WPX Hosting Review (2020) - Is It Better than BlueHost?

WPX Hosting Review (2020) – Is It Better than BlueHost?

Having a fast website is vital for any new blogger (or experienced!) to gain any traffic. And so generally faster websites have higher conversion rates, email list conversions, product sales etc. 

Why? It’s easier for your audience to navigate and google loves quick websites.

This is where WPX Hosting fits in. In this WPX Hosting review we’ll look at what this web host has to offer, its pros and cons, and if I would recommend it whether you are looking for a new hosting service or just starting off!

Make sure to read it all through for a full opinion.

Why Is Speed So Important?

WPX Hosting Review - Why Speed is So Important

Before looking at WPX Hosting’s features and the review, let’s first see why a high-speed website is so important.

Many other lower-budget hosting providers have servers crammed with customers, resulting in when many visitors come to your site simultaneously, very high page loading times.

This results in far poorer conversion rates and overall customer experience.

It has been shown that just a 1 second delay can cause conversion rates to negatively be impacted by 7%! For example, Firefox reduced the load time of their site by 2.2 seconds and increased downloads by an impressive 15.4%. We can see here why this WPX excel in this category.

How Quick Is WPX Hosting?

A study was done comparing the speeds of an entry level shared HostGator account against the same configuration of WPX hosting.

It was done on the best-selling Avada WordPress theme to test.

The results:

Budget Shared Hosting Service: 3.6 seconds

WPX Hosting: 1.97 (45% faster)

WPX Hosting Review : Comparing Speeds
Credits To wpkube.com

This was also similarly seen on GTmetric and the Google Speed Test.

As mentioned before, site speed is very important to gain traction and therefore WPX Hosting is a very good provider in those terms.

WPX Hosting Features

Now you understand why speed is so important and how WPX hosting provide that service, let’s first of all look at what WPX hosting has to offer in terms of features. 

Amazing WordPress Integration

WPX Hosting offers some amazing features for bloggers using WordPress. They offer daily WordPress Website Backups, and for increased protection, the backup files are stored on a separate server for 14 days.

They also offer a Free WordPress Website Migration Service. If you want to move from your hosting provider right now but are wondering about hassle or cost – WPX Hosting makes it easy.

Within 24 hours, a team will move all your WordPress Website over to WPX, as well as keeping the email associated.

It also has WordPress Multisite support.

Email Service

Unlike many other providers, WPX Hosting comes will an email service letting you receive and send emails with your domain name. You can choose to forward these to your Gmail or access them through webmail such as Outlook or on a smartphone.

Great Support

WPX Hosting offers 24/7/365 live text chat service, which always responds quickly with any questions or problems. They also have an online forum, as well a help desk.

WPX Hosting Review : Support
Credits to wpkube.com

 Support is always very important when considering a hosting provider, as it could mean the difference between stressing out for days on end over something.

WPX Hosting seems to have support very well managed, and always reply promptly and help out as much as they can.

Other Features

Alongside all this, WPX Hosting do all the small things right.

They offer free domain privacy, unlike other companies which charge extra each year, as well as a free SSL certificate.

The dashboard is simple and intuitive, and you can access everything from it (account details, emails etc).

WPX Hosting Review : Interface and Dashboard

They also offer: SSD storage, DDOS protection, and phpMyAdmin database access.

Pros of WPX Hosting

Fast, effective support

Great WordPress integration

Supports emails

Easy to use interface

Offers Enterprise level DDoS protection, and malware scanning and clean-up.

Very quick speeds compared to other hosting providers

Build to handle traffic and keeping strong loading times

Cons of WPX Hosting

No phone support (although other methods of getting in touch are almost always enough)

Pricing expensive for new bloggers, but amazing in comparison to competitors.

WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

WPX Hosting Review : Prices

There are three plans to choose from: business, professional and elite. They vary mainly on number of sites you can have on the account, storage you can access and amount of bandwidth.

WPX Hosting Review : Features

Even the entry level Business plan has very extensive abilities, being able to host up to 5 websites. Splitting the account into 5 websites for the price makes it seem much more affordable and shows how WPX Hosting is more so for experienced bloggers rather than new ones.

Always remember they have a risk-free 30-day free trial with no risk attached.

Would I recommend WPX Hosting?

Yes, I would if:

You have a slightly larger budget

Want the quickest speeds possible and a reliable host

Maybe not though if:

You are juust starting off with blogging. If you are, I would recommend A2Hosting (an amazing very fast but much cheaper hosting provider). You can sign up here starting from $2.29 a month.

Conclusion – Should You Use WPX Hosting?

Overall, WPX Hosting is a very fast web host which is easy to use and comes with great support, and all the tools you need to create a successful WordPress site.

The three pricing plans are amazing prices in comparison to their competitors (WP Engine etc), and the free website migration service will come in handy for anyone now considering the next level-up for their website.

With prices starting at $24.99 and being able to hold up to 5 WordPress websites, it’s a great provider to consider being with.

For an alternative Hosting Service, check out Rocket.net by clicking here.

Talk soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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