TokUpgrade Review

TokUpgrade Review (2022) – Do NOT Use It! *Read First*

TokUpgrade claim to help you grow your TikTok quickly and organically.

And promise to only offer real followers.

But for multiple reasons – we do not recommend using their service.


To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing TokUpgrade – checking out their features, pros and cons, best alternatives and why you should avoid using their service.

Let’s get on with it.

Why Are TikTok Followers Important?

TikTok followers are super important for your success on the platform.

Firstly, they build up your main audience – and having more, will increase the amount of engagement and views you have with each post.

Also, when you gain followers, TikTok see that you’re popular, and your content is great.

This means they’ll push your posts out to more people, which increases your outreach and following over time.

People are also far more likely to follow you if you have more followers. 

Think about it: would you be more likely to follow a brand with 100 followers or if they had 10,000? Also, which one looks more legitimate?

This is where TikTok Growth Services come in.

What is TokUpgrade?

TokUpgrade is a TikTok Growth Service that claim to grow your following.

TokUpgrade Features

They promise to grow real, targeted TikTok Followers – and also claim to be trusted by over 11,400 agencies and influencers.

TokUpgrade claim to offer with each plan:

  • Engagement – via liking and following.
  • Advanced Targeting – targeting based on similar accounts, hashtags or target locations.
  • Account Manager – dedicated account manager for each account.

According to their website, their service has been used by over 11,400 agencies and influencers.

They also claim their service is 100% safe, and your account and information is secure and ‘safe in their hands’.

Also, TokUpgrade doesn’t have an About Page, so we couldn’t check their location, or how experienced or ‘real’ their team is.

But should you trust TokUpgrade? Find out in upcoming sections.

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Getting Started with TopUpgrade

To get started with TokUpgrade:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Choose one of their plans.
  3. Click ‘Get Started’.
  4. Provide your TikTok username, and an email.
  5. Make your payment via Card at checkout.

According to TokUpgrade’s website, after you sign up, an account manager should reach out to you – to help begin your campaign.


TokUpgrade offer pricing plans, both paid for weekly.

TokUpgrade Pricing

The plans differ in speed of growth – with their Pro Plan promising ‘maximum’ rather than just ‘moderate’ growth speed.

The Pro Plan also has ‘priority support’, compared to the Regular Plan.

They only offer services for TikTok, and no free trial.

Pros and Cons

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Bad Trustpilot Reviews
  • Lack of Free Trial/ Plan
  • No About Page
  • Lack of Information
  • Only for TikTok

Would We Recommend Using TokUpgrade?

TokUpgrade claim to offer an amazing TikTok Growth Service.

However, we do not recommend using their service for multiple reasons.

But why do many other websites recommend them? We suspect this is because TokUpgrade has an affiliate program – which pays for referrals.

Here are our reasons why we wouldn’t use TokUpgrade:

Bad Reviews

One of the most important factors behind buying from any online service, should be how good their reviews are.

But it is even more important to use an external site such as Trustpilot rather than their own website – so that you can be sure the reviews aren’t fake testimonials.

Unfortunately, TokUpgrade has only 3 reviews on Trustpilot, and all of them are 1-star.

TokUpgrade Trustpilot

Every one of them calls this service a ‘scam’ – which is of course very worrying.

We have also been contacted by former users, who have been very disappointed by TokUpgrade – and one stated they had to ‘contact their bank’ and had never had anything but ‘automated emails’.

Many of the websites which give positive reviews, only do so because TokUpgrade used to have an Affiliate Program, where they paid users to refer their service.

We would always recommend using a service with many positive reviews, like one of our alternatives, and steer clear from services like TokUpgrade.

No Free Trial/ Plan

Another factor behind why we wouldn’t use TokUpgrade, is that they lack a free plan or trial.

Normally, a free plan allows us as customers to be confident that a service actually works.

By trying it out before purchasing, we can make sure that we won’t be scammed.

Unfortunately, TokUpgrade does not offer a free plan or trial, which means we cannot guarantee you will happy with their service.

They also only offer 2 pricing plans, both of which are very expensive.

The only difference is whether you want ‘moderate’ or ‘maximum’ growth, which gives us very little information on why you should be spending so much money.

Especially, considering there are many far cheaper, but more effective, services out there to use instead.

This is another reason why we would steer clear of TokUpgrade, and use an alternative TikTok Growth Service instead.


As we do not recommend using TokUpgrade, here are some potential alternatives to use instead:

FuelTok – No.1 TikTok Bot


FuelTok is our No.1 TikTok Growth Service and Bot of 2021.

They offer a high-quality service, packed with tons of impressive features.

This includes:

  • Automatic Liking, Following and Unfollowing – sit back and watch your TikTok views increase.
  • Dedicated Support – their support team are ready at any time via live chat to answer your questions.
  • Advanced Targeting – filter targets by followers, activity and more.

With FuelTok, you can expect to gain 50 to 200 new followers every day – and all are real people!

After 128 reviews on their site, a rating of 4.8 is very impressive as well, and they even offer a completely free 7-day trial.

Also, FuelTok offer packages of TikTok followers, likes and views which you can also buy from their website.

Check out FuelTok right now by clicking here.

Media Mister

Media Mister Buy TikTok Fans

Media Mister is an online social media marketplace that sells services for many social media platforms, including TikTok.

From their website, you can purchase TikTok followers and likes.

With every package they promise:

  • High quality real followers
  • 100% safe purchase
  • Organic growth

Media Mister’s pricing and business model is super affordable – meaning any influencer or brand can begin growing with them

100 TikTok Followers start at only $8 – and they even offer a money-back guarantee.

Or learn more with our full Media Mister review here.


TokUpgrade Review (2021) - Do NOT Use It! *Read First*

TurboMedia is one of our favourite places to buy TikTok services.

From their website, you can purchase TikTok followers, likes, views, comments and and shares.

With every order, TurboMedia promise:

  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Refill Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support

You never need to give your password, and they even provide a free trial to check out their service before purchasing.

Also, TurboMedia has over 2000 reviews on Trustpilot, and an excellent rating of 4.9 stars!

Check out TurboMedia right now by clicking here.


What is TokUpgrade?

TokUpgrade is an online TikTok Growth Service that claims to offer organic growth of followers. They offer dedicated account managers, and promise real followers – but lack a Trustpilot or About Page. There is also very little information on their website about how they actually gain you followers organically.

Is TokUpgrade legit?

It is hard for us to call TokUpgrade legit. They have bad reviews across several websites, and do not provide a free trial. They claim to offer ‘organic growth’, but also do not provide much information on how they do this. Simply, using TokUpgrade is a risk in our opinion, and we would recommend steering clear of it.

Is TokUpgrade safe?

There is no particular reason for us to believe that TokUpgrade is not safe to use. However, we are worried by the bad reviews on Trustpilot, and other websites, and also the lack of information on their website, such as their methods to grow your account. Simply, using TokUpgrade is a potential risk, and we would recommend using an alternative service instead.

Is TokUpgrade real?

TokUpgrade is a TikTok Growth Service, but we aren’t sure the growth you receive will be real, or help your account. This is because they have several bad reviews on Trustpilot, and don’t provide information on how they will gain you ‘real’ followers. We would recommend using a more well-known and ‘real’ service to help grow your TikTok account, such as one of our alternatives.


Overall, we do not recommend using TokUpgrade.

They have many bad reviews and lack important information across their website – which is very worrying.

Instead, make sure to use an alternative service to boost your following on TikTok.

Here are our favourites again:

Also, to check out our list of the Best 24+ TikTok Bots and Growth Services of 2021, click here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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7 thoughts on “TokUpgrade Review (2022) – Do NOT Use It! *Read First*”

  1. I subscribed to Tokupgrade a month ago and I have never received any human being experiences from them. I’m pretty sure I got scammed. I’m going to have to file a claim with my bank. I even submitted to cancel my subscription and didn’t receive any automated email reply to confirm or anything. People suck!

  2. I sign up for TokUpgrade service and their Affiliate Program… and all i can say is that is a huge SCAM!!! they never growth my TikTok, they got me like 100 followers in 3 month and even those 100 is users who just created an account and users who have less then 50 followers so will not make any difference in terms of visibility of my own profile. When I cancel the service, they still charged me for two more month after I canceled.
    As an Affiliate, TokUpgrade have the worst program, their “support team (David)” always answered my emails, until the day to receive my earning, since then they stop replying my emails, I have more then 800$ in earnings to receive and so far I haven’t seen one cent…
    Guys TOKUPGRADE is a huge SCAM!!!!

  3. I think you’re right and I am glad I stumbled across this article, but I JUST had an experience where I tried to sign up for their growth program. I submitted for the Pro Monthly service, and my card was immediately charged TWICE! Thankfully my bank put a stop on my card and I was able to decline both charges as fraudulent and get my money back right away. I never even received a confirmation email, so they are definitely a SCAM and I hope more people will find this page and read these comments.

    1. Hi Renee,

      Thanks a lot for your comment – and I’m sorry to hear about your experience with TokUpgrade.

      I would recommend leaving a review on Trustpilot to try help deter people.

      I hope your experiences with other services are better.

      Have a good day, Jamie

  4. I was scammed by the tokupgrade, I paid for the plan, I didn’t receive any messages, they don’t answer emails and I just saw that the amount was deducted from my husband’s card, I used my husband’s card, now I don’t know how to tell him that I was cheated that we have to call the bank to cancel the service, I’m desperate I don’t know what to do, because the plan is weekly, if it was once I wouldn’t mind it, but discounting it weekly will kill me someone helps me what I owe to do. someone get me some solution please.

    1. Hi Ana,

      I’m very sorry to hear you had this experience with TokUpgrade.

      In terms of cancelling your plan, if they are not answering your emails, the best way would be to contact your bank and ask them to cancel. Also, sometimes you can cancel recurring payments yourself with your bank’s app, or account.

      Hopefully this helps.

      Best, Jamie

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