Streambot Review

Streambot Review (2021) – PROOF It’s a Scam

Streambot is an online Twitch Viewer Bot.

They claim to provide live viewers to your stream, to boost your popularity.

But are they actually legit, or a scam?

To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing Streambot – checking out their features, pros and cons, alternatives and whether we recommend using their service?

N.B We think Streambot is a scam – carry on reading to find out why, and what to use instead (or click here).

Let’s get on with it.

Why Would You Want More Twitch Followers/ Views?

Firstly, why would you even want to buy more Twitch followers or views?

Well, the more followers you have on Twitch, the larger your audience is.

This means, on average, your streams will receive a higher viewership.

Even more so, watchers are more likely to follow or view your streams if you have more followers – meaning you will grow quicker.

In terms of views, the more views your stream is receiving, the higher up it appears on explore pages.

This means more people will see your stream – and join.

So of course, in turn, you will gain new, real fans.

This is why Twitch Growth Services have become so popular recently – especially as it has become so hard to build an audience.

What is Streambot?

Streambot is an online Twitch Viewer bot.

Streambot Features

Using their service, you can send viewers to your live stream to help boost your popularity.

Some of the features, they offer are:

  • Multiple Channels – can change your channel every 2 days.
  • No Downloads – works on browser.
  • Customizable – edit amount, original, interval, chatlogs etc.

Streambot also promise 100% privacy – with no ads or logs.

Unfortunately, on their website, there is no FAQ or About Page, so we could not learn more about their team or origins.

And there is also no Support Team, it seems.

But Streambot does have a Trustpilot Page.

Getting Started with Streambot

To get started with Streambot, first visit their website.

From there, register an account using an email and password.

You can then sign up for one of their pricing plans by clicking ‘Sign Up’.

Then, go to check out and make your payment via Credit/ Debit, PayPal, Sofort or Wire Transfer.

After that, you should be able to start sending viewers to your live stream.


Streambot offer 4 different pricing plans – all of which are renewed weekly, or monthly.

Streambot Pricing

The cheapest Trial only offers realistic viewers, whilst the rest offer all features including Chatlogs and Traffic Origin customizations.

Streambot claim to provide a 1-day free trial, but we could not find one.

Pros and Cons

  • Multiple Customization Features
  • Very Bad Trustpilot Reviews
  • No Visible Free Trial
  • No Support
  • No About Page
  • Not Well-Known

Would We Recommend Using Streambot?

We would not recommend using Streambot.

Here’s why:

Please note this is our personal opinion – and are just providing information for the readers to make the best decision.

Very Bad Trustpilot Reviews

One reason why we don’t recommend using Streambot is they have very bad reviews on their Trustpilot Page.

Whenever buying from any online service, it is always important to check reviews beforehand.

Streambot Trustpilot

And even more so, to use sites such as Trustpilot which generally are more reliable.

Unfortunately, Streambot have very bad reviews.

Every single of the 24 reviews is 1-star – they do not have one single positive review.

Here is an example:

Streambot Trustpilot Review

It is hard for us to recommend using a service when it seems there is a very high chance, you will be unsatisfied with your order.

And many are calling them a ‘scam’.

We would 100% recommend using a more trusted service with better reviews to grow your Twitch – such as our alternatives below.

No Support Team

Another reason why we don’t recommend using Streambot, is that they do not have a Support Team.

On their website, the Support page is unavailable – and there is no visible email or phone number to contact.

This means that if you have any problems or complaints, you can’t get in touch with anyone.

This is very worrying.

Every legit online service offers a Support Team to make sure customers are happy: but Streambot doesn’t.

Also, many of the reviews complain about not being able to get in touch with questions.

This is also why we don’t recommend similar services such as InstaSamy or Streamonfire.

Simply, we would 100% recommend using a more reliable service to grow your Twitch.


As we 100% do not recommend using Streambot, here are some potential alternatives:

Media Mister – No.1 Twitch Growth Service

Media Mister Alternative

Media Mister are our No.1 Twitch Growth Service – but also offer services for various other social media platforms including Instagram and Pinterest.

For Twitch, they offer live views, video views and followers.

With every package they promise:

  • High quality real followers
  • 100% safe purchase
  • Organic growth
  • 24/7 Support

Media Mister’s pricing is super affordable – meaning any influencer can begin growing their audience with them.

They also have a Great Trustpilot Rating with over a hundred 5-Star Reviews.

1000 Pinterest Followers start at only $20 – and they even offer a money-back guarantee – so make sure to check out Media Mister!

Mr. Insta

Mr Insta SoundCloud

Mr. Insta are one of our favourite Social Media Growth Services for Twitch – and offer a premium service.

They are best-known for their Instagram services – however also offer amazing Twitch packages including followers and views.

With every order, they:

  • All Real Users
  • No Password Required
  • 100% Safe and Secure

Mr. Insta have an amazing Trustpilot Rating of 5-Stars after 3000 reviews!

Although their packages are a bit more expensive, their service is definitely of the highest quality – with free refills, money-back guarantee and 24/7 support!

Or learn more with our full Mr. Insta review here.


Streambot Review (2021) – PROOF It’s a Scam

FeedPixel is a great Social Media Growth Service that also offers services for Twitch.

This includes Twitch followers and channels.

Unlike Media Mister and Mr. Insta however, they also offer Weekly and Monthly packages where you receive views and followers every week or month.

With each order, FeedPixel promise:

  • 24/7 Support.
  • Fast Delivery within 72 hours.
  • High-quality Service

With their views packages, they also offer chatbot chatters and live viewers as add-ons – to make sure your channel is actually growing organically.

FeedPixel also offer a free trial for Twitch followers – so make sure to check it out.


What is Streambot?

Streambot is an online Twitch Viewer Bot, which allows you to send viewers to your stream to help boost your popularity. They claim to offer features including a fully customizable service, and no downloads needed. Streambot do not have an About or Support Page.

Is Streambot Legit?

It is difficult to call Streambot legit. This is because they have very bad reviews on Streambot (all 1-Star), and don’t even offer a Support system. Also, their free trial doesn’t work, and don’t have an About Page on their website. Simply, we would 100% recommend using an alternative Twitch Growth Service.

Is Streambot Safe?

There is no particular reason for us to believe that Streambot is not safe to use. However due to the very bad reviews on Trustpilot, and lack of Support, you could potentially not receive your order, or if you run into problems, not get any help. Simply, we would 100% recommend using an alternative Twitch Growth Service.

Would We Recommend Using Streambot?

We would not recommend using Streambot. This is because they have many bad reviews on Trustpilot, and do not offer Support or a working free trial. Instead, make sure to check out one of our alternatives to grow your Twitch channel quickly and safely.


Overall, we 100% do not recommend using Streambot.

This is due to the many bad Trustpilot reviews, and lack of support.

Instead, make sure to use an alternative to grow your Twitch channel.

Here are our favourites:

Or to buy in-game items and currency online, check out G2G by clicking here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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