FatJoe Review

FatJoe Review – Is It A SCAM? We Tried It! *Read First*

FatJoe is an online Link Building and Content Creation service.

From their website, you can buy high-quality backlinks to boost your traffic and DA.

But are they legit, or a scam?

To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing FatJoe – checking out their features, pros and cons, alternatives and whether we recommend using their service?

Let’s get on with it.

Why Are Backlinks So Important?

Backlinks are very, very important for SEO.


Well, when a website links to your website, it shows to Google that they are ‘vouching’ for you.

Essentially, Google sees that your content is something worth linking to.

And so, the more backlinks you get, the higher Google will rank your website, and the more visitors you gain.

Then, with more customers, the more sales – and more revenue!

But the type of backlink matters – and trashy, spam backlinks won’t help as much as high-quality links.

This is where sites such as FatJoe come in which promise high-quality backlinks for your website.

What is FatJoe?

FatJoe is an online Link Building and Content Creation Service.

FatJoe Features

From their website, you can purchase backlinks for your website, and also content creation including articles and infographics.

The types of links they offer vary and include blogger outreach, niche edits, business citations, media placements and more.

With every backlink order, FatJoe promise:

  • 100% Manual Submissions
  • Full Reports
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

FatJoe also promise 100% money back guarantee with all orders – if you’re not happy, you get a refund.

Their in-house team can also write and create content for your website, and promise high-quality writing, as well as fast turnaround.

Founded in 2012, FatJoe is used by over 5000 SEO Agencies, and now has over 100 team members over the world.

We would argue currently they are the Leading Link-Building Service of 2020.

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Here is a closer look at the main features, FatJoe offer:

Blogger Outreach

FatJoe is the No.1 Blogger Outreach Service for SEOs and Agencies.

They promise to provide natural, relevant and in-content links – all from real bloggers.

FatJoe Blogger Outreach

After you provide an anchor text, and target URLs, their team will perform blogger outreach to look for placement opportunities.

Then, their copywriting team will craft the blog post for in-natural content.

Everything can be viewed from your dashboard, with authority metrics and more!

Prices start from $46 for a DA10+ backlink and go up to $474 for a DA50+ backlink.

Local Business Citations

FatJoe also provide a Local Business Citation Service.

All submissions are manually done by their team, who will look for directories to include your business.

And also include all relevant NAP information to help with local SEO.

25 citations start from $53 and go up to 100 citations for £132.

Press Release Distribution

FatJoe also offer a Press Release Distribution Service.

Their own writers will craft the perfect press release for your news and start distributing it across their syndicate.

This includes over 350+ news outlets, and over 100,000 journalists.

For $126, you will get live placements on over 350 sites – with instant online exposure, and great branding.

It’s all handled by their team, and progress can be viewed via your dashboard.

Content Creation

FatJoe also offer Content Creation services for your website or business.

You can purchase quality content written by their team of writers, and order based on word count and how many articles you want to purchase.

And after, providing project details, they’ll get on with writing in just a few days usually.

FatJoe offer Basic ($0.04 per word) and Pro ($0.10) writing – the second having higher-quality writing and includes images and formatted writing.

FatJoe Infographics Review

They also offer an Infographic Design service – which start from $126 for a Basic design.

All are beautifully designed, use premium icons, and are fully branded.

FatJoe have also recently added to their offerings: Product Descriptions and Blog 2 Video (explainer videos) – which are both now available to purchase.

Other Features

Other services which FatJoe offer include:

  • Niche Edits – similar to blog outreach but editing existing articles.
  • Infographic Distribution – get your infographics published on blogs with a credit link.
  • Outreach Boost – boost your guest posts performance.
  • Multilingual Outreach – multilingual SEO, blogger outreach to other languages and countries.
  • Media Placements – get mentions from world’s largest sites (Forbes, Entrepreneur etc).

FatJoe are always adding new services to their website.

They also offer some free tools on their website to use such as a Keyword Rank Checker.

Getting Started with FatJoe

To get started with FatJoe, first go to their website by clicking here.

Then sign up with a free account (name, email and password).

You can then find the service you want to purchase and click ‘Order Now’.

After that, make sure to provide all details (e.g., target URL, anchor text, word count etc).

Then go to check out and make your payment.

All purchases are 100% safe, using secure payment methods (PayPal, Card etc).

FatJoe also always offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the order.

Pros and Cons


  • High quality
  • Expert help
  • Money back guarantee
  • Professional website
  • Good packages


  • No free trial

Would We Recommend Using FatJoe?

After checking out what FatJoe offers, we were very impressed.

So, we would 100% recommend using FatJoe.

Here’s why.

First of all, FatJoe care about high-quality above all else.

FatJoe Review

All their backlinks are gained through manually, meaning their team gets them for you specifically.

This also means you are getting backlinks which will actually help improve the DA of your site.

Instead of spammy links from websites which won’t improve your DA, and will actually harm your site.

Also, FatJoe offer in-content links through their copywriting team which also impressed us.

Secondly, FatJoe offer an amazing Support Team.

You can get in touch with any questions 24/7 via Live Chat, Email or Phone.

This is especially important when buying online – so is definitely a reason we would recommend FatJoe.

Lastly, they promise 100% money-back guarantee with all purchases.

No questions asked.

If you are unhappy, they promise to give your money back.

FatJoe also have amazing reviews on their website – which have all been verified by Shopper Approved.

Overall, we would 100% recommend using FatJoe to boost your website and business via backlinks or content creation.


What is FatJoe?

FatJoe is an SEO and Link Building Service which is used by over 5000 agencies over the world. They promise a high-quality and white-label service for all customers, offering various services including Blog Outreach, Business Citations, Media Placements and more. And also offer Content Creation such as article writing or infographic creation.

How to Start Buying at FatJoe?

To start buying at FatJoe, first visit their website by clicking above. Then sign up for a free account. You can then purchase backlinks, or other services.

Is FatJoe legit?

We believe FatJoe is legit. This is because they are an established supplier in the industry, operating since 2012 and serving over 5000 agencies per day, and also have amazing verified reviews. They also offer an excellent Support Team, and a 100% money-back guarantee with all orders.

Would We Recommend Using FatJoe?

We would recommend using FatJoe. This is because they are a well-known service with over 5000 agencies using their service daily. They also have amazing verified reviews on their website and offer a 100% money-back guarantee. FatJoe promise a high-quality service and seem to deliver. Overall, we would recommend using FatJoe.


Overall, we would 100% recommend using FatJoe.

It promises high-quality with many impressive features such as 24/7 support and a 100% money back guarantee.

With many different features (Blogger Outreach, Content Creation etc), you can also always find something to boost your business or website.

Get started with FatJoe, by clicking below:

Alternatively, if you want to buy followers/ likes/ views and boost your business’ social media presence, check out Mr. Insta by clicking here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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