LinkNotifier Review (2022) – Best Backlink Software? *Read First*

Backlinks in 2020 are as important as ever.

Google uses them to rank you, and they also help boost your traffic.

But for many it is hard to track links, and even more so get them.

This is where a service like LinkNotifier comes in – keeping you updated with your website’s link profile, and growing your backlinks.

So today I’ll be reviewing LinkNotifier – their features, pros and cons, and whether I would recommend using them.

Let’s get on with it.

How Important are Backlinks in 2020?

Firstly, how actually important are backlinks in 2020?

Backlinks are links from other websites that are directed towards your site.


Google have repeatedly said that backlinks give them a good signal for how they good your website is in terms of relevance and quality.

The more inbound links to your article, page etc – the higher you will normally rank, therefore.

And even more so, the stronger they are (as in how much authority your referring website has) the more ‘juice’ they offer.

Essentially, more links cause you to have higher rankings – which boosts your traffic.

That’s why tools like LinkNotifier are in such high demand.

What Is LinkNotifier?

LinkNotifer is an online service that allows you to understand your own backlink profile and grow your traffic with an exclusive link exchange program.

They claim to have had already over 9270 people using their service – and growing.

LinkNotifier Features

They offer many features, ranging from:

  • Artificial Intelligence – LinkNotifier have developed a highly sophisticated SEO deep learning algorithm to check sites beneficial for your niche to grow traffic. They will then contact the owner and ask for a link exchange.
  • Website Status Check – get notified when your website is down, to prevent yourself from losing traffic.
  • Link Exchange – as mentioned earlier, they have a sophisticated link exchange program to grow your backlink profile.
  • No downloads – it runs on the cloud, so no need to install any software or keep any browser open.
  • Broken links – LinkNotifier regularly checks your website for broken links.
  • Build a Sitemap – easily build a sitemap with all your pages and links, viewable from your dashboard.

How to Get Started with LinkNotifier?

LinkNotifier sign up

It’s super easy to get up and running with LinkNotifier in minutes.

  • Signup to LinkNotifier – from their website, sign up for free then choose a plan (below)
  • Add New Project – create a new Link Exchange project for each client
  • Choose Your Actions – go to dashboard and choose the actions you would like LinkNotifier to perform (Sitemap, Broken Links, Link Exchange Program etc).
  • Add Email Notifiers – on your dashboard, put in the email where you would like to receive your notifications
  • Add Website – go to My Websites Panel and choose your actions (Up or Down etc)
  • Add Links – go to My Links Panel and choose the link you would like to check if it is still alive.
  • Start LinkNotifier – hit the START button, and you are all set!
  • Making Changes – there is no need to restart the service, just check/uncheck actions from the dashboard.

LinkNotifier will run like an employee in the background – but 24/7 and for less than $1 a day.


LinkNotifier offer many pricing plans – and are all one-time payment.

They vary in length of time – and the larger the plan, the larger the daily discount.

All payments are safe and processed with PayPal.

And they offer a 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

Here are their plans:

LinkNotifier Pricing
LinkNotifier Pricing


Build Organic Backlinks.

Many Features – Up and Down, Broken Links, Sitemap etc.

Very competitive pricing.

Email support.

Highly sophisticated SEO deep learning algorithm.

30-day Free Trial.


Not 24/7 Support.

Conclusion – Would I recommend using LinkNotifier?

Overall, LinkNotifier is a great service that will be sure to help boost your backlink profile in no time.

They offer a wide range of useful features – to help give you that edge to outrank competitors on Google.

In particular, their Link Exchange Program will automate actions which would normally take you hours – and instead are performed quickly and safely.

All this for less than $0.20 a day at most!

If you are interested to also automate your Instagram and begin growing your social media presence, check out my review of Upleap here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

This post is sponsored by LinkNotifier. All opinion and reviews expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

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