Flowsty Review

Flowsty Review (2024) – Scam or Legit? We TESTED It!

Flowsty is a Spotify and SoundCloud Growth Service that promises to ‘help you increase your audience size internationally’.

They claim to provide an effective and instant way to gain hundreds of plays, saves and followers with their paid packages.

But are they legit, or should you avoid using their service? 

To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing Flowsty – checking out their features, pros and cons, best alternatives and whether we recommend using their service.

Flowsty Review: Summary

Flowsty Review

by The E-Commerce Entrepreneur



Overall, we wouldn’t recommend using Flowsty. They have good reviews on Trustpilot, but also some worrying ones, and we weren’t convinced their service which actually help grow your Spotify or SoundCloud.


What is Flowsty?

Flowsty is an online Spotify and SoundCloud Growth Service, which promises to help boost your musical career quickly.

From their website, you can purchase packages to increase monthly listeners, plays on individual songs, followers, song saves and so much more.

They claim to have a 150 million listener reach, and to have launched over 350 thousand campaigns.

Flowsty Features

Flowsty on their website promise:

  • Personalised Approach
  • Result-driven Strategies
  • Global Reach

They claim to only provide real listeners, which in turn will help boost further growth and exposure to your music.

Flowsty Growth

Flowsty also offer services for YouTube.

But should you actually use Flowsty? Find out in upcoming sections.

Best Alternative Music Services

Media Mister4.8Check Price
4.6Check Price
Omari MC4.0Check Price

How Does Flowsty Work?

Flowsty on their website claims that their strategies are personalised and will bring organic growth for your music.

However, nowhere do they explain how they will achieve this growth, and what their actual strategies are.

Flowsty allows you to purchase packages of exact numbers of listeners, plays, saves etc which are to be delivered in a very quick time span.

How do they achieve such an impressive feat, irrespective of the actual quality of your music?

We couldn’t find any answers on their website, and this has caused us to suspect that the growth is probably just botted.

Flowsty likely just send botted plays, fake people to your music to drive up your numbers, but not actually help with growth.

We’d love to be proven wrong, but that’s what it definitely looks like.

How To Use Flowsty?

According to their website, the process is very simple.

You choose the package or plan you want, and for what platform, then the genre and country (which can be worldwide).

How to Use Flowsty

You should then provide the details of your artist profile, or the particular song or playlist, and make the payment.

After that, you don’t have to do anything, and there doesn’t seem to be any back and forth.

Flowsty promise the process should begin within 24 hours.

The pricing starts from $4.99, but this can go all the way up to $399 for their top growth plan.

We’ve tried all the best websites for growing your Spotify and SoundCloud so you won’t have to. Omari MC is the best by far. Check out our detailed review if you’re not convinced.

Flowsty Pros and Cons


  • Human Support


  • No Contact Number Or Email
  • Lack of Information
  • No Free Trial 
  • No Refund Option
  • Mixed Trustpilot Reviews

Would We Recommend Using Flowsty?

After checking out Flowsty’s service and what they offer, we would not recommend using their service for several reasons.

Here’s why:

Lack of Information about their Service

The biggest reason we don’t recommend using Flowsty is they do not provide information on how they provide the growth for your Spotify and SoundCloud.

They make claims across their website to organically help your music grow with real listeners.

But they never actually explain how they achieve this.

Flowsty make vague declarations about digital and social media campaigns, and PR campaigns, but what does that actually mean?

And furthermore, where are the convincing testimonials from artists – considering they’ve meant to have had thousands of customers – showing the success stories from using their service.

It seems likely to us unfortunately that Flowsty is just a convincing front to what is probably just a service sending bot listeners and fake viewers to help drive up your numbers.

This isn’t necessarily bad, and could help in some ways, but Flowsty aren’t honest with what their service is – and this means we would recommend staying away completely. There are so many better alternatives out there.

Mixed Trustpilot Reviews

Flowsty do admittedly have a great score on Trustpilot, and lots of positive reviews.

Flowsty Reviews

However, they aren’t as convincing as the occasional very negative one.

For example, there are several long ones (which seem very real, compared to the short positive ones) declaring that Flowsty is a bad service, and doesn’t provide real growth.

Flowsty Reviews

And, as mentioned earlier, on their website itself there are no convincing testimonials or case studies which would help assure us their service is legitimate.

Simply, it seems too risky to recommend using Flowsty.

It’s likely you might do more harm to your profile on Spotify or SoundCloud than benefit, which could erase a lot of hard work on the artist’s part.

Best Alternatives to Flowsty

As we do not recommend using Flowsty, here are some great alternatives to check out instead:

Media Mister – No.1 Spotify & SoundCloud Service

Flowsty Review (2024) – Scam or Legit? We TESTED It!

Media Mister is one of our favourite services to boost your music.

They sell followers, plays, likes, downloads and more for SoundCloud, Spotify, Mixcloud and Tidal.

With every package they promise:

  • High quality real followers
  • 100% safe purchase
  • Organic growth

Media Mister’s pricing is super affordable, meaning any influencer can begin growing their audience with them.

For example, 1000 Spotify Plays start at only $5 – and they even offer a money-back guarantee.

Even better, Media Mister has great reviews, and we’ve used them ourselves and loved it!

Get started with a 15% discount by clicking the button below – exclusively for our readers!


  • Excellent Reviews
  • Good Support
  • Wide Range of Packages
  • No Password Required
  • Affordable Pricing


  • No Phone Support

Or learn more with our full Media Mister review here.

GetAFollower – Reliable Growth

Flowsty Review (2024) – Scam or Legit? We TESTED It!

GetAFollower is one of our favourite services to grow your music, whether Spotify, SoundCloud or Apple Music, with quick and reliable growth.

You can purchase packages of streams, likes, followers and more for a wide range of platforms.

GetAFollower offer an incredibly wide range of features including:

  • Quick Delivery
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Targeted Services
  • Great Support

GetAFollower have great reviews across several websites including SiteJabber.

They provide 24/7 support via email or contact form, and even a free trial for most platforms to check out their service before buying.

Get started with a discount by clicking the button below – exclusively for our readers!


  • Good Reviews
  • 24/7 Support
  • Safety Promised
  • No Password Required


  • No Phone Support

Or learn more with our full GetAFollower review here.

Omari MC – No.1 Music Promotion Service

Omari MC Review

Omari MC is one of our favourite Music Promotion and Marketing Services.

They will promote your music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

This is done through several methods including:

  • Playlist Placements – from their network of hundreds of playlists, they will place your song on one in your genre, boosting your plays with real listeners.
  • Advertising Campaigns – Omari MC also perform highly customized advertising campaigns on social media to boost your outreach.
  • Influencer Network – for Instagram, Omari MC will publish a permanent post to an account with 100k+ followers to boost your exposure.

Omari MC has over 40M+ combined followers across their network and has been used by thousands of artists before.

They offer 24/7 support via Live Chat, Phone or Email – and promise 100% safe and secure payment methods.

Omari MC also has an excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.4 after over 100 reviews.

Get started with a 10% discount by clicking the button below – exclusively for our readers!


  • Great Reviews
  • 24/7 Support
  • Influencer Network
  • Well-Known Service
  • Organic Growth


  • No Cons!

Or learn more with our full Omari MC review here.

Flowsty FAQs

What is Flowsty?

Flowsty is an online Spotify and SoundCloud Growth Service. They offer packages of listeners, plays, saves and more to help boost your exposure and audience. They claim to have completed thousands of campaigns for thousands of artists – but we’re still not convinced by their service.

Is Flowsty Legit?

It is difficult for us to call Flowsty legit. This is because they don’t explain how they actually perform the service for the artists in a safe and legitimate manner. We think it is likely they just sent bot listeners to your account which could really harm your profile if done recklessly.

Is Flowsty Safe?

It seems likely that Flowsty might not be safe for your SoundCloud or Spotify. This is due to their lack of any explanation how they achieve the growth, and the worrying reviews we’ve found across the web. It is always a risky one using a growth service which doesn’t actually explain how they will keep your profile safe.

Is Flowsty Real?

Flowsty is a Spotify Service, but we aren’t sure the growth you receive will be real, or help your account. This is because they just don’t explain how they will provide real listeners, and how they do so so quickly and precisely. It is likely the followers and listeners are botted.

Why Would You Want More Soundloud/ Spotify Plays?

It is very hard to gain traction and listeners on music platforms such as SoundCloud or Spotify.Almost always, artists struggle to get even the first 100 plays for any of their songs.

By purchasing plays, SoundCloud, seeing that your songs are popular, will push your music out to more people on the Recommended Page.

Therefore, as you gain plays, you are more likely to grow your audience.

It is the exact same with Spotify – as you gain plays and followers/likes using these growth services – your audience will also increase over time.

This is why Music Growth Services are so popular – for a reason! – and why you should use them as well.

Conclusion: Is Flowsty Legit?

Overall we do not recommend using Flowsty at all for your SoundCloud or Spotify.

This is due to their mixed online reviews and lack of explanation for how their service works

Instead, we would recommend using an alternative service to grow your Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Here are our favourites again:

And you can check out our full list of the best services to grow your music online here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Overall Flowsty Rating

Flowsty Review (2024) – Scam or Legit? We TESTED It!

Flowsty is a SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube Growth Service claiming to deliver followers, listeners and saves to your account.

Product Brand: Flowsty

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 4.99

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • Nice Website


  • Lack of Explanation
  • Worrying Reviews
  • No Support
  • Lack of Testimonials

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