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Social Sensei Review (2021) – Personal Experience

Social Sensei are quickly becoming a major player in the Social Media market.

And there’s a reason why.

They promise to gain you followers and likes on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms – and they do so. Quickly.

Organic Growth. A Dedicated Account Manager. Great Support.

But is it really that good – or are there better alternatives?

To answer that, today I’ll be reviewing Social Sensei – checking out their features, pros and cons, reviews, and whether we would recommend using them.

Let’s get on with it.

Why Would You Want More Instagram Followers and Likes?

First of all, why would you even want more Instagram followers and likes?

When you get more likes, Instagram are more likely to push your posts out to a larger audience – as it appears users are engaging and enjoying your content.

This boosts your outreach – and therefore increases your potential audience and traffic.

It also displays how legitimate a brand is.

An account which has many likes seems way more trust-worthy, which also boosts your conversion rates.

Followers also are an important measure of how legitimate your account and make up your audience.

If you gain followers – you are also going to boost your outreach and traffic.

That’s why likes, and followers are vital to growth on Instagram – and for sustaining any business or growing someone’s influencer profile.

So, there’s a good reason why services like Social Sensei exist to help you with the process of growing your Instagram.

What is Social Sensei?

Social Sensei is a Social Media Growth Service and Agency – that particularly focuses on Instagram.

With over 10 years in the industry – they command an impressive position.

Social Sensei

They help automate the process of growing your Instagram and craft tailor social media strategies to attract your targeted audience for your business.

Their social media experts will help build your profile, whilst you can focus on building your business.

Social Sensei

Social Sensei claim to focus on these three primary objectives:

  • Attract Your Audience – with their craft-tailored social media strategies, they will produce compelling content to grow engagement.
  • Create a Community – they focus on building organic growth with real followers and engagement, making sure to turn leads into customers.
  • Reduce your Workload – Social Sensei promise to do all the ‘heavy lifting’ of driving your traffic, whilst you can focus on building a business. Save both time and money. 

The team behind Social Sensei are a group of passionate young entrepreneurs – so be assured they are a proper and trustworthy social media agency.

Not a scam liked Buzzoid for example.


Social Sensei, unlike other Growth Services, offer a wide sophisticated range of features to help you grow your audience. Here are some of the main ones:

Business Plan

Their team will help create a plan and Instagram funnel to convert followers into leads.

They will set out your target audience, check out the competitors, and design a roadmap for social media success.

Social Media Strategy

Social Sensei’s team will also help with content posting, when to post, and what hashtags to use – so you can reach the widest audience possible in your industry.

It’s all about the perfect balance of selling and keeping your audience engaged.

Monthly Analytics

Their team make sure to provide you with a review of the social media strategy’s performance each month.

This includes follower growth, engagement trends, content and making suggestions for the future.

In this way, they are always adapting and finding what works best – to optimise growth and efficiency.

Content Creation

Social Sensei have their very own creative team that can help create ‘Instagram stories, edit videos, retouch photos, build infographics’ and more.

They will help design, conceptualise and edit any media necessary to produce a marketing and branding of your social media which is consistent and works well with your brand.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will help manage all your project.

They will run the social media strategy for you and craft the perfect business plan.

You can rest assured that they have everything handled and are keeping a close eye on progress.

Community Management

Social Sensei’s team will also provide some customer support and sales via commenting and direct message response.

They will learn your product and business, so be able to answer basic questions for you and direct leads into sales, or the support funnel.

Influencer Research and Campaign Management

Social Sensei will also compile create a list of potential influencers that could be good opportunities to represent your business and help grow your outreach.

They aim for the influencers to work alongside your core brand values and will always be great collaborators.

Their team will also manage your collaboration and campaigns will influencers to make sure your product is being represented properly.

Facebook and Instagram Ad Management

On top of all these other features, Social Sensei will also help identify your ‘target audience, craft copy, create ads and monitor delivery’ – to make sure these ads reach the most amount of people as possible.

They will also use A/B Testing and edit the campaigns – to increase conversion rates monthly.

Getting Started with Social Sensei

Social Sensei try to make it as simple as possible to begin skyrocketing your Social Media with them.

  • Setup a free consultation – get on the phone with one of their social media experts, from their website, who will begin to learn about your business. They will help determine how Social Sensei can help you grow your brand – and reach an agreement on pricing.
  • Develop a social media strategy – for about one to two weeks they will then develop a social media strategy that will maximise your Social Media growth.
  • Execute the gamelan – Social Sensei’s team will then produce a month’s worth of content and begin carrying out their social media strategy.

To schedule a free consultation with Social Sensei’s team, click here.

Social Sensei Consultation

Or if you want to get started right away, and have the consultation later, you can begin with one of their Pricing Plans here (learn more below).


Social Sensei offer various plans for each Social Media service including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Pinterest.

Social Sensei Instagram

For an idea, here are the plans they offer for Instagram, you can view the rest by clicking here.


Costing $95 a month, their most basic plan offers a monthly consultation.

With this, you can work with the Social Sensei team to help fine tune your social media strategy to reach your business objectives.

It’s like having the most experienced manager coming in and shaping your growth strategy every month.

Check out Social Sensei’s Consultation Plan here.


This plan costs $195 per month and will leverage their expertise to help build your brand and increase your online impact.

It includes:

  • Target Identification
  • Liking
  • Comments
  • Direct Messages

Expect to grow your following in the thousands!

Check out Social Sensei’s Basic Plan here.


Their 3rd plan called Essential costs $495 per month and has everything needed to empower and accelerate your business’ growth.

It is their best-priced and most all-round plan out there – and is like having a full team working for you, for a fraction of the cost.

It includes everything in the Basic Plan plus:

  • Monthly Consultation
  • Business Plan
  • User Persona Analysis
  • Funnel Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Hashtag Research
  • Content Strategy and Grid
  • Dedicated Account Manager

For any business out there, with this plan, you can expect to be skyrocketing your traffic and audience within months.

It also includes a one-time setup fee of $495.

Check out Social Sensei’s Essential Plan here.


This plan costs $995 a month and will ‘rocket launch your outbound engagement’.

It offers everything in the Essential Plan plus:

  • Monthly Analytics
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Post Scheduling
  • Mood Board
  • Community Management

You will literally have to do nothing but just watch your Social Media presence grow exponentially. If you have the budget, we implore you to choose this plan.

It also comes with a one-time setup fee of $495.

Check out Social Sensei’s Business Plan here.


This plan costs $1995 per month and will take your social media presence to the next level with professional content creation and strategy.

It includes everything in the Business Plan plus:

  • Community Management Plus
  • Comment Management
  • Direct Message Management
  • Content Creation
  • Influencer Research

It also comes with a one-time setup fee of $995.

Check out Social Sensei’s Professional Plan here.

Other Plans

They offer two more plans called Hands Off, costing $2995 per month, and Enterprise costing $4995.

To learn more about them, or any of their other Instagram plans, click here.

Social Sensei really are the most advanced Instagram and Social Media Growth Service in the industry.

To see more about any of the plans about Facebook, YouTube etc – press here.

*Once you have signed up for a plan, you will be contacted for your first consultation and they will take it from there.


It is no surprise that Social Sensei have such great reviews considering their comprehensive Social Media Management. Here are some examples:

Considering about 90% of my sales have come from social media at this point, I wouldn’t have a scalable business without the help of Social Sensei! Recently reaching 20k followers whilst consistently maintaining a high level of engagement has really helped me define a brand that is beginning to disrupt the natural product space.

@smile_brianmays – Instagram

Since working with Social Sensei I have grown over 6k followers and receive roughly 1000+ followers a month. My engagement EXPLODED… My revenue has increased 100% I wasn’t making money previously, now I’m getting sponsorships, I’m finding clients for my personal business, and I’m creating a platform for my athletic line that I’m launching.

@chyna_._white – Instagram

And here are some more from their website:

Social Sensei Reviews


Why Should You Hire Social Sensei Instead of An Employee?

Put simply, you will be saving a very large amount of time and money by choosing Social Sensei.

You won’t have to pay health benefits, payroll taxes, train an employee, have risks of them being ill etc. You are also instead of hiring one person, having a whole team of experts working towards your success – it really is the better choice for any business.

What Is Social Sensei’s Refund Policy?

Social Sensei are so confident you will love their service that they offer a 10-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

All their plans are flexible and have no cost to downgrade or upgrade at any time – you can easily adjust by your dashboard or reaching out to an account manager.

How Can I Get in Touch with Social Sensei?

For Basic Plans and above, you have email support; you can have phone support and schedule a call with their support team, if you have the Influencer plan or above.
You will also have monthly consultations, and a dedicated account manager with some plans – so they pride themselves on keeping constant communication.

Can You Use Your Account Whilst Running Their Service?

Yes of course – your account will operate normally ‘with no interruptions’.

What Payment Methods Do Social Sensei Offer?

Social Sensei will always make sure to keep your details safe and secure.
They offer the secure payment gateways of all major Card Providers including Visa, American Express etc.


If for some reason, Social Sensei still isn’t for you, here are some great Instagram Growth Alternatives that we are sure you would love.

Mr. Insta – No.1 Instagram Growth Service

Mr Insta Best Instagram Growth Service

Mr. Insta are one of our favourite Instagram Growth Services.

They offer an incredibly wide range of features including:

  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • All Real Users
  • No Password Required
  • 100% Safe and Secure

Mr. Insta also have the best reviews on TrustPilot we have ever seen for an Instagram Growth Service – with over a thousand reviews and an Excellent 5-Star Rating.

Mr Insta Trustpilot

Mr. Insta also provide 24/7 support – and promise 100% safe order and payment.

By gaining in followers quickly and easily, your Instagram outreach and engagement will increase – meaning your account is promoted more by Instagram, further growing your audience.

We would 100% recommend getting started by buying their 5000 followers package for less than $100 with the discount by clicking here.

For an amazing price, you would be completely set – and even better, they are all real followers and users!

(Get Started By Clicking the Button Below and Get A Free Discount Code)

Or learn more with our full Mr. Insta review here.

Ingramer – No.1 Instagram Bot

Instagram Alternative Ingramer

An amazing Instagram Growth Service, and certainly one of our favourites, is Ingramer.

If you are looking for an Instagram bot to automate all your tasks, and let you sit back whilst your following grows, Ingramer is our go-to choice.

They offer the following features:

  • Auto Liking and Following
  • Smart Unfollow – to keep your account clean.
  • Auto Posting
  • Detailed Analytics

Even more so – Ingramer offers extended features (which hardly any other bot offers) such as Whitelists, Blackilsts and Watching stories.

All of which combined means immense growth – and Ingramer states than on average their customers grow 3000 followers a month.

With a Great 4-Star Rating on Trustpilot – this bot is also well-reputed and trusted in the niche.

Click below for a Special Discount just for The E-Commerce Entrepreneur readers:

Or learn more with our full Ingramer review here.

Trusy Social

Trusy Social

We would 100% recommend using Trusy Social – an amazing Instagram Growth Service – which is a well-known and established brand that offers sustained and organic Instagram growth.

They claim that they have ‘cracked the code’ to scaling and monetising your Instagram audiences – and have many impressive customers (Nike, Disney etc).

Through the use of their unique targeted algorithmic growth formula, the team at Trusy Social promise to send users and traffic to your content.

As well as this your page will be promoted onto the Explore Page through power likes from big Instagram accounts – to boost your outreach and engagement.

Or learn more with our full Trusy Social review here.

Conclusion – Would We Recommend Social Sensei?

Overall, Social Sensei is an incredible Social Media and Instagram Growth Service.

They provide the most sophisticated and full-on strategy to make sure to skyrocket your growth and engagement within months.

For any business looking to grow their traffic quickly and simply, as well as far cheaper than other strategies, Social Sensei are a great option.

Make sure to book your free consultation or check out their pricing plans by clicking here.

Check out our list of the 30 Best Instagram Growth Services, and where Social Sensei places, here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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