How To Use Sendinblue Chat

How to Use Sendinblue Chat Feature (2022) – Guide

Sendinblue is a tool that allows you to build and grow your email campaigns.

And recently, have introduced Sendinblue Chat – which is now free for all users!

But what is Sendinblue Chat, and how can you use it?

To answer that, today here’s a full guide answering all those questions.

Let’s get on with it.

What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is an online email marketing software that allows you to send email campaigns for your business and website, to your visitors and customers.


They can be compared as the cheaper version of MailChimp – but offer largely all the same features and functionalities.

Launched in 2012, and based in France, Sendinblue now has over 80,000 users – and sends over 100 million emails a day!

Some of their most noteworthy features include:

  • A Drag and Drop Email Editor – design all your emails from their dashboard with an intuitive and easy-to-use editor.
  • Transactional Emails – through their service, you can send transactional emails including order confirmations, password resets etc.
  • Automation – you can set workflows. For example, one day after someone signs up to your subscriber list, automatically send a welcome email.
  • Many more features – Sendinblue offers many more features, of course including Sendinblue Chat – which we are looking at today.

Sendinblue offer a completely free plan with almost all their features available – and as you upgrade to the premium plans, you can send more emails and have more contacts.

What is Sendinblue Chat?

One of Sendinblue’s newer features, is Sendinblue Chat.

Sendinblue Chat Dashboard

It allows you to create a ‘seamless experience for your website visitors’ by setting up a direct line of communication between you and them in the form of a text chat on your website.

With this feature, you get:

  • Functionality – answer questions from leads and customers in real time.
  • Inbox – well-designed inbox allows you to check all incoming messages.
  • Organize your team – assign different user agents to different visitors to save time.
  • Customization – customize the colours, business name and logo on your Sendinblue Chat Widget.

Even better, it’s super easy to set up – and comes with every plan (including the Free Plan).

How to Install Sendinblue Chat?

To use Sendinblue chat, you will need to have the Sendinblue tracker installed on your website.

This will enable your website to be integrated with Sendinblue Chat and other automation features, to give a seamless experience.

Install the plugin from this page here – whether you are from WordPress, Prestashop, OpenCart or other services.

Then simply follow the instruction outlined on this page here – or summarised below.

Sendinblue Chat Tracker Install WordPress

Effectively all you are doing pressing ‘Active Marketing Automation’ within the plugin’s settings, and validating your account by logging in.

If confused, make sure to get in touch with Sendinblue’s Support team.

After installation and validation, to add the Chat feature to your site, navigate to the Chat tab on your Sendinblue dashboard.

NB: If the Chat tab is not there, make sure you have installed the app by pressing the + button below the Question Mark at the top of your screen.

Press Settings, then integration – and a HTML code will be there – which you can add to the Header of your website.

Sendinblue Chat Verify

Once you have done so, press Verify.

If you have installed it properly, a green tick saying ‘Active’ should pop up.

You are now all set to use the Sendinblue Chat function – and it should appear for visitors to use.

How to Use Sendinblue Chat?

To use Sendinblue Chat, you can manage everything from the ‘Chat’ tab on your Dashboard.

All incoming messages from your site will be available in your Inbox.

You can now in real-time chat with your visitors.

To customize the Chat widget – go to Chat and press Setting down the left-side then Chatbox.

You can also add Chat Agents – and assign conversations to them.

Getting Started with Sendinblue

To get started with Sendinblue and to use their Chat feature right now – make sure to sign up for their free plan.

You only need to provide an email address and password.

You can get started by pressing the button below:

From there, if you need more daily emails, you can upgrade to their paid premium plans.


Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Sendinblue Chat:

How to Assign A Chat Conversation to a Specific Operator?

To assign a conversation to an operator, click on Unassigned at the bottom, left-hand side of the text box. A list of available operators will pop-up.

Click on the name of the operator which you want to assign the conversation to.

How to Tell Which Website Page Your Chat Customer Is On?

To check what page your chat customer is on, to help solve their question, click on the link under their ID (name).

It will state something along the lines of ‘Online on Pricing Page’ for example and will only appear if the chat customer is online.

How to Hide/ Show the Chat When Team Is Offline?

You can show or hide the chat widget when your team members are all offline. To do so, in the Chat tab, press Settings down the left-side – then click Offline Chatbox.

You can choose whether to show or tide the Chat widget when all operators are offline.

How to Change Your Chat Notification Settings?

You can control whether you would like to receive a notification by email, or a clickable pop-up on mobile or desktop.

To configure Email notifications, go to Settings and press Notifications. You can choose to receive an email when a new conversation has started or been assigned to you – or a new message has been received.

For browser notifications, also go to Notifications and click on Enable browser notifications – and press Allow. You will now automatically receive a pop-up notification each time you receive a new message from your website visitors.

How to Change Your Chat Status?

To change your chat status between Offline or Online – click the Chat tab.

Then click on the button above your name (down the left) to display a list of possible statuses. You can now select whether you want to appear Offline or Online.


Overall, Sendinblue’s new Chat Feature is a great addition to their service.

It allows you to build an even closer relationship with your audience than previously – and answer any questions instantly.

Today, Live Chat is an expected function with most large businesses, so this will be a great addition to your website.

Even better, it’s available with Sendinblue’s Free Plan – as well as, of course, all their premium plans.

To get started with Sendinblue for free, click here.

Alternatively, to learn how to grow your Instagram account, click here.

Hope this helped.

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