Buy Instagram Accounts - 5 Best Websites in 2024 (Legit & Safe)

Buy Instagram Accounts – 5 Best Websites in 2024 (Legit & Safe)

Social Media has changed how people earn money and create businesses. Most recently, buying Instagram accounts to gain influence and capital has become an increased trend.

You can increase your profile as a social media influencer by purchasing these accounts that have an existing following, and avoid wasting time on growing them yourself.

Right now, there are many websites are out there selling accounts to help you become successful on social media. But how can you avoid getting scammed?

Today, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 Best Websites to Buy Instagram Accounts which offer real, legit and safe services.

Let’s get on with it.

What Are The Best Sites To Safely Buy Real, Verified Instagram Accounts in 2023?

Here is our list of the best websites to buy Instagram accounts in 2023:

1. Fameswap

Buy Instagram Accounts - 5 Best Websites in 2024 (Legit & Safe)

Fameswap is one of the best websites to buy Instagram accounts in 2023.

Their website is extremely easy to navigate, and their graphics are modern and classy.

You can purchase a variety of social media accounts, including Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

You have to log in to the website to be able to access the pricing. However, the amount of followers for an Instagram accounts stars at 11.6k followers.

However, Fameswap has an array of Trustpilot reviews, with an ‘excellent’ rating of 4.7 from 686 reviews.

This is important to consider, as you want a trusted website to purchase an Instagram account from.

Fameswap doesn’t have an option to browse different categories. This may be a disadvantage as many users would be more likely to search for a category when purchasing an Instagram account.

Their Customer Support is based in Portland, USA and you can access it 24/7.


  • Various Platforms 
  • Safe Payment Method
  • Customer Care
  • Well-Known Service


  • Lack of Reviews

For more information on Fameswap, check out our full review here.

2. 123accs

Buy Instagram Accounts - 5 Best Websites in 2024 (Legit & Safe)

123accs offers a variety of high profile social media accounts to choose from. These include YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

You can also purchase other services such as a hashtag generator and graphics for your social media platform. You can choose from any services that suit you and what you need.

They have safe and secure payment methods, and they offer great customer care if you have any problems.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any reviews on Trustpilot for 123accs. This must be something you consider when looking at purchasing an Instagram account.

123accs also offers automation features, that helps you save time and grow your following quicker. They use SEO features to help create organic traffic and followers to your profile.

They also offer free tools such as ‘key hashtags’ and a ‘hashtag mixer tool’.


  • Great Website
  • Customer Care
  • Safe and Secure Payment


  • Need to log in to access pricing packages

For more of an insight in to 123accs and their services, please check out their website.

3. AppSally

Buy Instagram Accounts - 5 Best Websites in 2024 (Legit & Safe)

AppSally is renowned for their services to help grow your social media accounts. However, AppSally have also moved in to the business of buying and selling Instagram accounts.

Their website is extremely easy to get through, and their customer services is second to none. They offer a lot of information on their packages to help you know which one is right for you.

Their pricing starts from $30 for 5 month old Instagram account, and goes up to $220 for a 200 month old account.

On Trustpilot, their rating is an ‘average’ of 3.3. from 2 reviews. This is important to consider when purchasing an Instagram account for long term growth.


  • Variety of Packages
  • Customer Care
  • Great Website
  • Safe & Secure Website


  • Lack of Reviews

For more information on AppSally’s services, check out their website.

4. Social Tradia

Buy Instagram Accounts - 5 Best Websites in 2024 (Legit & Safe)

Social Tradia is another great website to buy Instagram accounts.

Their website is extremely professional and easy to navigate, with risk free transactions and authentic Instagram accounts.

You can sell and buy Instagram accounts on Social Tradia, and their expert team makes sure everything is safe and legit.

You can browse their categories to purchase the most suitable account for your needs.

Their pricing ranges from $100, up to $7000+. You can filter the results so you can access the right account for you.

Social Tradia has an ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot with a 4.8 from 998 reviews. Researching the websites you are purchasing from is extremely important to understand their reliability.


  • Fantastic Website
  • Great Reviews
  • Great Choice of Accounts 
  • Customer Care


  • Can be expensive

To learn more about Social Tradia, visit their website

5. TooFame

Buy Instagram Accounts - 5 Best Websites in 2024 (Legit & Safe)

Finally, TooFame is another innovate website to purchase Instagram accounts from.

Their website is very visual and modern, so you feel at ease when purchasing accounts.

They promise to have genuine followers and fast delivery. Their business has a lot of experience in the industry, and their experts know how to establish accounts with an existing following.

Their accounts range from $59, and goes up to $5,999+. There are a range of prices and accounts, so you can purchase accounts based on your monetary budget.

On Trustpilot, they have rated ‘excellent’ with 4.9 from 113 reviews. This is important to consider, as an unreliable website is generally not the best place to purchase Instagram accounts from.


  • Great Website
  • Fantastic Customer Care
  • Wide Range of Accounts
  • Great Reviews


  • Can be Expensive

For more information on TooFame’s services, please visit their website.

Tips For When Buying Instagram Accounts

When buying an Instagram account, there are many different features you might feel cautious about.

We’ve compiled a list of tips you should look out for when buying:

  • Background check – Make sure you do in-depth research to the website you are purchasing it from. This may mean reading reviews on Trustpilot or Sitejabber. Making sure their service is legit is highly important for safety and security.
  • Read Terms & Conditions – Reading the ‘small print’ is important when buying any service. Some companies may put an important detail in the small print. For your own security, read the Terms & Conditions!
  • Safe & Secure Payment – Make sure the website has secure payment methods. Most companies use PayPal, Mastercard, VISA and American Express. On occasion they also may accept cryptocurrency too.
  • Is the account for you? – finally, you need to make sure that the account you’re buying is right for you. Is it the right category for you, has it got the correct amount of followers and engagement? These features are important to consider.

Our advice would be to follow these tips so you have a reliable and safe payment for your Instagram account.

Is It Safe to Buy Instagram Accounts?

By buying an Instagram Account, you can fast track the process of creating a following – it is all done for you when purchasing from a recommended website.

For extra security, it would be wise to ask for the original email address for the account you are purchasing – this way you can be responsible for the privacy of your platform.

It is considered more risky to buy followers and likes, therefore buying an account is a perfect compromise.

Payment methods are also important to note as some are not as reliable as others.

By using the website above, buying an Instagram account is 100% safe and secure.

Is It Legal To Buy Instagram Accounts?

Instagram’s terms include ‘do not endorse the buying, selling or transferring of any aspect of an account’.

However, legally there are no laws to say that these is illegal. So Instagram’s terms don’t correlate to breaking laws of any kind.

On the other hand, if your purchase doesn’t go to plan you cannot get customer care from Instagram itself as their terms go against buying accounts.

There are many features of buying an Instagram Account to consider, but it is 100% safe and legal to do so.


To conclude, buying an Instagram account is becoming a popular venture to increase online profiles.

When purchasing an account, you can bypass having to buy followers and likes, and use the existing following to grow your platform.

As soon as you purchase the account, you can get to work making it your own and become successful online.

We created this list to give you an idea of the best website to use when purchasing an Instagram Account.

If we had to recommend two, we would choose:

If you would like to grow your own Instagram account, rather than buying one, check out full list of the Best Instagram Growth Services of 2023 here.

Hope this helped.

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