PinPinterest Review (2020) – Best Pinterest Bot?

Pinterest is a massive platform – they have over 320 million monthly active users.

That’s huge, and with a lot of hard work, I’m sure you could leverage it within a couple months.

Or instead you could use PinPinterest and grow your following within days.

Gain organic followers. Schedule pins. Great prices.

So today I’ll be reviewing PinPinterest – their features, pros and cons, and whether I would recommend them for growing on Pinterest.

Let’s get on with it.

Why Would You Want More Pinterest Followers?

Firstly, is it even worth getting more Pinterest followers.

The answer is yes.

Although in some ways less important than on Instagram, your following of course still makes up a large amount of your audience.

And so, as your following increases – of course your reach and engagement will too.

More followers equal more traffic.

Even further, having followers is a good way to establish legitimacy for your brand – with an account having many, seeming way more trustworthy than others.

Therefore, your conversion rate will also increase.

To put it simply – yes Pinterest followers are very important.

What is PinPinterest?

PinPinterest in an online Pinterest growth service that promise an insane number of followers quickly.

They offer an automation service – where their bot will automatically pin, follow and unfollow users to grow your engagement.

PinPinterest Features

Their features include:

  • Targeted Automation – pin, Follow and Unfollow target content through their use of hashtags, to grow an audience relevant to you.
  • Schedule Pins – ability to auto schedule pins at any specific time or repeatedly (daily, weekly etc).
  • Pin content from your website – automatically crawl your website, and pin content onto your boards.
  • No downloads – it runs at all times, wherever you are, and with or without your browser open.
  • Safe – PinPinterest claim to have had no one ever banned with their service due to their bot running at speeds that ensure safety.
  • Artificial Intelligence – They claim to have developed a ‘highly sophisticated deep-learning algorithm’ to choose relevant content for your niche, and auto pin it.
  • Easy setup – get started within minutes, even on mobile.

This wide range of features is a reason why they have built up 7500 worldwide customers.

How to Get Started with PinPinterest?

PinPinterest Sign Up

It’s super easy to get started with Pinterest – and you will be up and running within minutes.

  • Link Your Pinterest account – login to PinPinterest and link your Pinterest account.
  • Choose your actions – go to the dashboard and choose the actions you would like PinPinterest to perform (follow, unfollow, pin etc). 
  • Choose general tags – also from your dashboard, choose relevant tags for your niche
  • Auto Pin – check Auto Pin in your dashboard, choose relevant tags, then scroll down to ‘Pin to Boards’ and choose the board you would like to pin them to.
  • Schedule Pins – to schedule pins, check Schedule Pins from dashboard, and from there you can choose the URL, board, and desired time and date.
  • Other features – you can also of course choose to check Unfollow, and also create a Sitemap for your website to automatically create pins from your content. It is all available from your dashboard.
  • Start PinPinterest – hit the START button, and it’s all set! To make changes, simply do it from the dashboard (there is no need to stop the service).


PinPinterest offer various plans, ranging in length of time you will have their service.

It is all one-time payment – and as you choose a larger package, your daily discount will increase.

They also offer a free 5-day trial – no credit card needed.

PinPinterest Pricing
PinPinterest Pricing


Great Prices.                           

Organic growth.

Clear and varied pricing points.

Offer many advanced features such as Sitemaps and AutoPins.

Have email support.


Don’t have 24/7 Support.

Needs your Pinterest login.


PinPinterest offer various reviews on their website, in the shape of YouTube video reviews.

Here is an example:

Conclusion – Would I Recommend Using PinPinterest?

PinPinterest is a great automation service to quickly grow your Pinterest following.

You will be guaranteed to have real organic followers who are interested in your content – as they are a targeted automation service, rather than just buying followers.

I would 100% recommend using their service if you are interested in growing your Pinterest and boosting traffic to your website or other ventures.

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Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

This post is sponsored by PinPinterest. All opinion and reviews expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

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