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FBPostLikes: Is This Social Media Support Tool Worth Spending Your Money On?

Facebook is a social media platform that connects people with their near and dear ones. You can find people with whom you have lost touch over the years on Facebook and reconnect with them. Facebook not only connects people on a personal basis but also professionally.

If you are on Facebook for promoting your brand, you have to focus on the likes, views, and followers you have on your page. There are a number of tools that are in the market which advertise about providing followers and likes at a reasonable and genuine rate. 

One such advertised social media growth tool is FBPostLikes. It is being advertised as a complete package that claims to hike your follower growth and likes.

But does FBPostLikes provides the same services it claims or is it another fake?

In this article, we will do thorough research about the same and advise you whether to invest your money into it or not. But first, let us find out why you should work on increasing your follower and likes count.

Why Should You Worry About Your Likes and Follower Count?

Followers on any social media platform are an essential part of your social media strategy.

They are the ones that form a major chunk of your audience and like your posts. The higher the number of followers the higher the chances of your page gaining huge popularity. 

Generally speaking, we tend to follow people who already have a reputable number of followers. Social media channels also prefer brands and people who are already popular over some newbies. Hence, if you are gaining followers be assured that the social media channel will also promote you. 

And equally important is the number of likes, as likes tend to increase your views. Likes suggest that a post or page is worth spending time on. A well-liked post is circulated widely on the internet and hence it gains even more likes and follows. “Followers” and “likes” help your newbie brand in becoming a well-known brand.

This has led to the popularity of social media growth tools such as FBPostLikes. Because after all, everyone is here to succeed.

So, let us find out more about FBPostLikes and its workings along with its pros and cons.

FBPostLikes: What is it and How it Works?

FBPostLikes is a social media tool that promotes the growth of likes, views, and followers on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

They have their own website from where you can buy different packages that consist of followers, likes, and views. 

If we talk especially about Facebook, they provide likes for both pages and posts. They claim to provide genuine likes and views. They also offer various discounts and offers throughout the year on their packages.

Now let us find out how you can use FBPostLikes.

How To Use FBPostLikes?

If you have decided on using FBPostLikes, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to their website “fbpostlikes.com”.
  2. Browse through the packages and select one according to your need.
  3. You need to enter the URL for your social media page.
  4. Proceed to the checkout page.
  5. And finally, you reach the payment page and once your payment has been processed, you will be reaping the benefits of your purchased package.

FBPostLikes boasts of processing your order within 30 minutes of placing it. They have payment options of both Visa and Master Card.

What are the Pricing Options on FBPostLikes?

Facebook Post Likes

FBPostLikes: Is This Social Media Support Tool Worth Spending Your Money On?
  • $2 for 100 FB Likes
  • $4.25 for 250 FB Likes
  • $7 for 500 FB Likes
  • $11.50 for 1,000 FB Likes

Facebook Page Likes

FBPostLikes: Is This Social Media Support Tool Worth Spending Your Money On?
  • $5 for 100 FB Page Likes
  • $15 for 500 FB Page Likes
  • $25 for 1,000 FB Page Likes
  • $110 for 5,000 FB Page Likes

YouTube Subscribers

FBPostLikes: Is This Social Media Support Tool Worth Spending Your Money On?
  • $10 for 100 subscribers
  • $32 for 500 subscribers
  • $66 for 1,000 subscribers
  • $150 for 2,500 subscribers

TikTok Followers

FBPostLikes: Is This Social Media Support Tool Worth Spending Your Money On?
  • $1.80 for 100 followers
  • $8.20 for 500 followers
  • $16 for 1,000 followers
  • $76 for 5,000 followers

The site does not offer a free trial period, but its packages are quite cheap if we compare the price to the benefits offered. Plus, their delivery time and long-term benefits will be favorable for you in the long run.

Benefits of Using FBPostLikes

1. Technology

To build this reputable site, they have used modern and top-notch technology. You can experience the same when you use their site for purchasing your preferred package.  They have a secure website that allows you to make more than one purchase at a time. Their UI/UX design is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

2. Customer support

The website boasts 24*7 customer support, and you can easily contact them for all your queries. They have a knowledgeable and reliable customer support team. You can chat with the team the moment you decide to make a purchase.

3. Targeting

One of the best aspects of using FBPostLikes is that it enables geo-targeting. You can opt for specific views according to geographical areas. You can filter the likes using options such as location, age, and interests of the users.

4. Application syncing facility

Unlike other similar social media support tools, FBPostLikes offers an easy application syncing facility. This means that you can sync different applications with your Facebook account.

5. Legal and genuine

With the avalanche of social media support tools in the market, it has become a daunting task to filter the real ones from the fake ones. But FBPostLikes does what it claims in a legal way. It is not fake and simple to use. Plus, the site guarantees that your follower and likes count will not decrease after a certain time.

6. Competitive pricing

The pricing plans of FBPostLikes are quite competitive. They also run discount offers and offer attractive bulk purchase discounts.

7. Keeps your details private

FBPostLikes ensures that your account details remain safe and confidential. They make sure that your online reputation and integrity are not compromised while using their services.

8. Improves ranking of your page

By using FBPostLikes, you can see a hike in the SEO rankings of your Facebook page. This will boost the visibility of your Facebook page.

9. Guaranteed refund

They offer a guaranteed refund on your placed order if it is not delivered in the estimated time. Your order will be swiftly processed and delivered.

What is Our Verdict on FBPostLikes?

It is a good strategy to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks whenever you decide to make a purchase. The same is the case with buying Facebook likes.

You need to understand that purchasing likes on Facebook is a plus and you should not only rely on it to grow your Facebook page. Organic growth is still the number one option to grow your brand.

However, it is completely fine to use some highly efficient tools such as FBPostLikes to help you in your success story.

We highly recommend using FBPostLikes for gaining more likes and followers on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

It offers pocket-friendly options with great customer service and is totally legal and genuine. So have faith in us and go ahead with your purchase on their website. You will not regret this decision.

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