BoostHill Review

BoostHill Review – Is It A SCAM? We Tried It! *Read First*

BoostHill is a digital marketing company that provides social media growth services. By increasing followers, likes, and views, they claim to boost your social media account visibility and outreach.

The company manages Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Trovo, Clubhouse, and other social media accounts.

But do they provide legit services? Will they genuinely help you grow your channel?

Or is it just a waste of money?

To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing BoostHill – its services, pricing, customer reviews, advantages, drawbacks, and finally, do we recommend them?

Let’s get started!

How Followers, Views, and Likes Boost Your Social Account Presence?

Both followers and viewers increase the engagement on your posts. These metrics determine how your account and posts are doing.

For instance, when you examine your tweet activity, you will get a report given below:

Impressions, engagements, and new followers indicate how well your tweet performs. Following and views increase engagement, making your post more popular. Eventually, more people will start noticing and following you— just like a ripple effect.

Also, some platforms promote the content that people love; their algorithms may boost the channel by featuring it on the explorer page.

This is how new followers and viewers help improve your presence on social media platforms.

However, making your mark on social media is becoming pretty challenging. This is where these social media growth companies come in.

What Is BoostHill?

BoostHill is a digital marketing company that provides services across multiple social media platforms.

With this site, you can buy likes, views, and followers for your social media accounts.

BoostHill Review – Is It A SCAM? We Tried It! *Read First*

They promise to offer:

  • Non-drop organic followers and viewers
  • Non-Drop & stable growth
  • High-quality services
  • Instant Delivery
  • 24/7 Support
  • Money-Back Guarantee

BoostHill states that your channel’s engagement will be from legitimate, authentic accounts.

Furthermore, their website purports that they have over 9000 clients and have completed 29,000 orders with a 100% success rate.

Although they list the number of team members on their homepage, you cannot find any information about the team behind it.

They have a simple and user-friendly interface that will help you get started instantly.

See the next section for more information.

How to Get Started?

The process of placing the order is simple and easy. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Open their official website (
  • Go through a variety of packages and select the one that suits your need
  • Provide your social account username and email address (No password require)
  • Proceed to the safe SSL payment link to the checkout
  • Make the payment
  • Sit back & Relax; results will start within a few minutes.

Available Services

BoostHill offers a wide range of services across multiple social platforms.

Besides offering followers, views, and likes, the platform also provides various customization options.

For instance, you can buy Twitch Chatters for your stream and tell them the desired text. Then they’ll post the exact text and language you specify.

Aside from Twitch, they also offer services for Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Clubhouse, to name a few.

The pricing and packages vary with each service. Read on to know their pricing.


BoostHill is targeting a broad customer range by offering a wide variety of packages.

Here are some of BoostHill’s pricing details:

BoostHill Packages for Twitch

Twitch Viewers – from $6 to $311
Twitch Chatters – from $4 to $1342
Twitch Followers – from $4 to $600
Twitch Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Plans – from $11 to $7450

BoostHill Packages for YouTube

YouTube Subscribers – from $16 to $3120

YouTube High Retention Views – from $7 to $3090

YouTube Likes – from $3 to $591

BoostHill Packages for Twitter

Twitter Followers – from $8 to $1100

Twitter Video Views – from $2 to $300

BoostHill Packages for TikTok

TikTok Followers – from $5 to $289

TikTok Likes – from $3 to $320

TikTok Views – from $2 to $90

Choosing a mega package will allow you to receive services in a gradual fashion. This will ensure that the services are legitimate and safe.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable Starter Package
  • Guarantee Non-Drop and stable services
  • Real and Genuine Accounts
  • Instant Delivery
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • 80% 5-Star Trustpilot Reviews


  • Lack Trial Plan
  • Mixed Reviews on Trustpilot
  • No Information About the Team

Should You Use BoostHill?

We would recommend BoostHill for various reasons. It has both positives and negatives, but the value it offers weighs more.


BoostHiil offers affordable starter packages.

Pricing for each package is designed to meet the needs and budgets of a wide range of customers.

BoostHill offers value for money since the company claims to provide real followers and viewers with each package.

Money-Back Guarantee

Any service or product gains more trust when a refund policy is in place.

BoostHill provides a money-back guarantee. You can get an instant refund if you don’t receive what you ordered. This protects your purchase.

Mixed Trustpilot Reviews

Whenever buying an online service, it is important to check their reviews beforehand. In this respect, Trustpilot reviews are reliable.

BoostHill Review – Is It A SCAM? We Tried It! *Read First*

BoostHill received a mixed bag of customer reviews. Several customers have expressed satisfaction with their services, while others have regretted purchasing the service.

Overall, they have a rating of 4.3, with almost 80% of 5-star customer reviews.

No Free Trial

One of the factors that BoostHill got a few bad reviews is that there is a lack of a free trial or plan.

Most service providers offer a free trial to give potential customers confidence that the service actually works.

Nevertheless, they compensated for it by offering a very low starter package.


Is BoostHill Legit?

The reviewers on their Trustpilot Page have mixed experiences, but it doesn’t mean it is a scam. hey have 80% of five-star reviews from TrustPilot. The scam-detecting website ScamAdvisor gave BoostHill a 100% satisfaction score, which improves their transparency.

Is BoostHill Safe?

There is no particular reason for us to believe BoostHill isn’t safe to use. Additionally, the refund policy makes the purchase pretty safe. Therefore, trying it out won’t affect your pocket.

Is BoostHill Real?

BoostHill claims to provide real and stable growth of your channel or account. For just under $2, you can purchase a basic package to check it out. It may turn out to be a great investment, but if it does not, it can be refunded.


The BoostHill company offers a number of services worth checking out.

Affordable rates, non-drop guarantees, stable growth, refund policy, and effective customer service attract potential customers.

There is no risk in trying boostHill since a basic package for some services costs just under $5. If you get what they promised, then you may go for more premium offers.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Overall Rating

BoostHill Review – Is It A SCAM? We Tried It! *Read First*
BoostHill Review – Is It A SCAM? We Tried It! *Read First*

BoostHill is a Social Media Growth Service with good reviews and an impressive service.

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Application Category: Social Media

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