MuleFactory Review

MuleFactory Review – We USED It! Does It WORK? *Read First*

MuleFactory is an online shop where you can buy in-game currency and items.

They promise a high-quality and reliable service for all customers.

But are they actually legit, or should you avoid using their service?

To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing MuleFactory – checking out their features, pricing, pros and cons, and whether we recommend using their service?

Let’s get on with it.

Why Should You Buy In-Game Currency Online?

First of all, why should you even buy in-game currency and accounts from an online website?

Well, over the past 15 years, gaming has skyrocketed, and now millions of people play you favourite games every day.

And it has become harder to be at the top.

Yet most of these games charge ridiculous amounts of money to buy items within game or make it impossible to reach a high-level.

This is why online shops such as MuleFactory are so great and have become so popular.

It’s all player to player – no company trying to gain profit off their players.

This means commonly, the prices are cheaper, and you can buy stuff you could never directly in game.

This is why we would recommend using online websites to upgrade your gaming!

What is MuleFactory?

MuleFactory is an online shop that offers in-game items and currency for many popular titles.

This includes FIFA, Path of Exile, Runescape, WOW, Diablo 2 and many more.

MuleFactory Features

They have been operating since 2007 and promise the highest-quality service for buyers and sellers in the gaming community, with over 246,900 customers.

With every order, MuleFactory promise:

  • 100% Safe Payments and guaranteed shipping.
  • Most orders processed within 15 minutes.
  • 24/7 Support with real-time live chat.
  • 100% Satisfied Users.

MuleFactory, unlike some competitors, isn’t a marketplace for sellers – all goods are bought through MuleFactory themselves.

But, you can sell your items to MuleFactory who will process them and add to their own inventory.

This ensures 100% customer satisfaction, and reliable delivery.

MuleFactory have 488 reviews on Trustpilot, and an Excellent rating of 4.6.

How To Sign Up?

To sign up and start buying in-game items and currency at MuleFactory, click the button below:


MuleFactory promise to provide a high-quality service for all gamers.

Here are some of their most impressive and important features:

Online Shop

At its core, MuleFactory is an online shop where you can buy in-game items and currency for your favourite titles.

From their website, you can filter by game or item – as well as platform.

MuleFactory Shop

Then you can sort by popularity, price or name.

On each item, there is displayed: its price, delivery time and extra information including how the process will occur.

You can also select by server or platform.

All it takes then is to press ‘Add to Cart’ and you are set to upgrade your gaming (more information below).

Ranks, Perks and MuleCredits

MuleFactory also offers a rank and perk system.

After signing up (by clicking here), go to your profile to find your current rank.

There are 5 different ones: Customer, VIP Bronze, VIP Silver, VIP Gold, and VIP Diamond.

Each one comes with different perks.

For example, you hit VIP Bronze after at least 10 orders, and $1000 spent – then receive the perk of a 2% discount with every order.

This discount gets progressively larger as you rank up.

MuleCredits are a fictional currency, which MuleFactory have created for ease-of-use on their platform.

10 MuleCredits is 1USD – and sometimes you will receive pay-outs (for sellers or affiliates), or refunds via MuleCredits.

They can be paid out as real money at any time (as long as you have more than 50MC).

Excellent Support Team

MuleFactory offer an excellent support team, to ensure the best experience for all customers on their website.

Their Help Centre answers many of the frequently asked questions.

If that isn’t enough, MuleFactory offer a 24/7 Live Technical Support.

This means that at any time, you can get in touch with their team, to ask for help.

Just navigate to the Help Center, and press ‘Start Chat’.

When we tried, our question had been read and answered within a minute.

Secure Payment Methods

Another impressive feature of MuleFactory are the many secure payment methods they offer for customers.

This includes:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Visa and Mastercard
  • Bitcoin

As well as, of course, Mule Credits.

You can also track all your orders by telling their support team your order ID number (received after purchase).

MuleFactory also offer full refunds – just get in touch with their team via Live Chat.

Getting Started with MuleFactory

To get started with buying or selling at MuleFactory, follow these instructions:

How to Buy?

To start buying at MuleFactory, head over to their website and sign up for a free account by clicking here.

MuleFactory How To Buy

Then browse their shop and add the items you would like to cart.

Then press the ‘checkout’ button, and proceed to payment (PayPal, Skrill, Credit Card etc).

Your order will be processed within 15 minutes, and usually take less than a day to deliver.

How to Sell?

MuleFactory also buy your in-game currencies.

First head over to their websites and sign up for a free account by clicking here.

Click ‘Sell to us’ at the top of their website, then select your game and server – and input the correct amount of currency.

After that, confirm your offer – then head over to LiveHelp and contact their team.

They will arrange taking the items off you (whether meeting in a big city or taking the items via in-game mail).

The MuleCredits you receive in return, can be paid out into real money via either PayPal or Skrill.

Pros and Cons


  • Great reviews
  • Good reputation
  • Secure payment methods
  • Great website
  • Good Trustpilot rating


  • No free trial
  • Confusing information on pricing

Would We Recommend Using MuleFactory?

MuleFactory promise a high-quality service, but would we recommend buying from them?

In our opinion, MuleFactory seems a great place to buy in-game currency and items, as well as to sell your stuff.

This is for several reasons.

Firstly, MuleFactory boast an impressive track record, and have excellent reviews.

MuleFactory Trustpilot

Operating since 2007, they are certainly one of the industry leaders in terms of experience.

And after over 480 reviews on Trustpilot, an Excellent rating of 4.6 is also reassuring.

It seems that most of their customers are very satisfied with their service.

Secondly, MuleFactory offer one of the best Support Teams out of any online gaming shop.

They replied to our question within a minute and were super helpful and informative.

Support is very important when buying/ selling online – so this is another reason, MuleFactory seems a great choice.

Lastly, MuleFactory promise secure payment via PayPal, Skrill or Card.

And also allow you to track your order and receive a full refund.

Overall, we would recommend using MuleFactory to buy in-game items and currency, as well as to sell your own products.


What is MuleFactory?

MuleFactory is an online item shop that offers in-game goods for many popular titles. This includes FIFA, Path of Exile, Runescape, WOW, Diablo 2 and many more. They have been operating since 2007 and have had over 246,900 customers.

What Games Does MuleFactory Offer Currency/ Items For?

MuleFactory offer currency and items for most major titles. This includes Path of Exile, Runescape, WOW, Diablo 2, FIFA, Wolcen, Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls, Rocket League and many more.

What Payment Methods Does MuleFactory Offer?

MuleFactory offer various secure payment methods. This includes PayPal, Skrill, Visa and Mastercard, Bitcoin and their own imaginary currency MuleCredits.

Would We Recommend Using MuleFactory?

We would recommend using MuleFactory. This is due to their Excellent rating of 4.6 on Trustpilot, which shows they have a high customer satisfaction. Also, we were impressed by their 24/7 live chat support team, and order tracking and refunds.


Overall, MuleFactory is a great website to buy or sell in-game currency and items for most major titles.

They have great reviews and offer a super high-quality service.

We would 100% recommend upgrading your gaming with MuleFactory by clicking here.

And, to start selling with MuleFactory, click here.

Hope this helped.

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