10 Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools (2023 Reviews)

10 Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools (2023 Reviews)

Are you satisfied with your Instagram reach?

What if you can increase it by at least 3x by using the right hashtags?

That’s where Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools come in – and today we’ll be reviewing the Top 10 for you to check out right now in 2023.

So soon enough, you will easily grow your followers and engagement with no hassle at all.

Let’s get on with it.

What is a Hashtag Generator Tool?

Examining hashtags in the Instagram App is time-consuming.

You can’t paste them in one tap, but can only view the tag gallery.

That’s why you really require something to aid your growth strategy: a proper hashtag generator.

In utilizing this type of service, users are able to explore hashtags by input words; in this way, they operate like SEO boosters for Instagram.

So, as you pick out the best hashtags, the amount of users that will interact with your posts increases.

Therefore, boosting the number of likes on your posts.

Hundreds of generators exist, and it takes time to identify the best – which is what we’ve set out to do today!

What Are The Best Hashtag Generator Tools of 2023?

Here is our list of the Ten Best Hashtag Generator Tools of 2023:

#1 Inflact 

10 Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools (2023 Reviews)

Inflact is a fully-fledged marketing toolkit for IG promotion.

It includes a tags finder that is powered via AI algorithms, which allows you to mention one or up to 5 keywords or hashtags as search criteria. 

The user interface is straightforward and convenient – you can copy hashtags by ticking them off.

Moreover, there are top hashtags and trends, where you can monitor high-volume hashtags categorized by niches. 

Inflact is a trusted toolkit that has hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot and a 4.7 rating.  


  • AI automation – You can discover tags automatically with just an image or a link. 
  • All languages – Gain hashtags concerning specific locations in the local language. 
  • Suggested by the app – Tags highlighted with green are commonly used in similar posts according to IG. 
  • Stats – Learn how popular a hashtag is and if it’s still relevant. 
  • 12 million hashtags in the database – The results of the search are relevant and frequently updated. 

Pricing (38% Exclusive Discount Code Below)

  • $1 for 7-day trial
  • $22 / month
  • $14 / fortnight
  • $42 / quarter


The generator by Inflact is a tried and proven engine that aids in discovering niche-specific tags connected with your input words.

Moreover, exquisite customer support is provided along with educational materials in their blog. 

Inflact‘s Hashtag Generator Tool is our No.1 choice of 2023.

Inflact Discount Code

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#2 Sistrix

Sistrix Hashtag Generator Tool

Sistrix is a top-rated solution for improving content strategy.

Unlike other tools, users can enjoy a free hashtags searcher.

What is special about this tool is it recommends hashtag sets based on the input criteria – but doesn’t work by image scanning or with links. 


  • Convenient sets ready to copy – Users don’t manually choose the hashtags. The combination is prepared automatically. 
  • Tags ratings – Users can estimate how popular a tag is by ratings in percentages. 




The hashtags collection is not very rich (just 7.7 million), but they are conveniently mixed for users.

The service is clear-cut and free – but at the same time, hashtags are often not related to the input data, and it’s impossible to change them. 

#3 Kicksta

Kicksta Hashtag Generator Tool

Kicksta is a service for hashtag marketing and cross channel campaigns.

Along with automation tools, it offers a hashtag finder that is free – so don’t expect many features.

Also, this service is marked with a convenient interface combined with simple functionality.


  • Top gallery – Preview the winning publications with any specific tag on the search page. 
  • Groups of tags – Users can create tag categories for various posts/campaigns. 
  • Best recommendations – View tag ideas to combine with a tag you’ve input. 




Kicksta will be easy-to-use even for those Instagrammers who are new to hashtag campaigns with convenient features, like drafts along with gallery previews.

However, you will not get extended analytics and AI search options. 

#4 Hashtagify

Hashtagify Hashtag Generator Tool

Hashtagify is a multi-functional hashtag generator for IG and Twitter.

Users can view how the content changes in the galleries of various hashtags, and knowing the most discussed topic of the day is helpful for a hashtag strategy on Twitter.

You can also use this built-in trend board to plan your content and reach the top of the list for your tags. 


  • Detailed hashtag information – It’s possible to examine top tags in various locations. 
  • Analytics of influencers – Users can see what tags certain bloggers use and monitor how the content performs. 
  • Recommendations – The tool will show tags related to the topic of your posts. 
  • Keep best hashtags at hand – Users can save top tags in bookmarks.


  • Personal $29
  • Business $86
  • Enterprise $311 


The Hashtags generator by Hashtagify is a perfect tool for a professional hashtag strategy, if you are looking for a robust tool with extended functions and real-time audit.

But, this service is more Twitter-focused rather than Instagram. 

#5 Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencer Marketing Hub Hashtag Generator Tool

This service is an all-in-one solution for IG influencers and brands that use their service – with a free hashtag searcher built in.

The tool is unusual because users need to upload an image instead of indicating keywords. 

Apart from the hashtag finder, Influencer Marketing Hub offers many other tools for influencer promotion. 


  • Automatic search option – You won’t need to think over keywords because the generator will suggest several after an image is uploaded. 
  • Specify search by many keywords – If the automatic suggestions were not relevant, you could input more target keywords. 




This is a functional yet free hashtag finder for newbies and those who don’t need complex hashtag ideas.

Even though the image analyzer is not 100% accurate, users have the option to manually specify the search. Nevertheless, the tag ideas are more broad than niche, and sometimes you can find hashtags that are not relevant.  

#6 HashtagForLikes 

Hashtag For Likes Hashtag Generator Tool

HashtagForLikes is a service that can be used for tag research for other socials apart from Instagram.

For example, users can find fresh ideas for TikTok. 

Despite its name, the service is not only focused on hashtags: it is also possible to monitor IG accounts and view statistics.


  • Hashtags ideas by niches – This service will recommend hashtags according to your account data and tags that your rivals use. 
  • Monitoring – It’s possible to recognize the publications with more views to keep the most beneficial combinations. 
  • Spy on rivals – Check several accounts in any niche to catch up with the latest trends. 


  • Regular $19.99 per week (now $7 weekly)
  • Pro $25 / week


This service is one of the most thriving hashtag research tools.

Hashtags for several networks, along with analysis in real-time, can really upgrade your hashtag strategy.

#7 Display Purposes

Display Purposes Hashtag Generator Tool

The Hashtag generator by Display Purposes is one of the most aesthetic tools on the web.

Apart from a pleasant design, it offers automated and manual options for hashtag research.  


  • Research by several input words – The service analyzes every synonym users enter in the search bar. 
  • Two search alternatives – Users may try an automated selection or pick tags by ticking boxes. 
  • Insightful analytics – It’s easy to determine a hashtag’s rating, view it’s usage in various locations, and even analyze the usage by demographics. 




Display Purposes is a convenient, free, and multi-functional hashtag tool.

It’s one of the few tools showing tags’ data by locations. But, there are still not connected hashtags in the results, and most of them are broad and too competitive. 

#8 TagsFinder

TagsFinder Hashtag Generator Tool

This hashtags searcher will analyze up to ten original hashtags you enter to give you related ideas.

It’s convenient because you can eliminate certain hashtags you don’t need in the results. 

What’s more, TagsFinder amasses hashtags by different locations, and you can view tendencies in specific regions. 


  • Set aside how close hashtags should be to original words – It’s possible to copy similar or relevant tags. Also, you can include both groups: similar and relevant (similar tags contain a word form that you entered). 
  • Data about tags in various countries – you can indicate any region to view the local ideas and regional analytics. 
  • You can customize the automatic mix – Add and delete tags from the suggested sets. 
  • No banned tags – You can be assured any hashtag suggested is not shadowbanned by Insta. 




It’s one of the most practical and free hashtag finders on the web that fits any location and language.

However, don’t expect to see AI search features on TagsFinder. 

#9 Toolzu

Toolzu Hashtag Generator Tool

Toolzu is a smart hashtag generator that also has various tools for Instagram promotion.

It includes more than twelve million hashtags, and this already vast selection is regularly updated – and they declare their database is the most comprehensive on the web. 


  • Search powered by artificial intelligence – Users can research tags by a photo or a URL instead of keywords. 
  • Multilingual research – Paste keywords in various languages. 
  • Categories of tags – All the hashtags are grouped by the difficulty of getting onto the top, and they suggest mixing ideas from several difficulty groups. 
  • Comprehensive stats – You can analyze hashtags and view the best posts to understand the competition. 


Free trial. 


Simple and robust AI hashtag generator that you can try free of charge.

This tool will help you to stay away from banned tags because they are automatically eliminated. 

# 10 Photerloo

Photerloo Hashtag Generator Tool

Originally Photerloo is an online tool for distributing photos for use on social networks and image stocks.

The integrated hashtag search tool is based on smart mechanisms that scan images. 


  • According to the image you insert, you’ll get hashtags ideas from IG.
  • Arrange tags by reputation – Filter hashtags to view less competitive ones. 
  • Ban words that aren’t suitable – These hashtags will be automatically removed from a set. 




This automatic hashtags searcher will fit users who don’t want to overthink their hashtags examination. It’s free and mostly automated, but it doesn’t allow you to find hashtags by keywords related to the meaning of a text. There’s no stats about tags. 

Final Thoughts

Picking one generator from this variety is complicated.

Nevertheless, it’s simpler after you realise what the characteristics are – just determine which are the most vital for you.

When considering a tool for hashtag marketing, keep in mind your overall aim of running an Instagram account.

For example, you can choose a more straightforward and automated service if you post personal content.

But you will need a more comprehensive option, with a vaster database and niche hashtags, if you apply hashtags to find clients. 

Our No.1 recommended choice would be Inflact – for the vast range of features, and hashtag database.

Check out Inflact with a 38% discount here:

To also check out our list of the Best 35+ Instagram Growth Services of 2023, click here.

Hope this helped.

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