Walmart Affiliate Program Review – Is It Worth Joining?

Walmart is one of the world’s largest brands, and it’s no wonder that you would be interested in their affiliate program.

Today, we’ll be looking at Walmart’s Affiliate Program’s features, how to promote it, pros and cons and whether I would recommend joining it over AliExpress or Target.

Let’s get on with it.

What Is the Walmart Affiliate Program?

Before we get onto the Walmart Affiliate Program, what actually is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where if one of your audience click your unique link and buy the company’s product, you will earn a certain pre-decided percentage of the sale – called a commission.

Say for example you recommend your audience by a $50 watch through your link and the commission rate is 30% – you will have earned $15.

Walmart Affiliate Program Review - Is It Worth Joining?

Sound easy? Well it is.

Many big companies have Affiliate Programs, like AliExpress, Target etc.

It’s great as its very low risk – you don’t have to hold products; all you really need is an audience who would heed your advice.

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The Walmart Affiliate Program in particular is like any other affiliate program, where you will be allowed to earn commissions from any traffic you refer to their website via your blog.

Once you have signed up you will be given the link to promote the products which can be found on the Walmart website.

Features of the Walmart Affiliate Program

Let’s look at the Walmart’s Affiliate Program’s features.

Commission Rate

Walmart, similarly, to Amazon and Target, has varying commission rates depending on the category.

See here for reference:

Walmart Affiliate Program Commissions

I would always recommend against promoting the products, like video games and photo, which only offer a 1% commission.

This is practically useless, instead aim for at least 4%, but make sure to consider your niche, and don’t promote a product that your audience wouldn’t find suitable.

Consider whether your niche would earn you a good commission rate, before joining Walmart’s program.

Click here for comparison to Target or AliExpress’ affiliate program commission rates.

Walmart offers a cookie rate of 3 days.

This means that if your audience clicks your link today, but only buys the product in 3 days’ time, you will still gain the commission.

Compared to most affiliate programs, this is quite low – yet when looking at competitors like Amazon, Target etc, it is reasonable.

This is always another important factor to consider before choosing this program.

Tools to Promote Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart SDK

Walmart SDK

Walmart SDK allows you to embed a “buy now” button next to anywhere in your content (product banners etc)

Walmart WordPress Plugin

Walmart Plugin

This WordPress plugin made by Walmart especially for their affiliates, allows you to easily add links in your content to their website automatically tagged with your affiliate link.

Check it out here

Banners and Newsletters

The Affiliate Program helps out their affiliates as much as possible by offering free banner ads to promote on your website to gain sales.

They also have free newsletters and complete info of the product.

Walmart Chrome Extensions

The deals extension helps find deals and promotions to possibly offer to your audience – to incentivise them using your link etc.

I was unable to find the Walmart Affiliate Program chrome extension – but if you do, please comment below.

What Can You Promote?

Walmart Website

One of the best features of the Walmart Affiliate Program is that Walmart itself offers a massively wide variety of products for you to promote – and so most people can find something in their niche.

They offer:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Electronics
  • Movies, Music and Books
  • Baby apparel
  • Men and Women Fashion
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Furniture and Home Improvement
  • Craft and Hobbies
  • Etc.

Keep in mind, as seen above, that the commission rates depend on the category.

Pros of the Walmart Affiliate Program

Easy to Sign Up – instant approval

Competitive commission rates of 1% – 18%

No delays in payment

Well-respected brand – easy to promote

Free banner ads, and newsletters

Useful tools

Decent cookie rate of 3 days


Low commission rate in some categories

Works only in the USA – must target US audience for leads

Amazon/Target etc are strong competitors

How to Join the Affiliate Program?

So, the program seems pretty good, but how can you join?

Well it’s pretty easy.

Walmart Affiliate Program Sign-Up

All you have to do is navigate over to their website and start the application process.

Similarly, to most affiliate programs you need to offer: your name, address, website URL etc.

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How to Earn Money from With The Walmart Affiliate Program?


Walmart Affiliate Program Review - Is It Worth Joining?

A great way to begin earning money online through Affiliate Marketing and in this case the Walmart Affiliate Program is by using Instagram.

Instagram is one of the world’s biggest platforms and boasts over 1 billion users!

Even better – it’s completely free to get started, and you can begin making a following through many methods.

And then begin monetising that within months – by posting your affiliate links in stories, to your website which you link to etc.

Don’t know how? Check out my Earning Money on Instagram: Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners (2019)


Another great way to begin earning money with the Walmart Affiliate Program is through creating an online blog.

Blogs are the number one-way people learn about stuff be it what to buy, the latest products, and even lots of stuff about Walmart!

Say someone typed up ‘Best Sofas at Walmart’, and you got your blog post to rank on the top page of google. 

You will for years to come be earning money through affiliate links when people come, click and check out your blog.


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Compared to Target and Amazon 

Walmart fits into a similar niche with Amazon Associates and the Target Affiliate Program.

They all offer a wide variety of products, and lower commission rates (with perhaps Walmart doing the best in that category).

ProgramCookie RateCommission Rate
Target7 Days1% – 8%
Amazon Associates1 Day1% – 8%
Walmart3 Days1% – 18%
AliExpress30 Days8.5% – 10%

I personally would recommend signing up to the all and offering the option to your audience between them.

Say you were reviewing sofas – pick out a couple from each company, and just use your affiliate links.

It will make you seem far less biased and offering a more sophisticated option.

What harm can it do? And if you dislike one, just promote the others.

Conclusion – Would I recommend the Walmart Affiliate Program?

The Walmart Affiliate Program is a great program to join, and I would recommend checking it out.

Perhaps it is a less reputable brand than Amazon globally, but it holds a strong stake in the lustrous US market.

I would recommend most bloggers to at least check it out (sign up here) depending on whether your niche would fit in, and you would receive at least a 4% discount.

It is always best to check out other programs as well before you decide however by clicking here to my Affiliate Marketing page.

Hope you enjoyed the review.

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Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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