TikTokBot Review - PROOF It's A Scam! We TRIED! *Read First*

TikTokBot Review – PROOF It’s A Scam! We TRIED! *Read First*

TikTokBot claim to help you gain TikTok followers automatically each month while increasing your engagement and generating sales.

They also promise to focus on creating an authentic connection between you and your followers.

But are they legit, or should you actually avoid using their services?

To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing TikTokBot — checking out their features, pros and cons, best alternatives and whether we recommend using their service.

Let’s get on with it.

Why Are TikTok Followers Important?

TikTok followers are super important for your success on the platform.

Firstly, they build up your main audience – and having more, will increase the amount of engagement and views you have with each post.

Also, when you gain followers, TikTok see that you’re popular, and your content is great.

This means they’ll push your posts out to more people, which increases your outreach and following over time.

People are also far more likely to follow you if you have more followers. 

Think about it: would you be more likely to follow a brand with 100 followers or if they had 10,000? Also, which one looks more legitimate?

This is where TikTok Growth Services come in.

What is TikTokBot?

TikTokBot Review - PROOF It's A Scam! We TRIED! *Read First*

TikTokBot is an online TikTok growth service.

They claim to help you TikTok account increase engagement and create new opportunities with your new followers.

According to their website, TikTokBot claims to be committed to helping their clients gain a genuine interactive following.

They promise to focus on creating authentic connections between you and your followers.

With each plan, TikTokBot promises:

  • Engagement — targeting people that are already interested in content similar to yours and cultivating a community
  • Opportunities — from business partnerships to sponsorship opportunities
  • Sales — targeting users that are interested in your services results in authentic followers and engagement

This means that TikTokBot can help you grow and maintain your TikTok account, allowing you to focus on creating more content and build your brand.

But should you use TikTokBot? Find out in the upcoming sections.


TikTokBot Review - PROOF It's A Scam! We TRIED! *Read First*

TikTokBot aims to help individuals grow their TikTok page, converting your fans to followers through likes and engagement.

They also aim to help improve your brand image but also provide you with more opportunities in the future.

They provide 3 features to help customers grow their TikTok page.

Increase Engagement

TikTokBot will help attract new followers to your account by targeting people that are already interested in the type of content you create.

This means that you will gain a genuine and interactive following that you can have a connection with.

These followers will also react and engage with your posts, increasing your engagements.

Having genuine followers can help you and your brand establish its voice and services, ultimately helping you raise above your competitors.

By having a target audience, TikTokBot can help develop unique and effective marketing strategies.

These marketing strategies can help converting some of your followers into potential opportunities for further growth.

Create Opportunities and Generate Sales

TikTokBot allows your account to connect with thousands of new followers each month.

With a wider audience, you will be able to have more opportunities to work with others to help grow your brand.

According to their website, TikTokBot can help you create opportunities such as:

  • Business partnerships
  • Creative collaborations
  • Sponsorship opportunities

These opportunities can help your TikTok page grow bigger and potentially rising above your competitors.

With a target audience, TikTokBot will also be able to attract potential fans to your page and turn them into dedicated followers for your particular brand.

TikTokBot will help to drive traffic to your account while you focus on more important things, such as creating new content for your page.

TikTokBot Engagement

TikTokBot Review - PROOF It's A Scam! We TRIED! *Read First*

TikTokBot also provides services to boost your engagement on TikTok.

With this service, you will be able to get real engagement on your posts each month.

This will help drive traffic to your page, turning these fans into followers.

TikTokBot’s engagement services promises to help your page:

  • Increase engagement
  • Create authority
  • Generate more sales

An increase in engagement will show more users resonating with your content.

This creates more trust between you and your fans, making you an authoritative figure for your brand.

With this service, TikTokBot can help your page grow while you focus on more important things.

Getting Started with TikTokBot

Getting started with TikTokBot is simple. To get started with them:

  1. Visit their website here.
  2. Select a growth plan that works for you
  3. Sign up with them
  4. Customise your settings

Growing your TikTok page has never been easier.

Once you have selected a growth plan and have signed up with them, you will be able to customise what type of followers you want to target.

TikTokBot will then start interacting with relevant accounts by following and liking their content.


TikTokBot offers 3 different packages for you to choose from:

  • Weekly
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Their prices start at $25/week.

TikTokBot Review - PROOF It's A Scam! We TRIED! *Read First*

While TikTokBot does not offer a free trial, they do offer a 7-day money back guarantee with any plan.

Weekly Plan

With this package, TikTokBot will provide you with:

  • Username targeting
  • Like campaign
  • Like comments
  • Fast growth
  • Follow/unfollow
  • Dedicated account manager

For just $25 a week, this plan is suitable for anyone who is just getting started and want to grow their TikTok page.

Gold Plan

For a more advanced plan, TikTokBot offers a Gold Plan. On top of their weekly plan, you will also get even faster growth for only $75 a month.

This plan also has the best value, allowing you to save 25% each month as compared to the weekly plan.

Platinum Plan

The most advanced plan which TikTokBot offers is their Platinum Plan at $150 a month.

This plan offers customers the fastest growth rate.

Pros and Cons


  • Good website
  • Amazing prices
  • Good reviews
  • Expert help


  • Lack of Trustpilot reviews

Would We Recommend Using TikTokBot?

TikTokBot claims to help customers grow their TikTok page effectively and efficiently.

They also pride themselves on real followers and real results.

But do we recommend you using their service?

Yes, we do recommend using TikTokBot to help you grow your TikTok page.

TikTokBot can not only help you gain followers, but also increase your engagements while providing you with more opportunities such as sponsorships.

TikTokBot does this through auto-pilot — automating boring tasks that you would have to do such as like campaigns and follow/unfollow campaigns.

This means that you will have extra time to do more important things to grow your page.

With each plan, you will also receive a dedicated account manager that can help resolve any potential problems and monitor your growth over time.

TikTokBot also offers a comprehensive FAQ page and an email contact service to help with any potential issues along the way.


What is TikTokBot?

TikTokBot is a TikTok growth service that helps you grow your TikTok page through real followers. TikTokBot helps you gain a genuine interactive following by targeting followers that are already interested in the type of content that you create. These real followers will help your page generate real engagement and provide you with more opportunities such as sponsorships and collaborations.

Is TikTokBot Legit?

Yes, we would say that TikTokBot is legit. TikTokBot’s website offers various testimonies from real customers showing the positive impact that TikTokBot has made on their page. These testimonials are also available for all customers to view.

Is TikTokBot Safe To Use?

Yes, we believe that TikTokBot is safe to use. According to their FAQ page, ‘your account will only be accessed through your accounts API and not directly logging into your account’. TikTokBot also promises to never access your account directly, view your direct messages or change your settings.

Is TikTokBot Real?

Yes, TikTokBot is real and can help you grow your TikTok page safely and quickly. They offer various packages, including an engagement package at affordable prices for you to choose from. They also have a comprehensive FAQ and contact service if you face any issues. TikTokBot also offers a 7-day money back guarantee.


To conclude, TikTokBot is a TikTok growth service that promises to gain you thousands of followers on your TikTok page.

They also promise to increase your engagement and interactions by targeting real people and help you build authentic connections with your followers.

Rather than spending time and money on human resources looking to hire an employee to grow your TikTok page, TikTokBot can help you with that instantly.

Getting started with them is easy — all you need to do is to select a growth plan and let TikTokBot handle the rest.

TikTokBot also provides all customers with a 7-day money back guarantee.

There is also no cost if you wish to cancel, downgrade or upgrade your subscription anytime.

Interested? Sign up here!

Hope this helped.

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TikTokBot Review - PROOF It's A Scam! We TRIED! *Read First*

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