Twesocial Review – We TESTED! Do NOT Use It! *Read First*

Twesocial is a Twitter Growth Service which claims to grow your account with real followers.

They promise to provide followers that are ‘real and active’.

But are they actually legit, or should you avoid using their service?

To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing Twesocial – checking out their features, pros and cons, alternatives and whether we recommend using it.

Let’s get on with it.

Why Would You Want More Twitter Followers?

First of all, it is super important to leverage social media platforms such as Twitter.

Not only do they provide a sense of legitimacy to any business or service – they are also one of the best ways to grow your customer base.

For any influencer – Twitter can be a great platform to grow an audience – and begin monetising your online presence.

But why in particular are followers important?

Followers make up your main audience – and so as your following increases, so too does the amount of engagement your tweets will receive.

Also if your following increases, Twitter will push your content out to a larger audience.

This means that as you grow your followers, you will continually at an increasing rate keep on growing.

Overall, making sure you grow your Twitter is super important for any business or influencer.

What is Twesocial?         

Twesocial is a Twitter Growth Service.

They claim to grow your Twitter account with real followers – by manually engaging and interacting with similar accounts.

Twesocial Review

A dedicated account manager will engage with users by liking, following and commenting – attracting only suitable accounts via advanced targeting (similar accounts, gender, country etc).

For every customer, Twesocial promise:

  • Fully managed service
  • Real targeted followers
  • Email support

They claim to have had over 7000 active clients, and operated since 2016.

According to their website, you should be able to expect ‘100 followers per month’.

Unfortunately, there is no About Page on Twesocial’s website, and so we could not learn more about their team, expertise or location.

But should you trust Twesocial? Find out in upcoming sections.

Best Alternative Twitter Services

Media Mister4.9Check Price
GetAFollower4.7Check Price
SubPals4.5Check Price

Getting Started with Twesocial

To get started with Twesocial:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Choose a plan and click ‘Get Started’.
  3. Input your Twitter username and email.
  4. Make the payment via Card.
  5. Select your targeted audience from a series of questions.

According to their website, a dedicated account manager will then work on handling your account for you.

You can make your payments via Card or PayPal.


Twesocial offer 2 Pricing Plans which both renew weekly.

Twesocial Review – We TESTED! Do NOT Use It! *Read First*

According to their website, you can cancel or upgrade your plan at anytime.

Standard Plan

TweSocial’s Standard Plan costs $15 per week.

It offers:

  • Moderate Organic Growth
  • Essential Targeting Features
  • Standard Support
  • Speed Limit

You will receive Hashtag and Username Targeting; Follow and Unfollow and an Auto Blacklist.

Premium Plan

TweSocial’s Premium Plan costs $25 per week.

It offers:

  • Maximum Organic Growth
  • Maximum Speed
  • All Targeting Features
  • Priority Support

According to their website, almost half of customers historically upgrade to their Premium Plan.

On top of the features in the Standard Plan, you also receive Hashtag and Location Targeting; Custom Blacklist and Whitelist; Story Viewing and Comment Liking; Campaign Improvements.

For custom orders, you can contact their support team.

TweSocial do not offer a free trial.

Pros and Cons


  • Dedicated Account Manager


  • Bad Trustpilot Reviews
  • No Free Trial
  • No Live Chat
  • No About Page
  • Very Expensive Plans

Would We Recommend Using Twesocial?

We would not recommend using Twesocial for several reasons.

Here’s why:

Bad Trustpilot Reviews

One reason why we don’t recommend using Twesocial is that they have several bad reviews on their Trustpilot Page.

Twesocial Review – We TESTED! Do NOT Use It! *Read First*

Whenever buying from any online service, it is always important to check reviews beforehand.

Unfortunately, Twesocial have several bad reviews – with a Poor Rating of 1.9 after 13 reviews.

Several of the reviews talk about poor customer support, lack of growth and not receiving refunds.

You also need to provide your password and login details which is always worrying for any customer.

It is hard for us to recommend using a service when it seems there is a high chance, you will be unsatisfied with your order.

Twesocial Review – We TESTED! Do NOT Use It! *Read First*

For example, if you were browsing through Amazon, would you buy the product with hundreds of positive reviews, or the one with several bad reviews.

Of course, the more popular one.

It should be the same with Twitter Growth Services.

Simply, we would recommend using a website with better reviews to grow your Twitter account – such as one of our alternatives.

No Free Trial/ Plan

Another factor behind why we don’t recommend using Twesocial is their lack of a free trial or plan.

Normally services provide a free trial to give confidence to potential customers that their service actually works.

As Twesocial lacks this, it is another reason why we can’t guarantee their service is legit – and not a scam.

It could suggest that they aren’t confident with their service.

And we were also unable to find any videos showing their service working – or as mentioned before, positive reviews/ testimonials.

We would recommend using a more obviously reliable service – like one of our alternatives below.


As we do not recommend using Twesocial, here are some potential alternatives to use instead:

Media Mister – No.1 Twitter Service

Media Mister Review

Media Mister is our favourite Twitter Growth service we’ve found after extensive tests and trials.

From their website you can purchase Twitter followers, likes, views and retweets – as well as packages for other social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok.

By purchasing these packages, Twitter is more likely to push your content out to new users, increasing your outreach and following organically and safely.

With every package, Media Mister promise:

  • High quality real followers
  • 100% safe purchase
  • Organic growth

Media Mister’s pricing is super affordable – meaning any influencer can begin growing their audience with them.

The payment is 100% secure with many different payment methods, and Media Mister will never need your password or Twitter login details.

1000 Twitter Followers start at only $39, and they even offer a money-back guarantee.

Get started with a 15% discount by clicking the button below – exclusively for our readers!


  • Great Reviews
  • 24/7 Support
  • Amazing Prices
  • Trusted Provider
  • No Password Needed


  • No Cons!

Or learn more with our full Media Mister review here.

GetAFollower – Reliable Growth

Twesocial Review – We TESTED! Do NOT Use It! *Read First*

GetAFollower is one of our favourite services to grow your Twitter with quick and reliable growth.

You can purchase packages of followers, likes, comments and more.

GetAFollower offer an incredibly wide range of features including:

  • Quick Delivery
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Targeted Services
  • Great Support

GetAFollower have great reviews across several websites including SiteJabber.

They provide 24/7 support via email or contact form, and even a free trial for most platforms to check out their service before buying.

Get started with a discount by clicking the button below – exclusively for our readers!


  • Great Reviews
  • Good Support
  • Safety Promised
  • No Password Required


  • No Phone Support

Or learn more with our full GetAFollower review here.


Twesocial Review – We TESTED! Do NOT Use It! *Read First*

SubPals is a great service to purchase Twitter followers.

They mainly offer services for YouTube, but also packages for Twitter and other social media platforms.

With each order, they promise:

  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Delivery Starts within 24-72 hours
  • Refill Guarantee
  • 100% Safe and Private
  • 24/7 Support

SubPals have 2677 reviews on Trustpilot and a 5-star rating, showing just how reliable their service is!

Get started with a 10% discount by clicking the button below – exclusively for our readers!

Or learn more with our full SubPals review here.


What is Twesocial?

Twesocial is an online Twitter Growth Service. They claim to grow your Twitter account with real followers, by manually engaging with relevant users to help attract attention to your page. They also promise to use Advanced Targeting to only attract real people interested in your content. Twesocial has been operating since 2016, and according to their website, have over 10,000 active users.

Is Twesocial legit?

It is hard for us to call Twesocial legit. This is due to the several bad reviews on their Trustpilot Page, and the testimonials we have received from former customers. They also don’t provide a free trial. Instead, we would recommend using a service with many positive reviews (such as our alternatives) to grow your Twitter account reliably.

Is Twesocial safe?

There is no particular reason for us to believe that Twesocial is not safe to use. However due to the several bad reviews on their Trustpilot Page, and lack of a free trial, we also cannot guarantee their service is safe for your account. Simply we believe using Twesocial is a potential risk.

Is Twesocial real?

Twesocial is a Twitter Growth Service, but we aren’t sure the growth you receive will be real, or help your account. This is because they have several bad reviews on Trustpilot, and don’t provide a free trial or convincing testimonials. We would recommend using a more well-known and ‘real’ service to help grow your Twitter safely and reliably, such as one of our alternatives.


Overall, we do not recommend using Twesocial.

This is because of the several bad reviews on Trustpilot, and lack of a free trial.

Instead, make sure to use an alternative service to grow your Twitter account.

Here are our favourites again:

Alternatively, check out our list of the Best Instagram Growth Services here.

Hope this helped.

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7 thoughts on “Twesocial Review – We TESTED! Do NOT Use It! *Read First*”

  1. I had an awful experience with Twesocial for two reasons :
    Fact 1 the number of followers decreased drastically during the month I used their services
    Fat 2: client servicing is extremely poor. I tried to engage a discussion with several mails but they refused, putting the blame on me: that’s because you have bought fake followers. Which is am absolute non-sense and fake fact
    In conclusion: Stay away from twesocial

  2. Worst service ever. I advise all people to stay far away from this company. The only thing they actually did to my account was get it banned. They actually got it banned the first day working with it. I’ve asked for a refund and have been ignored for over 2 weeks now. This is a scam company. Run far away and don’t even think about this company.

  3. Thanks for your review and recommendation on TWEsocial.
    I am glad I checked ‘Trustpilot’ like you suggested and decided not to subscribe.
    However, here is my challenge – Mr Insta and Media Mister do not have any trust pilot reviews … so I cannot compare apples to apples despite your recommendation.
    I have already been scammed by a Twitter account, @Nftjournall, where I paid $200 for 3K users. They have 255K followers, and the Twitter audit showed that 86% was genuine.
    I am considering tweeting about the SCAM with transfer details, etc., so others may not get cheated.
    But that does not help me with my Twitter followers – which was the goal in the first place.
    I am looking for genuine advice from you about finding a suitable service provider.
    I hope that you will help.
    Will appreciate your response.

    1. Hi Thomas, thanks a lot for your comment.

      I understand what you are saying about Mr. Insta and Media Mister – unfortunately it seems Trustpilot no longer offers reviews for these kind of services. But we stand by the high-quality of these sites, and something like SiteJabber displays similarly impressive reviews for these services.

      Hope this helped!


  4. The got me suspended at one week exactly of signing up. In that time I believe they brought on 15 followers. And that is hard to say as I’m not sure who started following based upon my attempts.

    Their website is horrible in that they ask for your money as step #1. Then step two asks for very minimal information with basically NO explanation of what they are looking for.

    When you are complete it just redirects you to a page with different DO’s and DON’Ts articles. But it never said “Thank you” or “We’ll get back to you soon.”

    Absolutely not worth it. Plus I’m suspended after one week… Does Twitter unsuspend you eventually?

  5. Twesocial is in fact a scam, website also shows there is a free trial for 3 days which is a lie. They charged me then said they dont offer a free trial. Have the screenshots where they advertise a free trial and emails to prove how crooked they are. Not only that, they never even followed up with a service after stealing payment on false advertising. *buyer beware!*

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