10 Best Auto DM Instagram Tools for Your Business (2023)

10 Best Auto DM Instagram Tools for Your Business (2023)

In 2023, sales on Instagram are more likely to generate in your Instagram Direct Messages.

If you manage a business or make money via your content, having an upper-level messenger is a must, especially as Instagram’s in-app messenger is very basic.

An Instagram Auto DM can allow you to send bulk messages, and automate responses – saving you time and generating more sales!

With this in mind, today we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Instagram Auto DM Tools of 2023.

Let’s get on with it.

What Are The Best Instagram Auto DM Tools of 2023? 

Here is our list of the best Instagram Auto DM Tools of 2023:

#1 – Inflact 

Inflact Auto DM

Inflact is our No.1 Instagram Auto DM Tool of 2023.

It’s an advanced service that suggests more than sending messages from the desktop.

It works like a CMS for Instagram, where you and other employees can manage each consumer.

Here are some of Inflact‘s advanced features:

  • Wide Range of Auto-Replies. Inflact lets users set welcome messages, replies to first messages, and auto-responses based on keywords. 
  • Reactions to Stories – you can save a customised reply that will be sent every time a user mentions you in a story or reacts to a story. 
  • Variable Bulk Messages – users can message hundreds of users based on filters by gender, location, followers count, etc. It’s possible to address each person by a nickname and attach images. 
  • Labels and Notes – to manage DMs fast, you may classify chats by labels and filter dialogs. Also, there’s a section for contacts and notes for every user. 
  • Reports – you can monitor how many messages were sent and view the replies to all users. 
  • Preview – you may add several auto-messages to a conversation and preview the pre-planned dialog. It’s handy to use for typical questions people ask you in DM. 

All in all, this DM tool is high-quality and easy-to-use for many accounts.

It’s a must-have for IG shops, social managers, and bloggers. 


  • Variable Bulk Messages
  • Auto-Replies
  • Reports
  • Reactions to Stories
  • Easy To Use


  • No Cons!

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It’s a must-have for IG shops, social managers, and bloggers. 

#2 – IG:dm

Ig:Dm Auto DM Tool

IG:dm is one of the tried and tested tools for IG promotion, and also a great Auto DM tool.

You will need to download software to use it from a computer.

They offer a free trial period for two weeks, so you can test it at no cost.

Here are some of its main features:

  • Convenient built-in search – it’s possible to find any chat or user in a matter of seconds. 
  • Connect many IG profiles – this Instagram chat is also compatible with several accounts users can manage from a single chat room. 
  • Keep media files – users can download content they got in Direct messages. 
  • Built-in filters – users can find a necessary conversation, unread DMs in a heartbeat. 
  • Hundreds of chats – it’s possible to operate just up to 100 dialogs to this messenger. 
  • Custom user interface – you can choose a theme that will be more convenient for you — for example, a dark one. 
  • Cancel DM sending – similar to the in-app Direct, users can delete messages from the IG:dm dashboard. 
  • Fast shortcuts – users may create prefabricated answers for FAQ. 

Overall, this automated IG messenger is functional, but the necessity to download software is not convenient.


  • Connect Many Profiles
  • Built-in Filters
  • Fast Shortcuts
  • Built-in Search
  • Custom User Interface


  • Limited to 100 Chats
  • Need to Download

Also, it’s limited to only 100 chats. 

#3 –  Bulk DM for IG Chrome plugin

Bulk DM Chrome Extension Auto DM Tool

Bulk DM is a specially created browser extension you may use to message Instagram users from the desktop.

If you use Chrome, try this Bulk DM extension if you want to reach out to many people at once.

But it does not support many other features as its main goal is mass messaging on Instagram.

Functions include:

  • Send DMs to groups and individuals – you may send mass messages to several users or personally. 
  • You can contact users based on inserted nicknames -it’s possible to send bulk messages to the contacts you paste from your contact book. You just need to divide the names by space or commas. 
  • Create custom bulk groups – users can send mass messages to users combined for a certain purpose. 

In conclusion, this extension is worth your attention if your primary goal is only bulk-messaging.


  • Send Mass Messages
  • Free to Use
  • Can Send Messages Personally or in Groups


  • Lack of Functionality
  • Low on Features

The plugin is a good solution but won’t fit more complicated tasks. 

#4 – Instavast

InstaVast Auto DM

You may already know Instavast as a famous toolkit for IG growth.

Along with automation services, it can also be used as an Auto DM tool.

Its top features include:

  • Automated replies – here you can adjust responses for questions users send you every day. 
  • Randomisation for texts – Instagram may block or shadow-ban users if it suspects unusual behaviours. Thanks to text varieties, your profile is safe. 
  • You can put URLs in DMs – this service allows users to send messages on Instagram with links people can follow from a message.
  • Auto DMs by grouped lists – you can classify users and distribute messages according to every group. 
  • Specify customer groups via filters – you can interact with followers via granular filters and private message them from the computer. 

Overall, Instavast is a great service for promoting your Instagram.

If you want an online chat but don’t need sophisticated functionality, check out this tool. 

#5 – Instazood 

Instazood is one more tool that is famous for promotion and automation for IG.

They offer various ways for improving IG strategies such as a desktop chat for Instagram.

Here are the main perks of this service

  • Automated DMs – users can save custom welcome Direct messages that aim to boost interest among new followers. 
  • It’s possible to contact people who don’t follow you. Thanks to this feature, users may start conversations with non-followers from a PC. 
  • Bulk DMs – as with many of the listed services, this tool allows you to reach many Instagrammers with one message in minutes. 

As can be inferred, this online Instagram chat is supplied with must-have tools for business and account managing. 

#6 –  Instamber

Instamber is a multi-use service for businesses and individuals who want to promote their Instagram.

It offers a fully-fledged DM that can be managed outside the app.

What are the benefits:

  • Clear UX – it will be simple to apply, especially for users who’ve tried Instazood. 
  • Direct messages automation – it’s allowed to send no more than 120 DMs daily. Thanks to this restriction, you won’t be suspected of spamming. 
  • Use media in Direct messages – you can supply your texts with pictures. 
  • Monitor Direct campaigns success – thanks to reports, you can view the status of delivered DMs. 

Instamber also allows you to use filters to communicate with desired followers groups, thanks to targeting for messages. 

#7 – Directbulksender

This helper service for Instagram is not multi-functional.

Its only purpose is to help users organize mass messaging campaigns.

And it doesn’t work on a subscription; users are charged based on the number of sent DMs. 

Here are the peculiarities you should know about this service:

  • You won’t get an inbox folder. If you don’t usually communicate via a computer and only need to reach out to several users, it might be what you need. 
  • No limits for messages. You can connect with an unlimited number of users. 
  • Stay in touch with the audience and notify them on time. Directbulksender lets users keep up with the updates of your IG-based shop even if they overlook your content. 

Directbulksender is definitely not a bad option.

#8 – Getinfame

GetInFame Instagram Auto DM Tool

Getinfame is a universal tool to make the most of your Instagram.

On their website, you will find a worthwhile messenger with bulk DM function and auto-replies.

Also, the interface is clear, and the tool is simple to use. 

What are the primary functions?

  • Bulk private welcome messages – you can set aside a text that will be sent automatically to every new user who clicks on the Follow button. 
  • Mass DMs to followers lists – with this tool, you can message your most active community members grouped in a custom list. 
  • Private messages to all followers – users can reach out to all subscribers in a matter of seconds. 
  • Desktop chat for IG – apart from DM automation, this service also offers a messenger you can open in a browser. 
  • DMs with links – it’s possible to insert a clickable URL into your private messages on IG. 

Overall, the DM chat by Getinfame is a reliable solution for those who are seeking an advanced messenger.

#9 – Gramto

Gramto is the next all-in-one platform for Instagram growth that also includes a messenger.

Features include:

  • Advanced automated DMs – you can text users automatically but remain personal thanks to smart personalization. Namely, you can use tags, so a tool inserts users’ names or nicknames in DM. 
  • Use not only texts in your Direct messages – it’s easy to attach a picture and even insert a clickable link to every automated message. 
  • Desktop chat room – you can communicate on Instagram right in a tab of your browser on a computer. 
  • Many versions of messages – users can pre-plan many synonymic replies, so the tool chooses one by chance. 

We need to point out that users can’t purchase a messenger as an independent service.

It’s all included in a package with other services, like a Hashtag Generator and Posting.

#10 – DMpro

DMpro Auto DM Instagram

Dmpro is one of the new services for using DM from a browser.

It’s mostly focused on automated direct messages. It also can be connected to your email so if you are looking for a messenger for business, take a look at its functions. 

  • Combine your emails with Instagram Direct – it’s the only messenger where you can find such a function and receive direct messages to your mailbox. Moreover, you can reply this way as well. 
  • Smart auto Direct messages – you can message your competitors’ followers or users that apply particular hashtags. 
  • You can send unlimited bulk messages – connect to desired followers with an important message in a heartbeat. 

Finally, this service offers a lot for users who need to improve their sales via DMs. Nevertheless, you won’t find other promotion tools there. 

Final Thoughts

When choosing a tool for Instagram, take into account the goals of running an account.

If you are looking for a service that will help you sell more, curate clients and orders, don’t miss a chance to try a multi-functional one.

If you aim to announce giveaways via bulk messages once a month, maybe you will be satisfied with a bulk-sender.

Remember that a proper DM strategy can help you grow revenue in just one message.

Our overall favourite Instagram Auto DM Tool is Inflact, which you can check out by clicking:

Alternatively, to check out our list of the 10 Best Hashtag Generators for Instagram, click here.

Hope this helped.

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