SimplyGram Review (2022) – We Tried It! Do NOT Use It! *Read First*

SimplyGram claim to be the ‘No.1 Organic Growth Service’, and promise to gain you 5000 followers every month.

But we think you should not use their service.


To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing SimplyGram – looking at their features, pros and cons, best alternatives, and why you should avoid using it.

Let’s get on with it.

Why Would You Want More Instagram Followers?

On Instagram, your followers make up the main part of your audience – and as your following increases, so too does the engagement on your posts.

And the more followers you gain, there is an increased chance users will follow your account, after seeing your posts.


Well consider this: if you saw a clothes brand with 100 followers, and one with 10,000 followers – which of the two are you more likely to follow?

Of course, the one with more followers: they look far more legitimate and authentic as a brand.

Furthermore, your number of followers is a great indicator for Instagram on how popular your profile is – so they would be more likely to push your posts onto the Explore Page.

This will increase the outreach of your account, and expose your account/ brand to a wider audience.

These are some of the reasons why Instagram Growth Services are so popular in 2022!

What is SimplyGram?

SimplyGram is an online Instagram Growth Service.

They claim to gain you 5000 followers organically every month via the Mother/ Child method.

SimplyGram Features

This is where they setup 25-100 social media accounts which will go and message users asking them to check out your Instagram account.

Essentially, SimplyGram use bots to grow your account.

According to their website, a ‘dedicated account manager’ will also ensure all the new followers are highly targeted, niche specific – so they actually engage with your content.

With every plan, SimplyGram claim to offer:

  • Rapid Growth
  • Increased Social Influence
  • Targeted Audience – based on hashtags and usernames.
  • Filter by Competitors

SimplyGram also promise to keep your account 100% secure, and offer a dedicated account manager for each account.

You also do not have to download everything, and their service should work 24/7 service in the background.

But is SimplyGram safe to use? Find out in upcoming sections.

Best Alternative Instagram Services

Mr. Insta4.9Check Price
Inflact4.6Check Price
Social Boost4.5Check Price

Getting Started with SimplyGram

To get started with SimplyGram:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Choose a pricing plan.
  3. Click ‘3 Day Free Trial’.
  4. Provide some basic information including your username.
  5. Give your card details, and click ‘Place order’.

According to their website, SimplyGram’s team should contact you to begin your campaign.

But should you trust SimplyGram with your card details? Find out in upcoming sections.


SimplyGram offer 3 Pricing Plans – displayed as costing weekly, but they state elsewhere that payments are made monthly.

SimplyGram Pricing

They vary on how many Instagram Accounts are sending you traffic.

All can be started with a 3 Day ‘Free’ Trial.

Pros and Cons

  • Free Trial
  • Free Trial Needs Card Details
  • Bad Reviews
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Clone Website
  • Overpriced Plans
  • Outdated Growth Methods

Would We Recommend Using SimplyGram?

We would not recommend using SimplyGram.

In fact, we think you should completely steer clear of it, including the free trial.

Here’s why:

Fake Testimonials and Reviews

One reason we would not recommend using SimplyGram, is that they have fake reviews and testimonials on their website – and bad reviews everywhere else.

It is super important to check reviews before purchasing online, and it should be no different in this case.

SimplyGram claim to have been used by Forbes, Wired, Vice – but there is no mention of SimplyGram on any of these websites.

Also the testimonials on their website from ‘real Instagram influencers’ are all completely fake.


SimplyGram is a complete clone of other websites such as StreamUpgrade or TubeKarma – and do you really think the very same Instagram influencer is also a Twitch streamer and a YouTuber?

SimplyGram StreamUpgrade

The testimonials and fake reviews are exactly the same on all these different websites, which is an obvious scam.

When we looked for reviews elsewhere, we found many worried users complaining about bot followers, or not being allowed to cancel their plan.

We definitely advise against using SimplyGram, and giving your card details to a potentially unsafe service – make sure to use one of our reliable alternatives below instead.

Very Expensive Plans

Another reason you should 100% avoid using SimplyGram, is the overpriced plans, and outdated growth methods.

They claim to use the Mother/ Child method to grow your account, but has never worked, and never will.

Anyone who sees a bot in their Instagram DMs asking to check out an account, would ignore it as spam, or just not notice it.

Using this method is not reliable and will not grow your Instagram account at all.

Even more so, SimplyGram charge very expensive prices for this service – with the cheapest plan costing $69 per week or about $280 per month!

This is very, very overpriced.

All of our favourite Instagram Growth Services are far cheaper than this, and offer a much better service.

Make sure to not waste your money, and check out one of our alternatives below instead.


As we do not recommend using SimplyGram, here are some possible alternatives to skyrocket your growth on Instagram:

Mr. Insta – No.1 Instagram Growth Service

Mr Insta Best Instagram Growth Service

Mr. Insta is one of our favourite Instagram Growth Services.

They offer an incredibly wide range of features which includes:

  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • All Real Users
  • No Password Required
  • 100% Safe and Secure

Mr. Insta also have the best reviews on TrustPilot we have ever seen for an Instagram Growth Service – with over a thousand reviews and an Excellent 5-Star Rating.

Mr Insta Trustpilot

Mr. Insta provide 24/7 support – and promise 100% safe order and payment.

We would 100% recommend getting started by buying their 5000 followers package for less than $100 with the discount by clicking here.

By buying followers, you will boost your growth exponentially, and legitimise your account.

Or learn more with our full Mr. Insta review here.

Inflact – No.1 Instagram Bot

Inflact Review

An amazing Instagram Growth Service, and certainly one of our favourites, is Inflact.

If you are looking for an Instagram bot to automate all your tasks, and let you sit back whilst your following grows, Inflact is our go-to choice.

They offer the following features:

  • Auto Liking and Following
  • Smart Unfollow – to keep your account clean.
  • Auto Posting
  • Detailed Analytics

Even more so – Inflact offers extended features (which hardly any other bot offers) such as Whitelists, Blackilsts and Watching stories.

All of which combined means immense growth – and Inflact states than on average their customers grow 3000 followers a month.

With a Great 4-Star Rating on Trustpilot – this bot is also well-reputed and trusted in the niche.

Or learn more with our full Inflact review here.

Social Boost – No.1 Instagram Marketing Agency

SimplyGram Review (2022) – We Tried It! Do NOT Use It! *Read First*

Social Boost is another amazing Instagram Growth Service, and our favourite marketing agency.

Their team will manually interact with targeted accounts, and gain you only real followers that will actually like, comment and engage with your content.

For every customer, Social Boost promise:

  • Only Real and Organic Followers.
  • Safe and Secure Service which is 100% compliant with Instagram’s T&Cs.
  • 24/7 Support via live chat, email and phone.
  • Targeted Audience via gender, age, interests and location.

Social Boost offer monthly handmade reports to help understand how your campaigns are performing, and you can get in touch with their Support Team 24/7.

They have managed over 23,000 Instagram accounts, and boast an Excellent rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot and incredible testimonials on their website.

Or you can learn more with our full Social Boost review here.


What is SimplyGram?

SimplyGram is an online Instagram Growth service. They use the Mother/ Child method to grow your account – which is where bots message users asking them to check out your profile. SimplyGram claims to have had over 7,500 users – and been used by Forbes and The New York Times.

Is SimplyGram safe?

We do not believe SimplyGram is safe to use. Their website is a complete clone of other services, just for different social media platforms, and the on-site testimonials are fake. Also, you have to provide your card details just to sign up for the free trial, and we have seen, and been contacted, by worried users who are unable to cancel. Overall, we would recommend steering clear of SimplyGram, and use an alternative Instagram Growth Service instead.

Is SimplyGram legit?

We do not think SimplyGram is legit. Their website is a clone website with fake testimonials, overpriced plans and a lack of information. You even need to provide your card details when using a ‘free’ trial, which is very worrying. Even more so, using their service will not even grow your account, as the Mother/ Child method is just simple spam. Instead, make sure to use an alternative Instagram Growth Service to grow your account instead.

Is SimplyGram real?

We do not think SimplyGram is real. Their website is a clone of other websites, and is full of fake testimonials. Also, the followers you gain will not be real people, because they use the outdated and spammy Mother/ Child method – which rarely works. Instead, make sure to use an alternative ‘real’ Instagram Growth Service, to gain followers and likes safely and reliably.

What Is an Instagram Growth Service?

An Instagram Growth Service is a company which helps you grow your Instagram following and engagement.

This normally is an agency, tool, app or bot.

There are many different Instagram Growth Services, and they vary in what they offer and their methods to grow your Instagram. These include:

  • Instagram Bots – automate your activity (liking, following etc).
  • Instagram Agencies – normally dedicated account managers and teams who look after your account for you.
  • Instagram Marketplaces – where you can buy likes, followers etc.

But what they all have in common is that, as long as they aren’t scams, your Instagram should grow quicker than it would otherwise.

What Should You Look for in an Instagram Growth Service?

Well of course firstly, the Instagram Growth Service should work, and actually help you grow your Instagram following.

Then, it boils down to a couple other factors:

  • Price – what is your budget, some services cost far more (agencies etc), than others (marketplaces). It all depends on how much you are willing to spend.
  • Speed – it also depends on how quickly you want to grow. It might be easier buying followers and quickly gaining some traction, however agencies might offer you a more sustained and reliable source of followers.
  • Features – what specific features do you want? Some services offer automation meaning you can sit back and relax, whilst others need your input. Do you want to produce content yourself or have help? How extensive are their list of features? It is important to consider capability.
  • Support – another important point to always consider is how good the service’s support is. Many of them offer only email support and take at least 24 hours to respond. However, if you are a bigger business, it would be very important to have quick phone and live chat support perhaps. 

As long as you keep these factors in mind, you are sure to use the Instagram Growth Service most suitable to you.

How Can You Avoid Being Scammed by An Instagram Growth Service?

There are several Instagram Growth Services out there which are in fact scams.

How can you avoid them?

Well firstly, articles such as ours are always a good pointer as long as they explain why they think it is a scam and provide evidence.

If you check any of our reviews, our Buzzoid one for example, we always provide screenshots and other evidence.

Buzzoid SCAM Evidence
Here’s an example from our Buzzoid review

Another great way to check is through reviews – not on their website, but an external source like Trustpilot for example.

Normally just from reading 10+ reviews, you can get an idea of their service and trustworthiness.

If you are still unsure – we would recommend you stick with the most well-known and reputably reliable services.

Pros of Instagram Growth Services

There are many Instagram Growth Services, and they seem to be popular, but what are their actual benefits? Here are a couple:

  • Save you time – most Instagram Growth Services will save you time as they tend to do all the process of gaining followers for you. So instead you can focus on creating amazing content for your audience.
  • Expertise – many of the services have been in the industry for many years and have had many customers. This means they understand how to help you grow your Instagram and do so safely. It is often far better than just doing it yourself and risking the wrath of Instagram or getting nowhere after a lot of time invested.
  • Advanced Features – Instagram Growth Services also offer you many features which you couldn’t have normally. These include Photo Editors, Welcome DMs, Automatic Liking/Following, and advanced analytics. They will not only help you grow your Instagram, but also convert more followers into customers or fans.
  • Save you money – it might seem counter-intuitive, but many a time you can save money by using services, or even earn money. Some businesses would hire a full-time employee which would both be far more expensive, and oftentimes less effective. Also, if your Instagram grows with a little investment, you can use this following and begin earning money on Instagram. Interested?

Save time, money and grow!

Cons of Instagram Growth Services

We honestly believe there are very little downsides involving using an Instagram Growth Service. Of course, it will cost you money, but that is what you expect with buying a service.

People also are often always worried about getting their accounts banned as these services don’t always work within Instagram’s Term of Conditions.

Yet it is important to remember that the people behind these services are experts, who understand Instagram’s limits far better than you or me – so understand how to avoid being banned.

In fact, we get banned when not using an Instagram Growth Service far more often than when we are.


Overall, we do not recommend using SimplyGram, and advise steering clear of it completely.

It is a complete clone of several other websites, and the testimonials are fake.

They also have several bad reviews, and you even need to give card details when signing up for a ‘free’ trial.

Instead, we would recommend using an alternative Instagram Growth Service which is more affordable and safe.

Here are our favourites again:

Also, for our list of the Best Instagram Growth Services of 2021, click here.

Hope this helped.

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  1. Do not use your banking cards with this company. I had the bad luck to try this company and I cancelled their service for the 3 days trial and cancelled them after 2 days. Week later noticed they try to charge my bank account without my permission or without me booking anything with them, I had to re-order a new card, As customer we need to trust those company that we share our banking informaiton with, this company is not only extremely expensive but dishonest as they try to charge you money when you have not ordered anything at all from them, further more the followers that you get from them seems to be fake, the follower come strong but as soon you cancel their service the followers also fall fast and are not your target audience, basically fake followers that you will never get service from or any interaction.Use another way to growth your social media trying this company can cost you your whole pay check as they will serve themselves in your bank account without a thought for your well-being.

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