HashtagFox Review - We USED It! Does It Work? *Read First*

HashtagFox Review – We USED It! Does It Work? *Read First*

HashtagFox is an Instagram growth tool that offers services to help grow your Instagram page organically through hashtag marketing.

They promise to find the best hashtags to grow your Instagram profile and get above your competitors.

But is HashtagFox legit, or should you avoid using them?

To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing HashtagFox – looking at their features, pros and cons, alternatives and whether we would recommend using them?

Let’s get on with it.

What is a Hashtag Generator Tool?

Examining hashtags in the IG app is time-consuming.

You can’t paste them in one tap, but can only view the tag gallery.

That’s why you require a helper for your hashtag strategy 2021 – a proper hashtag generator.

When utilizing this kind of service, users are able to explore tags by input words; in this way, hashtags operate like SEO boosters for Instagram.

So as you pick out the best hashtags, the amount of users that will interact with your posts increases.

Therefore, boosting the number of likes on your posts.

Hundreds of generators exist, and it takes time to identify the best.

What is HashtagFox?

HashtagFox is an online Instagram Hashtag Tool.

They claim to be the Number 1 hashtag app in the USA, and promise to grow your Instagram reach organically.

HashtagFox Review - We USED It! Does It Work? *Read First*

Through this tool, professionals at HashtagFox will carefully select hashtags to help boost your Instagram traffic without the need for manual action.

They believe that with your profile metrics and leveraging on fresh data, they are able to help your Instagram page reach better rankings.

With each plan, HashtagFox promises to help you:

  • Rank on top posts
  • Beat your competitors through marketing
  • Whitehat Growth

With a rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot, HashtagFox has also built up a base of loyal customers since being launched.

But should you use HashtagFox? Find out in upcoming sections.


HashtagFox’s main feature is their Instagram hashtag tool, accessed through a dashboard.

HashtagFox Review - We USED It! Does It Work? *Read First*

According to their website, HashtagFox is the only one in the world that will tailor around your profile metrics and leverage fresh data to help grow your Instagram page.

On their dashboard, you can personalise hashtags to suit your Instagram page’s needs by picking from a list of unique and relevant hashtags for your brand.

This dashboard is easy to use: create a collection of hashtags that are relevant to your Instagram page and insert them into your posts.

Your collection can have up to 30 hashtags for you to use on your next Instagram post – which are tailored to suit your own page, increasing growth and engagement.

You can also search for keywords to find its relevant hashtags.

This search will also show the top nine posts for individual hashtags, showing what type of posts are performing well.

HashtagFox Review - We USED It! Does It Work? *Read First*

HashtagFox promises results with their Instagram hashtag tool while saving you hours of searching for quality hashtags.

These hashtags are carefully selected to help:

  • Increase traffic
  • Multiply your impressions
  • Dramatically improve your chances of hitting the explore page

Rank on Top Posts

With HashtagFox’s hashtag tool, your Instagram page will be noticed by your industry and targeted location specifically, to attract niche-specific followers.

HashtagFox promise to pick out high-quality hashtags that will make a visible difference for your Instagram page.

By incorporating relevant hashtags in your Instagram posts, it will help you expand your reach and increase your engagement.

Using their strategic edge, HashtagFox promise to help you leverage countless data points, bringing you above your competitors.

Guns to Your Marketing

By mimicking your competitor’s strategies, HashtagFox will help you beat them organically, all through hashtags.

Using hashtags strategically can help connect with your followers and gain new ones.

Connecting with your followers can help you build a relationship with them and may result in them being your future clients.

Not only that, you will also be able to attract influencers who are willing to promote you and your page.

HashtagFox Review - We USED It! Does It Work? *Read First*

HashtagFox’s dashboard comes with a ‘Nerd Mode’ which allows you to have insight on hashtag statistics.

This means you are able to find out the average likes and comments of a post under a certain hashtag.

Nerd Mode can help you with your hashtag strategy, picking out particular hashtags that will help you reach your Instagram goal.

HashtagFox is believed to help you use these hashtags strategically, finding the ideal tags and followers that works for your business.

Whitehat Growth

As mentioned, using relevant hashtags can help to grow your Instagram page, improving your brand and visibility.

With HashtagFox’s hashtag tool, you will also be able to resell your services as a consultant or marketing agency to make bank.

By tailoring hashtags based on your Instagram page’s current state, HashtagFox can help to deliver better insights, boosting your reach.

Using hashtags on Instagram to grow your page lets you see who is liking and commenting on your post — this growth is believed to be organic, with no bots interfering with your page.

HashtagFox Review - We USED It! Does It Work? *Read First*

Similar to Nerd Mode, Normal Mode shows you hashtags ranging from excellent to inefficient in helping your increase engagement in your posts.

This mode will help you pick out which hashtags may or may not work for your page.

Unlike quality followers, bots make generic and poor quality comments and can not emulate a person.

Thus, by using correct hashtags, it helps to boost your organic growth.

Getting Started with HashtagFox

Getting started with HashtagFox is easy. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Visit their website HashtagFox.com
  2. Insert your Instagram username and your email.
  3. Subscribe to their service for $15/ month.
  4. Make your payment via card.

Although you need to activate their service with a credit card, you will not be billed for the first 3 days — giving you the opportunity to cancel in that time.

Not just that, HashtagFox also offers a 7 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.


HashtagFox is currently offering their full service for USD$15/month.

For only $15 a month, you will get to have your own personalised Instagram hashtag tool to help grow your Instagram page.

Their subscription allows you access to their convenient and efficient platform, allowing you to find hashtags suited to your own Instagram page.

HashtagFox also promises no hidden fees, no contracts and allows you to cancel your subscription anytime.

Pros and Cons


  • Organic growth
  • Customer support
  • Affordable packages
  • Money back guarantee


  • Confusing website

Would We Recommend Using HashtagFox?

HashtagFox promises safe and organic growth through their own personalised Instagram hashtag tool.

But would we recommend you use them?

HashtagFox Review - We USED It! Does It Work? *Read First*

Yes, we would recommend HashtagFox for multiple reasons.

Not only will HashtagFox help to organically grow your page, you will also get to have a customisable hashtag list to help you rise above your competitors.

Having relevant hashtags picked for you through HashtagFox’s hashtag tool will give you more time to focus on other things. These hashtags will also help increase your chances of attracting your target audience for your page, boosting your following.

HashtagFox also provides you will quick and efficient customer service, with Live Chat Support for immediate assistance with any problems.

They also have an Excellent Rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot.

Furthermore, HashtagFox offers a free trial, with a 7 day money-back guarantee. So, there is no harm trying them out.

Overall, we do recommend HashtagFox if you need help growing your Instagram page, and want to use a Hashtag Tool to do so.


What is HashtagFox?

HashtagFox is a Instagram growth service that helps you boost your Instagram reach organically. HashtagFox focuses on hashtags to target your specific audience, tailoring their service to each individual Instagram page. According to their website, HashtagFox is the only app that does this personalised tailoring to help your page get better rankings on Instagram.

Is HashtagFox Legit?

With multiple reviews on their website and a 4.7 ranking on TrustPilot, we believe that HashtagFox is legit. HashtagFox is a great way to target your audience through hashtags. Furthermore, they offer a 7 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.

Is HashtagFox Safe To Use?

Yes, HashtagFox is safe to use. This is as they target hashtags to help market your page organically. This means that they do not use bots or spam accounts to grow your page which may result in being alerted for suspicious activity. HashtagFox also has a 24/7 chat box and an email page to help you with any queries and problems you may face during the whole process.

Is HashtagFox Real?

Yes, we do believe that HashtagFox is real and can help you grow your Instagram page organically and safely. Hashtags are a powerful way to increase your Instagram page’s engagement and improving your chances of getting onto the explore page. Hashtags are also a safe way to grow your page without alerting Instagram of any suspicious activity. HashtagFox is also does not have any hidden fees or contracts after you sign up with them.


To conclude, HashtagFox offers a hashtag tool that promises organic Instagram growth.

They will help pick out relevant hashtags for your page, hitting your target audience and rising above your competitors.

As they only target interested traffic, HashtagFox’s hashtag tool can help multiply your impressions and increase your engagement in a safe way.

Not only that, their tool also help you increase engagement, reach and chances to be on the explore page.

Getting started with them is easy too — all you have to do is to enter your Instagram page and let them handle the rest.

Interested? You can sign up with them here!

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Overall Rating

HashtagFox Review - We USED It! Does It Work? *Read First*
HashtagFox Review - We USED It! Does It Work? *Read First*

HashtagFox is an Instagram Hashtag Service. We were impressed by their features, reviews and support team

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