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Trusy Social Review (2020) – My PERSONAL Experience

Trusy Social claim to be the fastest way to scale and monetise your Instagram.

And they seem to do that – great reviews, advanced features and good pricing.

Yet should you trust them, or are they a scam?

Today, I’ll be reviewing Trusy Social – their features, pros and cons, pricing, alternatives and whether I would recommend using them?

Let’s get on with it.

Why Would You Want More Instagram Followers/Likes?

When you get more likes, Instagram are more likely to push your posts out to a larger audience – as it seems people are liking your content.

This boosts your engagement and outreach.

It also displays how legitimate a brand is.

An account which has many likes seems way more trust-worthy, which also boosts your conversion rates.

Followers also are an important measure of how legitimate your account and make up your audience.

That’s why likes, and followers are vital to growth on Instagram.

What is Trusy Social?

Trusy Social is an online Instagram Growth Service to grow your Instagram engagement and following quickly.

Credit: Trusy Social

They claim that they have ‘cracked the code’ to scaling and monetising Instagram audiences, and have had many impressive former customers.

Trusy Social Clients
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They promise:

  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Organic Growth
  • Free account audit
  • Brand collaboration
  • Great Customer Service

Trusy Social have a dedicated account manager for each customer and promise only organic followers and likes through their various techniques including:

  • A unique targeted algorithmic growth formula to send users and traffic to your content
  • Promoting your content onto Instagram’s explore pages and top posts for hashtags and location – relevant to your niche.
  • Power likes (from respected accounts), explore page discovery and highly efficient targeted engagement

Getting Started with Trusy Social

It’s super easy to get started with Trusy Social – just navigate over to their website and begin with one of their paid plans (see below).

Trusy Social Cart
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Every plan comes with:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Free account audit
  • Unlimited customer service

Trusy Social Discount Code

Here is a discount code for Trusy Social that I was able to find, it works all the time:


It gives a 10% discount – use at checkout, press here.


Trusy Social’s plans are renewed monthly and are currently on a sale.

Trusy Social Pricing
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The plans vary by medium, high and maximum follower growth/ organic engagement.

Upon the basics, Influencer includes Brand Collab, Database and Increased Social Engagement.

Personal Brand/ Business then adds on Power Likes as well.


Advanced Instagram follower growth.

Dedicated Account Manager.

Organic Growth.

Money back Guarantee – 10 days.

Free Account Audit.

Unlimited Customer Service.

Great Reviews.

Don’t need your password.


Bit expensive for smaller accounts.

Not 24/7 Customer Service.


How Many Followers Can You Expect to Gain?

Trusy Social state that results vary across niches, and as each account is unique.

However, on average you can expect to gain anywhere from three hundred to five thousand follows a month.

Do They Require Your Username and Password?

No, they do not need your password or username – so rest assured.

Is Trusy Social Safe?

Trusy Social claim that they have never had a client lose their account and pride themselves on remaining compliant with Instagram’s Terms and Conditions.

So, your account will most likely be safe from any Instagram bans.

How Quickly Can You Start?

Typically, their services will be up and running for you within 24-48 hours of signup.

They say that you will be assigned with a dedicated account manager who will setup your ‘member services, provide customer service and account oversight’.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

Trusy Social offer PayPal and most major card providers (Visa, American Debit etc) – so you have secure payment gateways to avoid worrying about fraud.


These reviews are from their website:

Trusy Social Reviews
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Here is one from Trustpilot:

Love me some trusy!

I used trusy on my businesses Instagram for about 6 months. Things started off slow so i was a little hesitant to continue using them.

My account manager assured me that things would improve overtime and she was not kidding! 

After about a month of using trusy i started seeing exponential growth from within my niche and in turn saw an increase in sales, website traffic, and of course Instagram growth!


And one more:

Most reliable and customer service friendly company I’ve worked with, I’ve jumped around from several companies, and I know this space very well. Although not an overnight success – Trusy has more knowledge of growth tactics and access to more professionals in the industry than any of the 15 other companies I’ve worked with.

Business Casual


If you don’t like the idea of Trusy Social, here are some alternatives.

They both offer real followers, and organic growth – as well are well-reputed in the market.


Upleap Trusy Social Alternative
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I would recommend using UpLeap as I mentioned earlier – a well-known brand who assign an account manager who helps you grow engagement with organic follower and likes.

Your results are guaranteed to be organic followers and engagement.

They offer suitable prices, money-back guarantees, and plenty of real reviews.

Check Out My Full Upleap Review.

Or Check them out here with a free 3-day trial.


Kicksta Trusy Social Alternative
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If not UpLeap I would recommend using Kicksta who offer a similar service with an account manager dedicated to getting you organic growth.

They are also however a bit more expensive.

Check them out here.

Conclusion – Would I Recommend Trusy Social?

Overall, Trusy Social is a superb Instagram Growth Service that are revolutionizing the game.

Unlike many other services, they take it to the next level – with advanced methods to gain you real followers and organic growth in no time.

So, I would 100% recommend trying them out – at least for a month.

If you still don’t like the looks of them – I would recommend UpLeap or Kicksta.

Make sure to get 10% off Trusy Social by using the discount code TENOFF and clicking here.

Check out my list of the 30 Best Instagram Growth Services, and where Trusy Social places (it’s very high!), here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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