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Earning Money On Instagram: Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners (2020)

I’m guessing you want to begin earning money on Instagram.

And that you’re fed up with all the other articles and ‘entrepreneurs’ just explaining things such as how you should post daily or use hashtags.

We all know that.

Or it’s some super long article – and only a tenth of it is actually useful.

You probably want to actually learn how to begin earning, the full guide.

Luckily, you’re here now – and you’ve come across gold.

In this full comprehensive guide to earning money on Instagram – I’ll show you how from no account, to begin earning thousands a month. And do this all within a month, and your spare time.

Even better, you will need very little upfront investment – reading this article alone will change your life.

I once had people pay me to learn these things – yet today I’ll bear all.


Is There an Opportunity to Earn Money on Instagram?

Instagram Logo

Firstly, is there actually any chance you can begin earning money on Instagram.

Well, yes of course there is.

Instagram has quickly become one of the top social media platforms in the world, now boasting over 1 BILLION users in the world.

Instagram Stats

And even more so, I doubt that this growth will slow down, and that Instagram will remain a driving force for years to come.

Most of you will already know that anything or anybody with an audience can monetise – through some form of advertising and marketing.

Well, Instagram is a platform where anyone can gain that audience, and that’s why it is such a lucrative business opportunity for earning money.

An Example (bit of inspiration!) Of How Anyone Can Begin Earning Money On Instagram

Earning Money On Instagram Inspiration

Jeena Farmer, a qualified nutritional and freelance writer from Warwickshire, has an Instagram account with just 3,300 followers.

Yet brands still pay her from £50-£100 for mentioning them, and she charges over £200 for a blog post and tweet.

You see, gaining a huge following isn’t necessary and is the factor that takes the most time and puts the most people off.

This guide will be focusing on growing an account to just 1000 followers and earning money from there.

Let’s Get Started on Earning Money On Instagram

Step 1 – Explaining Affiliate Marketing

A key concept behind how we will be earning money is Affiliate Marketing.

Many of you might already be well informed about it, but for those who don’t, here’s a quick run-through.

Affiliate Marketing is the process where you earn a commission (a percentage of the sale) when you refer someone to a company’s product with your unique link.


If you recommended your audience to buy a certain umbrella from Amazon, and then they did so through pressing your custom link – you would earn a certain 5% , 10% or whatever is agreed, from the sale.

Therefore, if the umbrella costed £20 you have just earned a couple pounds easily!

This stacks up and multiplies far further when you have 50%+ commissions on sales over a hundred pounds (more on those later!)

This concept is one we will use when earning money on Instagram

How Affiliate Marketing Works
Credit : financeindex.co

Step 2 – Building Your Instagram So We Can Earn

We will return to Affiliate Marketing a bit later but for now, let’s begin creating your Instagram profile.

Why Instagram?

The great thing about Instagram, is that unlike a website, it is completely free to get started.

Even more so, anybody can join, and we can start posting content whenever we want.

Creating the Profile

The most important thing about our Instagram, is that it should look legitimate, and well-looked after.

Let’s say you were going to view a house, but the condition was horrible and there was dirt everywhere. Even if the house was actually nice, and you could get it for a good price – your perspective of it would be damaged.

It’s the same with an Instagram profile – and is why we need to make sure it looks professional, and I’ll run through it in 3 steps.

Picking A Niche

First you have to pick a niche, and this section could be worth a whole article, but let’s keep it simple.

You almost definitely need to pick one from the Evergreen ones – Wealth, Health and Romance.

Don’t go making an account about Cool Facts – I once made that mistake!

Here’s some niches I would say are suitable:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Luxury
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Animals (not evergreen but still good)
  • Relationships
  • Travel

Try not to veer any further away from these – if unsure about yours, comment below and I’ll get back to you.

If you are still unsure go for something money related – believe it or not it is potentially the most profitable for earning money on Instagram.

 Pick A Suitable Name and Write A Bio

Whatever your username is, it is vital to whether people will view your account as legitimate. I would always recommend steering clear from numbers (unless it is something like 365 etc).

Try to think of two words that fit your niche, and put them together, whether a hyphen in the middle or underscore.

For example, for the luxury/entrepreneur niche:

  • Moneylifestyle
  • Billionaire_ways
  • Learn-Earn
  • CashDaily    etc.

Now we need to carve a great profile:

Here’s an example of a suitable bio.

Instagram Bio 1

Another one.

Instagram Bio 2

What they have in common is they are easy to read – either one sentence linking to themselves or a couple lines with emojis describing them.

If you are unsure write something like:

No. 1 ___ Account (maybe an emoji then)

Follow @yourname

Creating and Reposting Content

Now to further legitimise our account, we need to have content.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to make any yourself (although that would be the next natural step).

Look for other similar accounts in your niche.

For example, in the luxury niche, accounts like @luxury or @the_luxury_life

Luxury Instagram

Take screenshots of their posts and repost them to your account.

In the description use call-to-actions.

Something like ‘Like This Post If You are Going to Be Rich By Next Year!”

And Use hashtags!

These free hashtag generators will help:


Put the hashtags in the comments – this will make your content look way tidier!

Step 3 – Gaining Instagram Followers

The next step for earning money on Instagram is you have to now gain followers. This is another step towards looking legitimate.

Luckily, as I explained above, you only need roughly 1000+ followers, which I will show you how to achieve in under a month with free or paid methods.

Free Methods

Follow and Unfollow

Some might consider this is a dishonest, but when done effectively, this is my favourite all-time technique for growing organic followers.

Continuing with the wealth/luxury niche, what you want to do is find an account in this niche, similar to yours.

We can do this by going on hashtags, for example rich, money, wealthy etc.

Then pick out a random account from this hashtag.

In the pictures I have picked out this one – ‘rollsroyceonlyig’.

This account is effectively role model of ours and therefore their audience is similar.

Also, make sure they have good engagement.

Go onto one of their images, and check out who has liked their pictures, and follow roughly 50 to 100 of them, repeating daily.

Make sure to unfollow before you repeat.

Therefore, when roughly 20% follow back, you will gain an audience of people interested in your niche and so will engage with your content.

Self-Promoting, Engagement Groups and Shoutouts

Another effective technique is self-promoting. 

What you want to do is comment on other people’s posts with similar content and ask for a like back or them checking you out.

Also reach out to them in a DM and promise to always comment on each other’s pictures and like.

This is called an engagement group, where lots of people upload their posts to be liked and commented on.

Instagram don’t like bot likes but supporting one another is completely fine.

Many accounts use engagement groups – reach out and ask to join them or do shout outs for shout outs!

Consistently creating and reposting engaging content

Remember the most important thing you can do is make sure you always post content.

Recently, it’s been found out that Instagram like it when you post on a regular schedule.

For example, posting once a week consistently would be better than once, then wait a couple days, then post two, then wait a week etc.

Even more so, Instagram are pushing videos, so consider screen recording someone’s content, and reposting it to boost the algorithm.

And always use hashtags!

Advertising to Gain Followers

One of the best ways to gain organic followers is through paying for shout outs from large accounts in your niche.

Approach an account with a similar audience, and DM them asking for a promotion.

Typically for a large page of 100k+, a story would cost £10 – £20 and a post slightly more.

See examples here.

You should normally expect to gain upwards of a couple thousand engagements in the form of likes and follows.

Also, Instagram’s in-built promotional tool is where Instagram promotes on of your posts, pushing it to users.

You can pick out the criteria, such as a profile visits or website clicks etc.

And customise destination, action button, audience etc.

You can decide everything from budget, where it estimates the engagement you will receive.

Using A Tool Like Upleap Or Kicksta

Upleap is a great software which I have used that assigns you an account manager who then spends time engaging with people on Instagram.

You’ll grow your likes, followers and comments – whilst you sleep!

What is great that it grows it organically, so you will actually receive engagement.

Even better – there is a free 3-day trial.

Learn more here with my full Upleap Review.

Or Sign up for the Free 3-Day Trial Here


Kicksta is a similar software, that also gets you real organic followers.

Their prices are a bit more expensive but boast higher engagement rates.

I would recommend trying them out for a month, and if you don’t like it, you can always get a refund.

Check It Out Here

How We Can Now Begin Earning:

Step 4 – Email Marketing

You should now know how to create a legitimate looking Instagram page with at least 1000 followers

Now let’s get onto how you can begin earning.

Effectively what we will be doing is utilising the link in our bio, and offering an incentive, so people sign up for our email course – and therefore we can offer affiliate links to them.

Why Email Marketing?

Email Marketing Figures
Credit: Aeroleads.com

Email marketing has the best conversion rate, out of any technique.

Who would see the random link and click on it – let alone buy something.

On the other hand, emails are opened at least 20% – 30% of the time, and clicked through roughly 5%.

This is much better than the <1% of a random link.


First, we need the software to send emails.

GetResponse for Instagram Email Marketing

Sign up for GetResponse – a great email marketing software used by me and many top entrepreneurs

It offers full automation which is great for beginners, landing pages (will explain later) and everything you need to begin selling through emails.

Click here for your free 30-day trial

Step 5 – Creating Your Lead Magnet

As mentioned above we need an incentive for your audience to sign up to your email course.

Lead Magnet
Credit: Optinmonster

This is what a lead magnet is.

Consider your niche and think of something your audience would want.

For example, if you have a fitness page – “Click here for a free cheat sheet on the best 5 core exercises.”

Or if you have a luxury/entrepreneur page – “Sign up here for a free course on Shopify and earning money online!”

Now you have to create this guide, or even better, advertise it as an email course so you can just create emails and send them to your audience every day.

For example, “Sign up here for a 3-day email course on keeping healthy.”

To do this, go to create then create a newsletter, from there select drag-and-drop editor.

Tips For Creating The Lead Magnet

If you don’t know what to put in your lead magnet – use Quora or the internet.
Make sure it offers useful and professional advice – and it worth their time reading. If they read the content, then they’ll also click the affiliate links.
This step should only take from a day to a week.
If you want to save time just make a single page cheat sheet – or if you have more a 7-day email course.

Step 6 – Create Your Landing Page for Instagram

Landing Page

A Landing Page is a single page website where you can refer your audience to for them to sign up for your course.  It is what we will be putting in the link in our Instagram bio.

It is important that it grabs their attention, and offers enough information that they decide to put their email in.

There are many sites you can use for your landing page: but the market-leader and one I would recommend would be Unbounce.

Unbounce for Instagram link

Click here for a free 14-day trial and 20% off your first 3 months.

Alternatively, you can create a Landing Page in GetResponse. Go to create at the top of your dashboard, then create a Landing Page. From there pick a template and using the drag-and-drop editor to get one underway!

It couldn’t be much easier!

Step 7 – Integrating our Landing Page with Our Lead Magnet

Now we have to make it that after your audience sign up on your landing page, they will receive the lead magnet,

If you are using Unbounce with GetResponse to integrate them all you have to do is sign up to Integromat.

It helps link different apps to work together.

If you made your landing1 page in GetResponse it couldn’t be any easier.

One great thing about GetResponse is its Automation Feature.

It effectively makes one thing after another – for example, someone signs up on your landing page, then you can add a delay of let’s say a day, then you send the first email etc.

All you have to do is the press the button near email marketing top left, then Automation.

From there select one of the workflows or create your own.

Within it you’ll be able to carve how you want your campaign to work – when you send the lead magnet, emails etc.

If you don’t know what to do if your lead magnet is a PDF say – just attach it to an email and send that.

Step 8 – Joining Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs - Earn money
Credit: Business To Community

Now you have to join some Affiliate Program, so that you can begin earning.

What you want to do is type up ‘Affiliate Programs for… your niche’

Luckily, I have an article on the best high-paying affiliate programs for beginners – which covers many niches.

Or go to a company’s website you know you would like to promote and scroll to the bottom looking for Affiliate or Partner Program.

Make sure to look for high commission rates and cookie rates.

Now when you are accepted into the programs, get the affiliate link and place them into both your lead magnet and then emails after.

For example, if I made a cheat sheet on core exercises, and joined the Wahoo Fitness affiliate program, I could both recommend products in the cheat sheet as advice.

And also, using the emails I have collected, send out weekly newsletters on fitness-related product reviews placing the affiliate links.

Therefore, you can begin to earn money.

Another example, if I was in the money/entrepreneur niche, you could join the Kicksta Affiliate Program, a site which I mentioned above that boosts organic Instagram followers.

They have a great commission rate of 50% – you earn half the sale!

To sign up you only need to provide a bit of information, and you should get in.

This is what the dashboard looks like – on the side you can get your custom link, statistics, and more.

To Summarise – you should have learned:

How to create a credible looking Instagram page

Learned how to grow it to at least 1000 followers with free and paid methods

Understand how to create a lead magnet

Integrate it with a landing page

Joining Affiliate Programs

In one sentence: to earn money on Instagram offer your audience something they would want, then capitalise on that by using email marketing, to promote your affiliate links.

I hope you have enjoyed this step-by-step guide on earning money on Instagram. I only have one last thing to say:

Go and begin earning now before you make excuses. You have the knowledge, now act upon it and begin earning money on Instagram!

Interested in TikTok rather than Instagram, or as well as Instagram? Check out my list of the Top 18 TikTok Growth Services here.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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