WizUgo Review

WizUgo Review (2021) – Scam Or Legit?

WizUgo promises to gain your Twitter followers and retweets in no time.

And that seems to be true.

Full automation. Cheap Prices. Amazing Features.

But are there any catches you should be aware of before signing up?

To answer that, today, I will be reviewing WizUgo – their features, pricing, pros and cons, and whether I would recommend them?

Let’s get on with it.

Why Would You Want More Twitter Followers?

Essentially followers build reputation and authority. 

More followers mean having more connections which is the main benefit behind Twitter.

Followers also affect engagement in your tweets, indicate more influence, can generate leads, more conversions and helps in branding, personal or business.

So effectively, there is a real reason why services like WizUgo are in demand, and why you should consider using them – especially considering it is organic growth.

What Is WizUzo?

WizUgo is an online Twitter Growth Service which automates and accelerates your followers.

WizUgo Dashboard

They claim to have over 4700 Worldwide Customers and all the tools need for massive marketing success on Twitter.

WizUgo Features

Essentially, their software automatically retweets, follows and unfollows other Twitter users – so that more people check your page out.

This therefore results in your profile growing.

But that’s not all, they also offer:

  • Automation – Retweet, Follow, Schedule and Unfollow.
  • Schedule Your Tweets – you can choose to auto schedule every day or at a specific time – get discovered by thousands of users.
  • No Downloads – all runs from their website.
  • Tweet Content from Your Website – they can tweet website to your site.
  • Safe – runs at speeds safe for your account.
  • Artificial Intelligence – WizUgo have developed a highly sophisticated deep learning algorithm to post the most relevant content for you.
  • Easy Setup – be up and running within 5 minutes on mobile and desktop.

They are relatively new in the space but are quickly gaining traction – especially considering all the new features they are constantly rolling out.

WizUgo Tags

And remember – Twitter automation saves you time from doing tasks you would normally do manually – so it is all organic growth (that’s real followers!).

Getting Started with WizUgo

WizUgo Sign Up

It’s super easy to get started with WizUgo and begin skyrocketing your Twitter. Here’s a quick guide.

  • Link your Twitter Account – sign up to WizUgo, then link your Twitter account
  • Choose your actions – go to dashboard and choose what actions you would like to have performed (follow, unfollow, schedule tweets etc).
  • Choose General Tags – from dashboard, pick out relevant tags to your niche, so you are engaging with a suitable audience.
  • Schedule Your Tweets – choose to schedule your tweets from dashboard to pick the right times for maximum impact.
  • Unfollow Action – if you choose Unfollow you can either have them unfollow users followed by WizUzo or ones you have done manually (both occur 5 days after being followed).
  • Start WizUzo – hit start and you are all set, it will be running at all times!
  • Configure Settings – if you want to add tags, or pick different actions, just navigate to the dashboard, press stop and then start again when you are done – easy!


WizUgo’s Pricing Plans work on a length-of-time basis – the longer you pay for, the larger the discount you get. Here they are:

WizUgo Pricing
WizUgo Pricing


Amazing Price – one of the cheapest Twitter Automation Services.

Features – wide range of features including Retweets, Follows and Scheduling Tweets.

Secure Payment Methods.

Organic Growth.

Good Support.

Free 7-Day Trial.


Not 24/7 Customer Service.

Need your password.


What Payment Methods Are Available?

WizUgo offer PayPal and all major card providers – so you don’t have to worry about being scammed or fraud.

Is WizUgo Safe?

Yes, WizUgo say that they have never had a client banned due to their service by Twitter.
Also, they will never use or store your password – so rest assured.

Do They Require Your Username and Password?

Yes, WizUgo needs your username and password – but this shouldn’t be alarming.
They are carrying out the tasks that you normally do – so of course need to be in your account to carry them out.
In fact, if they didn’t need your account – that would be more worrying, as it would be very unlikely you were gaining real followers – and instead bots.


Overall, WizUgo is a great Twitter Growth Service that will quickly and easily grow your Twitter organically.

They have great automation, and many other features such as Scheduling Tweets which will be sure to help you out.

Otherwise, I would 100% recommend at least trying out Wizugo’s 7-day Free Trial (no credit card needed) – and you can see from there, whether to pay or not.

Hope this helped.

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Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

This post is sponsored by WizUgo. All opinion and reviews expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

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