Best Instagram Growth Services

35+ Best Instagram Growth Services (2021 Ultimate Guide)

Growing your Instagram in 2021 can be difficult.

For many, it is the boring task of always having to post content, comment, like, follow and unfollow.

But what if this could all be done automatically for you, and you could sit back and just watch your Instagram skyrocket?

That’s where Instagram Growth Services come in.

Today we’ve compiled a list of our 35 favourite Instagram Growth Service and ranked them based on our experience, reviews and what they have to offer.

Hopefully, by the end of the article, you will be ready to begin growing your Instagram with the use of one of these effective Instagram Growth Services.

Let’s get onto it.

What Is the Best Instagram Growth Service That Works Safely and Well in 2021?

Here is our list of the best 35 Instagram Growth Services, in order of our preference:

Mr. Insta – Best Instagram Growth Service

Mr Insta Best Instagram Growth Service

Mr. Insta are our No.1 Instagram Growth Service.

They offer an incredibly wide range of features including:

  • Instagram Followers/Likes/Comments/Views
  • Automatic Followers and Likes – sit back and watch your following grow with real users organically.
  • Ability to pay monthly – receive hundreds of followers every month for a discounted price!

Through their service, you can also receive targeted and free Instagram followers daily – just by signing up for free!

Their Free Plan runs for 24 hours and offers 25 targeted followers and needs no password.

Mr. Insta also have the best reviews on TrustPilot we have ever seen for an Instagram Growth Service – with over a thousand reviews and having an Excellent 5-Star Rating.

35+ Best Instagram Growth Services (2021 Ultimate Guide)

Mr. Insta are the most trusted and reliable provider of Instagram followers and growth in the industry.

Their paid plans start from $10 for 250 followers – and go up to only $110 for 5000 followers!

Mr. Insta also provide 24/7 support – and promise 100% safe order and payment.

By gaining in followers quickly and easily, your Instagram outreach and engagement will increase – meaning your account is promoted more by Instagram, further growing your audience.

If you are looking to grow your Instagram quickly and safely (as well as at great prices and flexibility) – Mr. Insta are our go-to choice.

  • Our No.1 Instagram Growth Service
  • Free Trial
  • 24/7 Support
  • Amazing Trustpilot Reviews
  • 100% Safe

    Or learn more with our full Mr. Insta review here.

    Ingramer – No.1 Instagram Bot

    Instagram Alternative Ingramer

    Our No.1 Instagram Bot is Ingramer.

    If you are looking for an Instagram Service to automate all your tasks, and let you sit back whilst your following grows, Ingramer is our go-to choice.

    They offer the following features:

    • Auto Liking and Following
    • Smart Unfollow – to keep your account clean.
    • Auto Posting
    • Detailed Analytics

    Even more so – Ingramer offers extended features (which hardly any other bot offers) such as Whitelists, Blackilsts and Watching stories.

    They have quickly emerged as the leading Instagram Automation Service – due to their high-quality service and amazing support team.

    All of which combined means immense growth – and Ingramer states than on average their customers grow 3000 followers a month.

    With a Great 4-Star Rating on Trustpilot – this bot is also well-reputed and trusted in the niche.

    • Organic Growth
    • Good Reviews
    • Amazing Support Team
    • Well-Priced
    • 100% Safe
    • Only for Instagram

    Or learn more with our full Ingramer review here.

    Trusy Social – Our No.3 Instagram Growth Service

    Trusy Social Instagram Growth Service

    Trusy Social are our 3rd favourite Instagram Growth Service, and we have loved using them in the past.

    They provide each account with a dedicated account manager and promise to gain you thousands of followers and likes a month.

    They do this through a couple features including:

    • A unique targeted algorithmic formula to send users and traffic to your content.
    • Promoting your content onto Instagram’s explore pages and top posts for hashtags and location – relevant to your niche.
    • Power likes from respected account to boost explore page discovery and highly efficient targeted engagement.

    Their methods are advanced and work super well – which is why they are so popular with large brands and influencers.

    Trusy Social have some of the best customer support and offer a free account audit with each plan – so together you can set out the best social media growth strategy.

    • Great Pricing
    • Reliable and Effective Growth
    • Real Followers and Likes
    • Amazing Support
    • Easy-to-use
    • No free trial

    Or learn more with our full Trusy Social Review here.

    SocialMeep – Massive Organic Growth


    SocialMeep is one of our favourite Instagram Growth Services of 2021 – and there are plenty of reasons why.

    They offer one of the best Automation services available, where their bot will perform actions such as liking and commenting, to help gain you followers.

    Even more so, Advanced Targeting from hashtags, usernames and location means that all the followers you gain will be real people engaged with your content.

    SocialMeep also offer:

    • Live Growth Monitor – watch your progress and activity in real-time.
    • 100% Safe Growth – machine-learned and Instagram algorithm optimised.
    • 24/7 Team of Dedicated Growth Experts to help out.

    SocialMeep have had over 55,000+ happy users, and average 4500 new followers gained every month.

    With incredible reviews, such as 4.8 stars on Trustpilot, SocialMeep are also a well-trusted and reputed service.

    • Organic Growth
    • Amazing Reviews
    • 24/7 Support
    • 55,000+ Happy Customers
    • Real-Time Analytics
    • No Free Trial

    Nitreo – Supercharge Your Instagram Growth

    Nitreo Review

    Nitreo is a great Instagram Growth Service, and one of our favourite automation tools.

    They promise to help you gain followers quickly and effortlessly by following, liking and viewing stories on your behalf.

    And all the followers you gain are real, targeted people.

    Some of the best features Nitreo offer include:

    • Fast Organic Growth – that means only real followers!
    • Targeting – username, hashtag and location targeting means your followers will actually engage.
    • Dedicated Account Manager.
    • Promise 100% Account Safety.

    There are over 77,000 happy Nitreo users from agencies, companies to influences – and they even offer a 14-day money back guarantee!

    • Organic Growth
    • Advanced Targeting
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • 100% Safe Instagram Automation
    • No Free Trial

    Or learn more with our full Nitreo review here.

    Kicksta – Organic Growth Run By AI

    Kicksta Instagram Growth Service

    Kicksta are another great Instagram Growth Service, who promise to grow your following organically through their cutting-edge AI technology.

    They will automatically like around 10,000 pictures a month of users relevant to your niche, which will both boost your outreach and also increase the likelihood of them following you.

    Their team have helped over 10,000+ brands and influencers gain millions of followers – and have amazing reviews and case studies to back it.

    They offer 2 plans, their Standard and Premium – the latter offers more advanced features such as VIP email support, blacklisting, and advanced targeting.

    Kicksta is a great choice to grow your Instagram – and one we certainly have enjoyed using with great success.

    • Organic Instagram Growth
    • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Trusted by 10,000+ Users
    • 100% Safe
    • Well-Priced Plans
    • Only 2 Plans

    Check Kicksta out right now here.

    Social Buddy

    Social Buddy

    Social Buddy is a great organic Instagram Growth Service.

    They help you increase your followers and likes through advanced social media marketing methods.

    Social Buddy promise to gain you followers interested in your content with their Advanced Targeting using hashtags, usernames and location.

    Even more so, Social Buddy offer automated follow/ unfollow to increase your outreach.

    They have great reviews on Trustpilot, and an excellent Support Team as well.

    Check out Social Buddy right now here.

    Social Runner

    Social Runner Review

    Social Runner is a one of our favourite Instagram Automation services.

    After providing them with accounts similar to your own, they will go out and gain you real, relevant followers.

    Their automated liking allows you to attract followers on auto-pilot, so expect constant growth!

    Social Runner has been used by thousands of influencers and businesses, and promise a high-quality service for all users.

    Their pricing plan costs $79 per month, or you can get started with a 5-day trial for $10.

    Check out Social Runner right now here.

    Tree Frog Social

    Tree Frog Social

    Tree Frog Social is a great Organic Instagram Growth Service managed by a team of social media marketing experts.

    After signing up, you can provide them with a list of similar accounts to yours.

    Their team will then go and interact with those account’s followers by liking, following and commenting – and bring you real followers.

    This all means the followers you gain will have a track-record of engaging with your sort of content!

    Tree Frog Social starts at just $1 per day (incredibly priced!) – and they also offer a plan for TikTok.

    Check out Tree Frog Social right now here.

    Hashtags for Likes

    Hashtags for Likes is a powerful Instagram Growth Service – sure to help you boost your exposure.

    They offer an easy to use dashboard, and a whole host of advanced tools that are all 100% safe and will help skyrocket your following.

    This includes their Smart Hashtag Algorithm which will pick out the most suitable hashtags relevant to your profile to boost your outreach.

    Hashtags for Likes also of course have amazing customer support, advance analytics and have some of the most well-valued pricing plans.

    Hashtags for Likes have over 11,400 happy brands and influencers in over 60 countries – plus amazing case studies of their past and current success stories.


    If you are looking for an Instagram bot to help you boost your Instagram’s growth, Followadder is a great option.

    As a leading Instagram bot with an excellent reputation, Followadder runs on autopilot to automatically schedule comments, posts, and like and views.

    It all depends on your personal settings, and so you can target based on hashtags, people and location – as well as configure its speed.

    Followadder make sure to keep your account 100% safe and secure – and so you shouldn’t be worried about getting banned.

    Media Mister

    Media Mister is a great website to buy Instagram followers, likes and comments safely.

    They also offer services for various other social media platforms including TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

    With every order, comes full confidentiality and security – and they will never ask for your login details.

    They promise to always deliver quickly and reliably, most of the time within 48 hours of your purchase.

    Media Mister has had over 50,000 satisfied customers, and offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, according to their website.

    We would personally recommend using Mr. Insta over Media Mister, but both are good services for purchasing followers online.


    Instamber is an Instagram Growth Service and specifically a bot which automates the process of social media.

    Their bot, they claim, is the most intelligent on the market – and will target your desired following; automatically engage with them through liking, commenting and following; and grow your reach and following!

    Instamber also offer Instagram Auto DM and Scheduler – everything is fully cloud based and, in your control, so you can personalise everything (speed, targeting etc).

    Their plans are also very competitively priced – and some of the cheapest on this list – starting from $10 a month.

    You can also buy likes and views with Instamber. is another Instagram bot, which promises to help you grow your followers organically and manage multiple business accounts at once.

    With their service, you can automatically schedule and post to your Instagram – and also collect statistics on your growth.

    They also let you monitor hashtags and locations – as well as monitor comments.

    Their plans start from $29.95 / month and increase mainly on how many accounts you can monitor using their service.

    They also offer a free 3-day trial.

    Social Sensei

    Social Sensei claim to be one of the most all-round Instagram Growth Services.

    They have over 10 years of experience in the industry and are a group of social media experts all working to boost your Instagram’s following by thousands within weeks.

    They promise to build your audience by: Facebook and Instagram Ad Management, Influencer research, creating content for you and engaging with your audience.

    It is important to note their pricing plans start at around $299 per month, so they are for larger influencers and businesses, rather than influencers.

    Learn more with our full Social Sensei review here.


    Instavast offer the complete suite of marketing tools, and help to automate your like, comment, follow, direct message and posting activities on Instagram.

    They offer a 3-day free trial to all customers – which shows how confident they are with their service.

    They promise full privacy, and as they will never violate Instagram limits, to make sure your account is always safe. This is great to know in any Instagram Growth Service.

    One of Instavast’s best features is they allow unlimited accounts, meaning you can manage various accounts and their automation from one dashboard, and one payment.

    Finally, as it runs on the cloud, like other bot softwares, there is no need to download any software – but you can reach your dashboard with their app at any time on any device.


    TurboMedia, despite being a relatively new service, have already gained a huge base of happy customers.

    Through their service, similarly to Mr. Insta, you can buy packages of followers, likes and views for Instagram as well as many other social media platforms.

    With each package, they promise guaranteed delivery within 72 hours, and don’t require your password.

    Also, TurboMedia promises a high-quality 24/7 customer service to answer any queries, and solve any problems.

    Their plans range from all degrees of expense – but for an indication, their 5000 Instagram followers package costs $110.

    Learn more with our full TurboMedia review here.


    HypePlanner is an Instagram Growth platform that promises to grow your Instagram incredibly fast and effortlessly.

    Their clients have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Spotify, Vogue and many more impressive establishments.

    Their Instagram growth experts will specifically design a growth plan for your account, then engage with your target audience 24/7 to get their attention.

    They offer 24/7 Support, and even a money back guarantee – and their sole plan costs $149/ month.


    Ampfluence are an Instagram Growth Service that pride themselves on not using bots or automation – and instead are an agency of experts working to grow your profile.

    They use a targeted approach to engage with users relevant to your brand, and grab their attention through strategic following, liking and commenting.

    Rather than a bot, real humans monitoring and looking after your account means that there is no chance of you getting banned – a ‘risk free agency’ as they call themselves.

    Their plans start from $129 a month which offers liking, targeted audience, consistent engagement and email support.


    Fanbump are so confident with their Instagram service that they claim to never have had an account removed and that they have the most effective customised organic growth strategy.

    They focus on having targeted engagement – where you dedicated account manager will engage with users relevant to your niche.

    Fanbump claim that their clients gain on average from 150-1000 followers per month, and that 88.5% of their clients continue with them each month.

    This is down to their personalised service (with great support) and safe and effective growth.

    Plus, each new account gets a call from their very real CEO.


    Jarvee is a social media automation software which is Windows-based and not only works with Instagram but also many other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

    It might take a bit to get used to, but in terms of effectiveness they excel.

    You can automatically complete tasks such as auto-reposting, following, hashtag research, commenting and Direct Messaging.

    They also offer a free 5-day trial – so you can check out whether Jarvee really is for you or not.

    Stim Social

    Stim Social promises to increase your exposure and connect you with new customers on Instagram.

    They have had over 10,000 customers and gained over 60 million new followers.

    Their process works by targeting a specific audience and engaging with them automatically on behalf of your account.

    You can get started with the for completely free, and only need to sign up with an email.

    They also offer their service for TikTok.


    Skweezer is an Instagram Growth Service that allows you to buy followers, comments, likes and views.

    They pride themselves on only sending you real followers – so your engagement will keep up as your following increases.

    They have 1200+ reviews – and a 4-star rating – as well as amazing customer support and a great FAQ page.

    Even better they the ability to buy active followers, who will be even more active with your page, and automatic likes – meaning you will get likes on every one of your posts (to boost legitimacy and your exposure).

    Finally, they also offer Instagram Verification and Username Claim – which is above and beyond their competitors, and can really help establish any brand or influencer.

    If you want guaranteed real followers quickly and easily, Skweezer is a great option.


    Kenji, similar to, is an Instagram bot powered by AI that helps you get more followers, likes and engagement.

    They have had over 5000 happy customers and are quickly growing in the social media space.

    Their bot, named Kenji, is machine learned (meaning it will predict who is most likely to follow you based on similar interests), fast (but within Instagram’s limits) and fully optimised.

    It is a super easy set-up and within minutes you will be gaining new real followers.

    They offer a free 3-day trial, and plans start from $19 a month – one of the cheapest available (that’s $0.63 a day!).


    Gramista promise to take your Instagram to the next level by managing and automating your account for you – to gain real followers and likes.

    They, like other automation services, will automate your liking and following – so that a certain amount of those people will visit your page out of curiosity, and follow you back.

    What sets Gramista apart is there super easy to understand Pricing Plans – with a 1-day plan costing only $1.79 and it goes up to their 90-day plan costing $89.99.

    We would 100% recommend trying out their 1-day plan, and if you don’t like it, you haven’t lost out on much.

    Their great reviews however indicate you will be happy with their service.

    Firing Table

    Firing Table is an agency platform that promises to grow your organic Instagram following for only $29.95 per month.

    They will engage with targeted users 24/7 – to let you focus on producing content.

    Their plans are very competitively priced – especially considering you are hiring a team of experts rather than just a bot.

    Firing Table claims to have had 12,482 satisfied customers and gained over 16 million followers.

    It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up with them – before you will begin earning thousands of followers a month.


    AutoLikesIG is an online Instagram Automation Service that will quickly grow your organic following.

    They offer subscription packages with automatic likes, automatic story views and impressions.

    By automatic it means that for each post, you would receive a certain number of likes – so every one of your posts will have a guaranteed good amount of engagement.

    It is a great way to boost your legitimacy, and as Instagram sees that you are receiving engagement, will boost your outreach and get you on the explore page.

    Their plans range on the amount of likes for each post, and are paid weekly, starting from $3.48 a week for 60 likes a post (3 posts a day).


    BuySellShoutouts specialise is something slightly different to other growth services – and that is offering shoutouts from large accounts to help you grow.

    It is effectively a form of advertisement – and as you get shoutouts from influencers in your niche, your Instagram exposure increases.

    They have a large range of different accounts available, and all have at least 50k followers.

    BuySellShoutouts always promises safe and quick delivery, and 24/7 support.

    You can also buy likes, followers and views with them.


    InstaMacro are another Instagram Bot service, but not one to be overlooked.

    They provide automation of many Instagram tasks – and pride themselves on efficiency and performance, flexibility and their unmatched results.

    You can also vary the speed of the actions, what tags you want to specify your niche, and which actions to be performed.

    They offer a free 5-hour trial to check out their service – and plans range from $2.99 for one day, up to as many as you want for $1.09 a day.

    If you are looking for a reliable Instagram bot, InstaMacro are a great option.


    WizBoost might be new in the space – but are quickly gaining traction due to their sophisticated automation, sure to grow your followers.

    Unlike some other services, they are constantly updating – and promise to be including Schedule Posts and Posting Content from Your Website features soon.

    WizBoost has a super easy set-up, and after linking your Instagram account, you can vary targeting and actions – then you’re all set.

    Their plans are incredibly cheap – and some of the best priced on the market – with a yearly plan costing only $90 (that’s $0.25 a day!).

    If you are looking for a super affordable Instagram bot, that automates your Instagram efficiently, look no further than WizBoost. are, similar to WizBoost, another new player in the Instagram Growth Space, but with it comes a greater sense of customer support.

    For any customer support problem will be personally dealt by their CEO.

    They offer real Instagram followers, likes and story views for a great price – with 1000 followers costing only $8.99.

    That is far cheaper than their competitors!

    They also promise to give a free refill, if any of the followers drop – which happens when you are offering real followers, as not everyone sticks around invariably.


    Gramto stand out as they pitch themselves as a free Instagram Automation Tool with their free 3-day trial, which is credit card free.

    They offer automatic posting to multiple Instagram accounts, a great intuitive design, and high-quality support loved by their customers.

    Their service also lets you easily import images from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and your computer to be posted – making your Instagram campaign super simple.

    They also of course offer Auto Follow/Unfollow, Auto Direct Message, Auto Repost, Auto Comment and Auto Like – all targeted and highly secure and sophisticated.

    Even if they have this many features – they offer some of the most competitively priced plans on the market – starting from just $5 a month.


    BoostGram, a great Instagram Growth Service, offers targeted automation to boost your exposure.

    They have many features including Schedule Posts, Gender Targeting, Location Targeting – as well as full control and a cloud-based system.

    You can also manage multiple accounts and use their software on any devices including mobile.

    Their 24/7 support is above and beyond what many other competitors offer – and they are a great option that we would recommend using.

    Especially considering they offer a free 3-day trial. are a great ‘AI-Based Desktop’ Instagram Growth Service.

    Immediately upon visiting their well-designed website, you can tell they are a high-quality service.

    Unlike many other services, to use, it is necessary to download their software – which isn’t necessarily bad as long as you feel they are a trustworthy service. offer Advanced Targeting like many other Automation services – with hashtags and usernames.

    Finally they offer a mass story viewing feature to boost your outreach.

    Their plans start from a one-time $79 payment and go up to a one-time $249 payment.


    Combin offer both a growth and scheduling service for Instagram.

    Their Combin Growth service is an Instagram Marketing tool packed with features to boost your following.

    This includes account automation of following and unfollowing; advanced targeting and searches; as well as advanced statistics.

    They claim to have had over 60,000 users – and similarly to, are a downloadable software for desktop.

    Combin offer a free plan, and their premium packages start from about $20/ month.


    SimplyGram boldly state at the front of their website that you will gain 5000 Instagram followers every month with their service.

    They use the ‘Mother-Child’ strategy to help build your following.

    This entails over a hundred other accounts messaging random users to visit your page – boosting your exposure.

    SimplyGram also promise to make sure the followers are all targeted for your specific niche.

    Their plans start from $69 per week.


    InstaBoom are a European Instagram service which promises to increase your followers by between 2000-4000 every month.

    Their AI automates your normal interactions such as following, liking and unfollowing to boost your account’s exposure and following.

    With each plan they promise only real followers, a targeted strategy, and automatic renewal of your account.

    InstaBoom’s cheapest plan starts at €29 per week.

    8 Instagram Growth Services That We Would Not Recommend Using

    Here is a list of 8 Instagram Growth Services that we would 100% not recommend using, even if other lists might recommend them:


    Buzzoid Bad Instagram Growth Service

    Buzzoid seem to be very popular and a well-known Instagram Growth Service – but they are one that we would 100% avoid using.

    They offer various packages of followers, likes and video views which can be bought for reasonably expensive prices, but that’s not the problem.

    Buzzoid have incredibly bad reviews – down to their often failure to send the followers, or if they do, then not the amount they promised.

    Their customer support is terrible, and all across their website, their information is false and inconsistent.

    For example, their Terms and Conditions state that the ‘the expected number of followers, likes and views is not guaranteed to you in any way.’

    Now would you be happy with buying a package for 1000 followers – and only receiving 10? No, but that is what they say could happen.

    Whatever you do, do not buy from Buzzoid – or you will spend money, and receive nothing in return.

    Instead, use one of the Instagram Growth Services on our list above.

    To learn more about Buzzoid, and how we uncovered their scam, check out our review here.

    SNS Growth

    SNS Growth Bad Instagram Growth Service

    SNS Growth are another website which claim to be trustworthy, but we would recommend avoiding at all costs.

    Similar to Buzzoid, they claim to offer packages of followers, likes and views for a price.

    Yet there are many problems with their service.

    First, they often don’t deliver what they say, and even if they do, the followers unfollow very quickly. This is backed up by their countless bad reviews which can be found anywhere including Trustpilot.

    Also, although they claim the followers are organic, you are in fact just buying bot followers if any.

    Remember there is no point in fake followers – which SNS Growth provide.

    Make sure to use one of the Instagram Growth Services in our list above instead.

    To learn more about SNS Growth, check our review here.


    Perfectliker is a service that claims to offer free automated likes and followers – and you have the ability to choose which photos receive the likes.

    However, the truth is very different.

    Firstly, they are accused of stealing your Instagram login details – in their FAQs they state that they do not save your password in their system, however in their Terms of Conditions they say they do.

    This contradiction is very worrying – and it seems they are just trying to steal people’s Instagram accounts.

    We would recommend not using Perfectliker.

    Instead as we have mentioned before, any on our list of 35 are far better and safer alternative Instagram Growth Services.

    Learn more about Perfectliker on our review here.


    Another Instagram Growth Service that we would 100% recommend staying away from is InstaPromote.

    They offer followers and likes for a price – however oftentimes don’t deliver on what they promise.

    The testimonials on their site are obviously fake, with stock photos and poor English, and their reviews on TrustPilot are very worrying.

    They claim to offer real followers – but it seems they are in fact just delivering bot followers when they do decide to actually carry out with the order.

    Once again, InstaPromote is a service which should 100% be avoided – and instead you should use one of the services in our list above.

    Check out our full review of InstaPromote here.


    Stormlikes is another Instagram Growth Service that we would recommend not using.

    Stormlikes is a pretty well-known service that claim to offer real, targeted likes for cheap prices.

    However, there are many worrying factors involved with their service.

    Firstly, they do not offer PayPal as a payment method which is very worrying as it indicates they are in some form of dispute over fraudulent transactions.

    It is a certain red flag for any online business.

    As well as this, they state in their help pages that the likes are from an exchange program – which hints that they are in fact not real users engaging with your account.

    Most worryingly are their reviews which paint a very bad image of their service – not carrying out with orders on many occasions and poor support.

    Instead use one of the services on our list of 35 above.

    For our full review of Stormlikes, go here.


    Another Instagram Service we don’t recommend using is Gramto.

    They claim to be an automation service to help you grow your following.

    But their reviews on Trustpilot are very negative – and expose Gramto for many things.

    This includes many customers’ cards being continually charged, even though they have stopped using their service.

    Instead make sure to use a reliable and trustworthy service, like one of the ones in the list of 35 above.

    For our full review of Gramto, click here.

    SocialFlight – Shut Down

    SocialFlight were an Instagram Growth Service that has recently shut down.

    This could be due to many reasons – including fraud, or Instagram pressing legal charges.

    Therefore, is is important to use an alternative, that actually works and won’t stop working anytime soon, such as one of the services in our list above.

    Check out our full review of SocialFlight here.

    iSocialFame – Shut Down

    iSocial Fame were a social media marketplace, where you could buy packages of Instagram followers, likes and views.

    They had offered quick delivery, 24/7 support and a money-back guarantee.

    But have unfortunately recently shut down.

    Make sure to of course check out an alternative from our list above.

    Check out our full review of iSocialFame here.

    We would also recommend avoiding (click any of them to see our reasons why):

    Overall just make sure to avoid using any of these services.

    What Is an Instagram Growth Service?

    An Instagram Growth Service is a company which helps you grow your Instagram following and engagement.

    This normally is an agency, tool, app or bot.

    There are many different Instagram Growth Services, and they vary in what they offer and their methods to grow your Instagram. These include:

    • Instagram Bots – automate your activity (liking, following etc).
    • Instagram Agencies – normally dedicated account managers and teams who look after your account for you.
    • Instagram Marketplaces – where you can buy likes, followers etc.

    But what they all have in common is that, as long as they aren’t scams, your Instagram should grow quicker than it would otherwise.

    What Should You Look for In an Instagram Growth Service?

    Well of course firstly, the Instagram Growth Service should work, and actually help you grow your Instagram following.

    As long as you stick with any of the services on our list of 35 Instagram Growth Services – you are sure you tick that box.

    It then boils down to a couple other factors:

    • Price – what is your budget, some services cost far more (agencies etc), than others (marketplaces). It all depends on how much you are willing to spend.
    • Speed – it also depends on how quickly you want to grow. It might be easier buying followers and quickly gaining some traction, however agencies might offer you a more sustained and reliable source of followers.
    • Features – what specific features do you want? Some services offer automation meaning you can sit back and relax, whilst others need your input. Do you want to produce content yourself or have help? How extensive are their list of features? It is important to consider capability.
    • Support – another important point to always consider is how good the service’s support is. Many of them offer only email support and take at least 24 hours to respond. However, if you are a bigger business, it would be very important to have quick phone and live chat support perhaps. 

    As long as you keep these factors in mind, you are sure to use the Instagram Growth Service most suitable to you.

    If you are still unsure, we would of course recommend you start from the top of our list and work your way down.

    If it was our choice – Mr. Insta would be our choice, but it is down to your preference of course.

    How Can You Avoid Being Scammed by An Instagram Growth Service?

    As our list of 8 services that we would not recommend shows, there are several Instagram Growth Services out there which are in fact scams.

    How can you avoid them?

    Well firstly, articles such as ours are always a good pointer as long as they explain why they think it is a scam and provide evidence.

    If you check any of our reviews, our Buzzoid one for example, we always provide screenshots and other evidence.

    Buzzoid SCAM Evidence
    Here’s an example from our Buzzoid review

    Another great way to check is through reviews – not on their website, but an external source like Trustpilot for example.

    Normally just from reading 10+ reviews, you can get an idea of their service and trustworthiness.

    If you are still unsure – we would recommend you stick with the most well-known and reputably reliable services such as the 35 we have listed above.

    They all have our seal of approval.

    Pros of Instagram Growth Services

    There are many Instagram Growth Services, and they seem to be popular, but what are their actual benefits? Here are a couple:

    • Save you time – most Instagram Growth Services will save you time as they tend to do all the process of gaining followers for you. So instead you can focus on creating amazing content for your audience.
    • Expertise – many of the services have been in the industry for many years and have had many customers. This means they understand how to help you grow your Instagram and do so safely. It is often far better than just doing it yourself and risking the wrath of Instagram or getting nowhere after a lot of time invested.
    • Advanced Features – Instagram Growth Services also offer you many features which you couldn’t have normally. These include Photo Editors, Welcome DMs, Automatic Liking/Following, and advanced analytics. They will not only help you grow your Instagram, but also convert more followers into customers or fans.
    • Save you money – it might seem counter-intuitive, but many a time you can save money by using services, or even earn money. Some businesses would hire a full-time employee which would both be far more expensive, and oftentimes less effective. Also, if your Instagram grows with a little investment, you can use this following and begin earning money on Instagram. Interested? Learn more here with our full guide on Earning Money on Instagram.

    Cons of Instagram Growth Services

    We honestly believe there are very little downsides involving using an Instagram Growth Service. Of course, it will cost you money, but that is what you expect with buying a service.

    People also are often always worried about getting their accounts banned as these services don’t always work within Instagram’s Term of Conditions.

    Yet it is important to remember that the people behind these services are experts, who understand Instagram’s limits far better than you or me – so understand how to avoid being banned.

    In fact, we get banned when not using an Instagram Growth Service far more often than when we are.

    Conclusion – Final Thoughts on Instagram Growth Services

    Instagram has over 1 billion users, and any business or influencer, can and should use this platform to grow their influence and customer base.

    You could grow yourself manually on Instagram – but that often is very time-consuming, and most of the time goes to nothing as you either give up or get nowhere.

    Instead, we would 100% recommend you use an Instagram Growth Service instead – with which you are guaranteed to gain thousands of real followers quickly and easily.

    We compiled this list to give you a good idea of the best services out there, and from them, you can choose the one most suitable for you.

    But if we had to choose 4 which we would recommend above all others, here they are:

    These ones, or any of the rest (but make sure you aren’t looking at the 8 which we recommend against) – are sure to skyrocket your Instagram growth.

    We wish you all the best and hope this helped.

    If you are interested in TikTok Growth Services instead, check out our list of the Top 22 TikTok Growth Services here.

    Hope this helped.

    Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

    Have Your Say!

    Important: Have you used any of these services before?

    Do you disagree with our reviews? Sometimes we do make mistakes.

    Get in touch with us here, or comment down below if we have written something incorrect, or if you want to ask us something.

    Please make sure to also leave your experiences with any of these companies below, as well.

    4 thoughts on “35+ Best Instagram Growth Services (2021 Ultimate Guide)”

    1. Hi Jamie,

      Great article – love how in-depth it is!

      Could I just ask which one the services would you recommend for an influencer trying to grow followers?

      Thanks very much 😀

      1. Hi Sarah,

        Thanks for reading! I would 100% recommend using one of the Instagram services in my top 3 (Stellation Media, Trusy Social or Upleap).

        They are sure to all help boost your Instagram following in no time – whether you are a small-time influencer or the largest brand out there.

        Have a great day.

        Best, Jamie

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