Ingramer Review (2021) – PERSONAL Experience

Ingramer claim to be a x2 effective Instagram bot.

And promise to gain you real followers and likes quickly and safely.

But are they legit, or you should avoid using their service?

To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing Ingramer – looking at their features, pros and cons, alternatives, and whether we would recommend using their service.

Let’s get on with it.

Why Would You Want More Instagram Followers?

Firstly, why would you even want more followers for Instagram and other social media platforms?

Well above all, your followers make up the main part of your audience – and as your following increases, so too does the amount of engagement on your posts.

The more followers you gain – the increased likelihood other people will follow you after seeing your account.


Well consider this – if you saw a clothes brand with 100 followers, and then one with 10,000 followers – which are you more likely to follow?

Of course, the one with more followers – they look far more legitimate, which therefore boosts conversion rates.

Furthermore, your number of followers is a great indicator for Instagram on how engageable and popular your profile is – so they would be more likely to push your posts out to a wider audience.

As your audience and outreach increases, so too of course will your engagement.

And even more so, your following will continue to increase but at a faster rate.

What is Ingramer?

Ingramer is an online Instagram Growth Service which uses a bot to automate your normal actions – saving you time and growing your account in the process.

Ingramer Features

This includes:

  • Auto Following
  • Auto Liking
  • Auto DMs
  • Scheduled Posts

Ingramer are certainly the industry-leading bot – and our go-to choice for full automation.

This service claim to increase your following by ‘3000’ followers per month on average, and 500 new clients sign up to them monthly!

Ingramer Customers

They also offer advanced targeting through hashtags, locations and username – as well as gender and language filters.

This means that not only will your followers that you gain be real – but also interested in your niche – meaning your engagement will also increase.

Ingramer are a team of specialists which have been working in social media for the last 7 years – so understand as well how to keep your account safe.

To use Ingramer, you do need to download anything – it all works online, anywhere, and on any device.

Getting Started with Ingramer

It’s super easy and quick to get started with Ingramer.

First visit their website by clicking here.

Then get started with one of their plans – and fill in your email and Instagram login details.

Make your payment via Card or PayPal.

From there: adjust your activities, daily limits, filters etc – and sit back and relax.

Watch your following grow – and track your growth by using their advanced analytics tools.

Pricing + Features

Ingramer offer 4 different modules – which all offer different popular features.

They all vary in pricing based on how many accounts you want connected, and for how long you subscribe for.

You can also choose to purchase several of these modules on one account to skyrocket your growth.

Here are the modules’ features and pricing:


Promo is Ingramer’s most popular and well-known module – which offers the automation of daily actions.

Ingramer Promo Pricing

Features included are:

  • Auto Likes, Follow and Unfollow
  • Hashtags, Locations and Usernames Targeting
  • Smart Analytics
  • Personal Manager

Promo would be our favourite choice – and is sure to gain you followers in no time.

Get Started with Promo by clicking here.


Direct is another of Ingramer’s 4 modules – and as the name suggests, offers bulk and automated messaging to your audience.

Ingramer Direct Pricing

Features included are:

  • One Online Direct Chat for all Accounts
  • Bulk Direct Messaging
  • Following Auto-Responses
  • AI-Optimization Search Function

This module is great for brands trying to get their message out to all their following – rather than waste time on individually messaging everyone.

Get started with Direct by clicking here.

Scheduled Posting

Scheduled Posting allows you to automatically post at the right time.

Ingramer Scheduled Posting Pricing

Features included are:

  • Automated Scheduled Posting
  • Photo and Video
  • Stores and Gallery Posting
  • Full Accounts Preview

Scheduled Posting is the next-step to Promo – and will offer you full automation of your Instagram.

It’s a must need for all users that want to post regularly, to keep their audience engaged.

Get Started with Scheduled Posting by clicking here.

Hashtag Generator

Hashtag Generator promises large amounts of traffic driven to your page.

Ingramer Hashtag Generator Pricing

Features included are:

  • Fully Managed Hashtag Generator
  • Targeting Trending Hashtags
  • Live Analytics of Results
  • AI-Optimization Search Function

This module allows your posts to be pushed in front of a far larger audience – and therefore increase your chance of getting followed.

It’s a great way to drive crazy amounts of users interested in your content to your page.

Get Started with Hashtag Generator by clicking here.

Pros and Cons

  • Wide Range of Features
  • Full Automation
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Organic Growth
  • Great Trustpilot Reviews
  • 100% Safety and Security
  • No Phone Support

Would We Recommend Using Ingramer?

Yes, we would 100% recommend using Ingramer.

Here’s why:

Great Trustpilot Reviews

One of the most important factors behind choosing any online service, should be how good their reviews are.

Even more so, make sure to use a non-biased and trustworthy website such as Trustpilot to check – rather than their own website.

Ingramer Trustpilot

Ingramer have an impressive 4-Star Rating on Trustpilot after 164 reviews.

Simply, it is difficult for us to not recommend a service with such good reviews.

Here is an example:

Ingramer Trustpilot Review 1

These reviews allow us to see how some of their former customers have felt about their service – so is a good indicator on how effective they are.

Although not always 100% reliable, we would have to recommend Ingramer based on these reviews.

High-Quality Service

Another reason we recommend using Ingramer is that we personally believe they offer a high-quality service.

They have a very well-designed website and dashboard – allowing you to navigate everything super easily.

Ingramer also offer a wide range of features which many other bots don’t.

This includes:

  • Various modules
  • Live chat support
  • Whitelists and Blacklists
  • Full automation

Their 4 different modules mean they offer plans suitable for all your needs – and are all also very well-priced.

Overall, in our opinion, Ingramer’s service seems high-quality, which is why we recommend using their service.


If for some reason, Ingramer is not for you – here are some potential alternatives to grow your Instagram.

Mr. Insta – No.1 Social Media Growth Service

Mr Insta Best Instagram Growth Service

Mr. Insta are one of our favourite Instagram Growth Services.

They offer an incredibly wide range of features including:

  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • All Real Users
  • No Password Required
  • 100% Safe and Secure

Mr. Insta also have the best reviews on TrustPilot we have ever seen for an Instagram Growth Service – with over a thousand reviews and an Excellent 5-Star Rating.

Mr Insta Trustpilot

Mr. Insta also provide 24/7 support – and promise 100% safe order and payment.

By gaining in followers quickly and easily, your Instagram outreach and engagement will increase – meaning your account is promoted more by Instagram, further growing your audience.

We would 100% recommend getting started by buying their 5000 followers package for less than $100 with the discount by clicking here.

For an amazing price, you would be completely set – and even better, they are all real followers and users!

(Get Started By Clicking the Button Below and Get A Free Discount Code)

Or learn more with our full Mr. Insta review here.

Trusy Social

Trusy Social

We would 100% recommend using Trusy Social – an amazing Instagram Growth Service – which is a well-known and established brand that offers sustained and organic Instagram growth.

They claim that they have ‘cracked the code’ to scaling and monetising your Instagram audiences – and have many impressive customers (Nike, Disney etc).

Through the use of their unique targeted algorithmic growth formula, the team at Trusy Social promise to send users and traffic to your content.

As well as this your page will be promoted onto the Explore Page through power likes from big Instagram accounts – to boost your outreach and engagement.

Or learn more with our full Trusy Social review here.


What is Ingramer?

Ingramer is an online Instagram bot which offers full automation of your normal actions. This includes automatic liking, following, unfollowing, direct messaging and more. Their service works online with any device at any time, wherever you are.

Is Ingramer Legit?

Yes, we personally believe Ingramer is legitimate. This is due to their very positive reviews on Trustpilot, and their wide range of features available. We ourselves have tried their service – and found it working well, so find no reason for them to not be legitimate.

Is Ingramer Safe?

There is no reason for us to believe that Ingramer is not safe. They state on their website that they offer 100% security and privacy – and also, for some plans, a personal manager to look after your account and its security – to avoid getting banned.

Would We Recommend Using Ingramer?

Yes, we personally would 100% recommend using Ingramer. This is due to their great reviews on Trustpilot, and high-quality service with amazing features and support. There is no reason at all for us to not recommend using Ingramer – so make sure to use our discount code.


Overall, we believe Ingramer to be a great Instagram Bot and Growth Service.

They offer a wide range of modules packed with features – all to skyrocket your Instagram growth.

Ingramer also have great reviews on Trustpilot and promise great support and security.

We would recommend getting started with their Promo plan, and get a discount by clicking below.

If for some reason, Ingramer is not for you, make sure to check out our alternatives.

Alternatively, to gain subscribers/ views on YouTube – check out SubPals by clicking here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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