BoostStorm Review

BoostStorm Review – Is It A SCAM? We Tried It! *Read First*

BoostStorm claim to increase your YouTube presence.

And also, can work on platforms such as Instagram.

But are they really a legit service, or should you 100% avoid using them?

To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing BoostStorm – checking out their features, pros and cons, alternatives and whether we recommend using their service?

Let’s get on with it.

What is BoostStorm?

BoostStorm is an online YouTube Growth Service – which also offers services for other platforms including Instagram and SoundCloud.

They offer packages of views, likes, subscribers and shares which can be bought from their site.

With each order, BoostStorm promise:

  • 100% Safety
  • Delivered Gradually
  • 100% Real Users

It varies, but with some packages, BoostStorm promise 30 or 60-day refills as well if your subscribers or views drop.

Unfortunately, they do not have an About Page – so we could not locate where they operate, or the team behind the service.

And also lack any Help pages including a FAQ or Contact Page.

BoostStorm does not offer a free trial or plan – nor has a Trustpilot page.

Best Alternative Services

Media Mister4.9Check Price
4.6Check Price
SoNuker4.4Check Price

Getting Started with BoostStorm

To get started with BoostStorm, first visit their website – and sign up for an account.

BoostStorm Sign Up

From there, select a package from their range for the social media platform you want.

Then go to checkout – and provide your details (YouTube video/ account etc) – and make payment.

It varies but most orders will be delivered gradually over 5 days.


BoostStorm offer a very wide range of packages which also vary on the amount of each item you want.

Here is an idea of the pricing for some YouTube packages:

BoostStorm Pricing YouTube

There is no mention of a Money Back Guarantee anywhere on their site – so we are guessing they don’t offer one.

Also, BoostStorm do not offer a free trial or plan.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable


  • No free trial
  • No reviews
  • Lack of information
  • Unreliable

Would We Recommend Using BoostStorm?

We would not recommend using BoostStorm.

Here’s why:

No Trustpilot Reviews

One reason why we personally would not use BoostStorm – is that they lack any reviews on Trustpilot – and aren’t very well-known.

Before buying from any website, it is always important to check reviews.

And even more so, to use external unbiased sites such as Trustpilot.

Unfortunately, BoostStorm does not have a Trustpilot page.

This means we cannot check what customers feel about their service

It also means we cannot guarantee their service is actually legit or effective – and not a scam.

If you were browsing through Amazon, would you buy the product with no reviews, or the one with hundreds of positive ones?

Of course, the more popular and visibly reliable one.

We would recommend doing the same with YouTube Growth Services – and use a more well-known alternative with many good reviews (not none).

Our alternatives below is a good place to start.

Lack of Information

Another reason why we would not recommend using BoostStorm is that there is an obvious lack of information on their website.

When buying from any site, you expect a certain amount of information.

But BoostStorm lack many important pages.

This includes an About Page – so we have no idea that BoostStorm is not a fake site.

They also don’t have a Help Page or FAQs Page – which always offer a far better customer service.

This is a similar reason to why we don’t recommend other services such as TubeKarma or Flintzy.

We would recommend using a more informative and customer-focused service such as our alternatives below.


As we do not recommend using BoostStorm, here are some potential alternatives for YouTube and other social media platforms:

Media Mister – No.1 YouTube Growth Service

Media Mister Review

Media Mister is our No.1 service to grow your YouTube channel safely, quickly and cheaply.

They offer packages of views, subscribers, comments, likes and more.

By boosting your channel with their services, you are sure to increase the number of people who see your videos via YouTube’s algorithm of recommended videos.

With every package, Media Mister promise:

  • High-Quality Service
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Organic Growth
  • Great Support

One of the best features of Media Mister is their pricing is super affordable, meaning any influencer or brand can begin growing with them.

They also have great reviews across the internet on sites such as Trustpilot.

Media Mister also offer services for various other social media platforms if you are looking to grow your presence across several places.

Get started with a 15% discount by clicking the button below – exclusively for our readers!

Or learn more with our full Media Mister review here.

GetAFollower – Reliable Growth

BoostStorm Review – Is It A SCAM? We Tried It! *Read First*

GetAFollower is one of our favourite services to grow your social YouTube with quick and reliable growth.

You can purchase packages of followers, likes, comments, views and more – and by doing so, help grow your channel organically over time, and build credibility.

GetAFollower offer an incredibly wide range of features including:

  • Quick Delivery
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Targeted Services
  • Great Support

GetAFollower have great reviews across several websites including SiteJabber.

They provide 24/7 support via email or contact form, and even a free trial for most platforms to check out their service before buying.

Get started with a discount by clicking the button below – exclusively for our readers!


  • Great Reviews
  • Good Support
  • Safety Promised
  • No Password Required


  • No Phone Support

Or learn more with our full GetAFollower review here.

SoNuker – High-Quality Service

BoostStorm Review – Is It A SCAM? We Tried It! *Read First*

SoNuker is another top-quality YouTube Growth Service, and one of our favourites right now.

Just like the others, they offer packages of subscribers, likes, comments and more to encourage natural and organic growth on your channel.

They offer an incredibly wide range of features including:

  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • All Real Users
  • No Password Required
  • 100% Safe and Secure

SoNuker also have excellent reviews across several websites including a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot after over 2000 reviews.

They also provide 24/7 support, and promise 100% safe order and payment for every customer.

Get started with a 10% discount by clicking the button below – exclusively for our readers!

Or learn more with our full SoNuker review here.


What is BoostStorm?

BoostStorm is an online YouTube Growth Service that offers packages of subscribers, views and likes which can be bought from their website. They also offer services for other social media platforms including Instagram and SoundCloud.

Is BoostStorm Legit?

It is hard for us to call BoostStorm legit. This is because they don’t have a Trustpilot page or reviews, and also lack important information such as an About Page. Nor even offer a free trial or plan. This means we cannot guarantee they will provide a legit service. Simply, it is a risk.

Is BoostStorm Safe?

There is no particular reason for us to believe that BoostStorm is not safe to use. However due to the lack of Trustpilot reviews, or a free plan – we can’t guarantee your channel won’t be banned if you buy views or subscribers from them. Simply, in our opinion, it is risk using BoostStorm.

Would We Recommend Using BoostStorm?

We would not recommend using BoostStorm. This is due the lack of any reviews, and important pages such as an About Page or FAQs Page. They also don’t provide a free plan or trial – nor 24/7 support. Instead, we would recommend using a better well-known and more reliable service to grow your channel (such as our alternatives)


Overall, we would not recommend using BoostStorm.

This is due, firstly, to the lack of a Trustpilot Page – and so they don’t have any reviews for us to check.

And also, don’t provide basic information on their site, or a free plan/ trial – to check if they are actually legit.

So, we would recommend using an alternative service instead.

Here are our favourites again:

Or to grow on Twitter, check out our No.1 Service TweSocial by clicking here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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9 thoughts on “BoostStorm Review – Is It A SCAM? We Tried It! *Read First*”

  1. Hi there,
    Your report is highly inaccurate. You may want to update your 2021 update. We do have money back guarantee (as found on our TOS page) in addition to service 30 – 60 day service guarantees. You’ll find “help” on our FAQ page, and when additional customer service questions are needed, a contact page get clients answers they need within 4 hours – often within minutes. Lastly, you’ll find numerous verified client survey throughout our product pages. A little “journalism” only takes a little digging.

    We expect to see some of those “cons” moved to the “pro” side, and will follow up with you when our about page is public.

    Alex Rivers

  2. SCAM will take your money out of your bank straight away and not refund I have had to report to my bank fraud department, Because all emails get sent back, comments page on their main webpage gets ignored. I have had to result in forwarding all these emails on to the fraud department as I had over 13 non completed orders and 1 no order sent at all but sent a email stating complete? I have also had to photograph all of the bought items on their site and printed off all orders that have been in complete or they take back. It is a headache that no one needs as my family member is dying at the moment and my channel is my release/coping strategy. If booststorm employees don’t like the work they do or overloaded get out off the internet and STOP abusing peoples trust…we all have money struggles and what is only £ 17 dollars to them is a fortune to me. Disgusting treatment save yourselves the stress of the situation guys and gals and find another company that do not play games.I really did try to give these every opportunity to sort it out but they simply are FAKE…

    1. Hi Mel,
      We have no ongoing or recent orders from anyone named Mel. Maybe you have us confused with someone else?

      Regardless, we’re SUPER good about sending out receipts, job notes, and email communications requesting further information for service orders. Everyone gets some sort of email from BoostStorm®. If you haven’t received an email from us in your INBOX, check your SPAM/TRASH – most likely you’ll find us there. We’re happy to answer your questions at

      I should also note, we understand how important communication is for clients, so we own our email server and on a regular basis we check for deliverability, and never have had a problem.

      Lastly, if your email application fails to deliver our “order completed” note to you, you can verify delivery simply knowing your start count, and day(s) later the amount ordered showing publicly on your post. We keep strict records of this, including screen shots should you or your bank makes an inquiry.

      Regards, Alex Rivers, Chief Client Advocate,

  3. I am sitting with 7 sent back emails and 4 on your actual page all sent back, ignored and blocked .There are no emails in my spam, inbox or any wherel else 100 per cent you ignore emails and questions( all provable )arising on your comments page .you took money out of my bank account and then the orders dropped and one order for subscribers then was removed altogether AFTER YOU STATED IN A FORM ORDER COMPLETED … I will leave the rest to my bank thankyou. You can delete my account I want nothing further to do with you or booststorm..chasing you guys constantly is a massive headache which makes people ill and diffuses the professional relationships that should be in place for your customers.I am deeply saddened by this and as you are well aware made every attempt to resolve. Well your team constantly bombarded me to do a review you so here it is .Take Care Alex.

    1. Hi Mel,
      We appreciate your request to have your account removed, and we are here to assist you with this. However, we have encountered some difficulty in identifying your account, as there are no recent or current orders associated with your name or orders that resemble the problems you describe here.

      Again, it’s possible that there may be some confusion, and you might be trying to contact another service provider. Given that our service stands as one of the leading providers in the market, it’s important to note that there are other sites (copycats) with similar-sounding names that might be causing this mix-up that you’re using.

      To ensure that we can address your concerns effectively, we kindly ask you to reach out to us at By doing so, we can provide the necessary support for your request or help you find the actual service provider you’ve been using.

      1. Alex,
        You know exactly who I am and have numerous emails. I have attempted to shut down my account already. You have been sent numerous emails stating that you have been taking back orders views and continue to subtly do so. You have been told by me via writing if you continue to do so this is fraud and I will expect all moneys back for the duration of my time with you. This account of mine is being monitored by a outside agency.You have also been advised legally to stop all communication with me including here. People Avoid this company and save yourself a lot of heartache.

  4. Also please note people DO NOT BOTHER using the EMAIL provided they do not respond either on their webpage directly or via service…If they did this would not be happening now would it Alex…..

  5. Dear General Public,

    We, too, have rights, and the claims made here are demonstrably untrue and damaging to our reputation. Our attorneys have recorded these messages and directed us to make this final statement.

    The identity of this individual remains unknown as they have not disclosed it here, nor have we received any email communication(s) relating to this matter as stated by this person.

    It’s worth noting, again, that we believe they might have confused our company with other copycat names that sounds like ours in the industry.

    In addition to our premium services, we take great pride in our exceptional customer service, known for our rapid response to all client inquiries and communications. Our contact pages and direct email ( are fully operational, and anyone, not just clients, can reach out to us with questions – we’ll answer. Want to find out for yourself? Don’t hesitate to send a direct email or use our contact webpage to inquire.

    Alex Rivers

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