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WhizURL Review (2020) – No.1 Link Shortener

Links in 2020 are important for any website – business or not.


Google themselves have said that number and strength of backlinks is an important indicator for ranking. And further, broken links will be bad for SEO.

So that’s why a tool such as WhizURL – which monitors and tracks your links – is so important.

Not even including the fact that it also helps to rotate and shorten links.

With that in mind, today I’m reviewing WhizURL – and look at its features, pricing, reviews and whether I would recommend using it.

Let’s get on with it.

What is WizURL?

WhizURL is an online app which claims to be the ‘most intelligent click tracker, rotator and shortener’.

It is run by a group of 3 people, who made their project to suit their needs, as well as help customers in their businesses.

WhizURL Review
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WhizURL offer a variety of features all packed into one service.

WhizURL Features
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Link Rotator

Use the rotator to make sure that your customers won’t see the same offer anymore.

Banning and Getting Rid of Spam Traffic

Offers the function to ban unwanted IP’s or countries if you don’t wish to get traffic from there.

You can also have the system automatically detect IP’s with spammy traffic and ban them.

Cloaking links

Use their link cloacker to shorten links and make them more elegant and easier to write.

Advanced Statistics

You can check the stats of rotators, cloacks and tracked links.

As well as this – traffic’s geographical statistics, clicks over time, clicks per country, detailed information of traffic, and conversion rates.

You can also easily share these stats with others (clients perhaps), and filter it by timeframe.

Fully Responsive Dashboard

WhizURL Dashboard
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WizURL offers a fully intuitive and responsive dashboard that can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile phone with full functionality.

Affiliate Program

Using their system, if you recommend WizURL to your friends, you can earn a recurring affiliate commission.

Get Started with WizURL

It’s super easy to get started with WizURL.

Just navigate over to their website and sign up with a free account (only needs an email).

From there you can choose to go premium – and select one of their paid plans (see below).


WhizURL offers a free plan and 3 premium ones.

WhizURL Pricing
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Payments are paid through PayPal or major card providers.

Free 2-Week Trial

This plan is of course fully free and does not need a credit card.

It offers:

  • 500 Premium Click Stats Per Month
  • 48 Hours Email/Chat Support

Starter Plan

This plan, their most basic premium one, costs $3 per month.

It offers:

  • 10,000 premium click stats per month
  • Ads Free
  • 48 Hours Email/Chat Support

Pro Plan

Their most popular, the Pro Plan costs $7 per month.

It offers:

  • 100,000 premium click stats per month
  • Custom domains
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Ads Free
  • 24 Hours Email/Chat Support

Ultimate Plan

Their most expensive plan, the Ultimate Plan, costs $9 per month.

It offers:

  • Unlimited premium click stats per month
  • Custom domains
  • Conversion tracking
  • Ads free
  • 24 Hours Email/Chat/Phone Support


WhizURL have some great reviews:

It’s the first dashboard which lets you use 100% of features on your mobile device. This is awesome.

Paul, client, USA

I could easily share traffic statistics with my clients. They can filter statistics with time frames as well.

Gordon, User, Malta

That is all in one. Track, rotate your tracked links or even shorten them in one place.

Steve, client, Canada

Conclusion – Would I Recommend Using WizURL?

Overall, WizURL is a great software that offers something any marketer needs.

With the ability to track, shorten and rotate your links – you are sure to help boost and monitor your traffic in no time.

Even more so, they offer some of the cheapest pricing plans out of all its competitors.

Looking for an alternative to WizURL however? – check out my review of Link Notifier here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

This post is sponsored by WhizURL. All opinion and reviews expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

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