just for The E-Commerce Entrepreneur readers:

Or learn more with our full Inflact review here.

Trusy Social

Trusy Social

We would 100% recommend using Trusy Social – an amazing Instagram Growth Service – which is a well-known and established brand that offers sustained and organic Instagram growth.

They claim that they have ‘cracked the code’ to scaling and monetising your Instagram audiences – and have many impressive customers (Nike, Disney etc).

Through the use of their unique targeted algorithmic growth formula, the team at Trusy Social promise to send users and traffic to your content.

As well as this your page will be promoted onto the Explore Page through power likes from big Instagram accounts – to boost your outreach and engagement.

Or learn more with our full Trusy Social review here.

Conclusion – Would We Recommend BuySellShoutouts?

Overall, BuySellShoutouts is a great online Instagram Growth Service – that offer the widest range of features and services we have ever seen.

Their shoutouts are a great way to grow your Instagram organically – and their press release service is the best backlink and SEO growth plan we could find.

They, as seen by reviews, are very trustworthy – and are sure to provide a service you will be happy with.

If for some reason you don’t like them nonetheless – check out our review of Mr. Insta – our No.1 Instagram Growth Service.

Check out our list of the 30 Best Instagram Growth Services, and where BuySellShoutouts places, here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

This post is sponsored by BuySellShoutouts. All opinion and reviews expressed in this post are based on our personal view.

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