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InstaMacro Review (2020) – Scam or Legit?

InstaMacro promises to gain you Instagram followers and likes in no time.

Seems like the dream come true – especially considering how important likes/follows are for businesses and profiles in this day and age.

However, is it actually legitimate or just a scam that you should avoid using?

So today I’ll be checking out InstaMacro – their features, pros and cons, pricing and whether I would recommend using them.

Let’s get on with it.

Why Would You Want More Instagram Followers and Likes?

When you get more likes, Instagram are more likely to push your posts out to a larger audience – as it seems people are liking your content.

This boosts your engagement and outreach.

It also displays how legitimate a brand is.

An account which has many likes seems way more trust-worthy, which also boosts your conversion rates.

Followers also are an important measure of how legitimate your account and make up your audience – so you can begin earning money on Instagram.

That’s why likes, and followers are vital for growth on Instagram.

What Is InstaMacro?

InstaMacro is an online Instagram Bot Service, that provide automation to perform Instagram tasks that you would normally have to do manually.

These include:

  • Following
  • Unfollowing
  • Liking

This therefore saves you time – so you can focus on content or more important and less manual activities.

Also, as they are performing tasks that you would normally do, the followers and likes you receive will be organic and real.

As you can also target users based on hashtags, location and usernames.

InstaMacro Features
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They promise that their service is:

  • Powerful – deigned with efficiency and performance in mind – and claim to be the fastest service out there.
  • Simple but Flexible – ability to manage liking and following activity easily, with full control of all activity.
  • Unmatched Results – claim to deliver the best results.

Features of InstaMacro

InstaMacro Review
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InstaMacro offer some advanced features which will help super boost your Instagram growth.

Automatic Actions

InstaMacro, as mentioned earlier, offer the ability to automatically perform certain tasks. 

Their service can like and follow simultaneously – which will create attraction around your account, as people check out who liked/followed them.

To unfollow however, following needs to be disabled temporarily.

They would also recommend avoiding using another third-party tool or liking/following yourself when using their service – but posting content and browsing is fine.


You can choose to vary the speed at which the activity is being performed – normal, slow and fast.

It determines how many likes, follows, or unfollows are completed each minute, and can be configured in the main settings.


InstaMacro automatically chooses popular tags for you to like or follow, but also recommend choosing custom ones.

For example, if you had a cooking account – select tags like #baking, #food etc so you gain a relevant audience.

Then InstaMacro will follow users using those hashtags.

You can also blacklist people and hashtags that should be avoided.


You can set Auto-Pause on InstaMacro so that Instagram don’t get suspicious of your continuous activity and ban you.

They recommend starting every 2 hours and running for 30 mins.

Getting Started with InstaMacro

It’s super easy to get started with InstaMacro.

Navigate over to their site and use your regular Instagram credentials to sign up for InstaMacro – they will create an account for you automatically.

InstaMacro Sign-Up
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Having an InstaMacro account is free, but to begin their service you need to sign up for one of their plans (see below)

Luckily, they offer a free 5-hour trial for you to try out their service beforehand.


  • Go to InstaMacro
  • Sign Up with your Instagram Account
  • Start the free 5-hour Trial
  • Then pick a Paid Plan
  • Configure your settings
  • Begin growing your Instagram!


InstaMacro packages work by time – and you receive a progressively higher discount as you choose a longer time period.

You can also choose a custom time period at $1.09 per day.

InstaMacro Pricing
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InstaMacro Pricing
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Clear pricing points – and at good rates.

Good support – email and FAQ section.

Offer secure payment methods – PayPal and most major card providers.

Good refund policy.

Organic growth

Range of features and customizable abilities.


Not 24/7 Support.

Need to provide Instagram password.


Is InstaMacro Safe?

InstaMacro claim to be safe as they have been in service for 7 years and have defined speed so that automated activity doesn’t get noticed by Instagram.

So far, they claim that they have had no problems with any of their clients.

Do They Need Your Instagram Credentials?

They do need your Instagram password and username to perform their service.

This is because it is impossible to perform likes and follows on your behalf if not within your account – just as you would not be able to.

They say that they ‘will never use your Instagram credentials without your authorization’.

How Can You Add Another Instagram Username to Your Dashboard?

To add an account, go to your Dashboards page and click Add Account – then fill in the details.

You can add unlimited accounts – but it costs more for each.

The Truth About InstaMacro

Do I think InstaMacro are a scam?

No, I don’t.

They have a clearly laid out Terms of Condition and Privacy Policy page which state everything that I would expect – and their service seems to be pretty good.

They don’t have a Trustpilot or any reviews on their site which is a bit worrying – but doesn’t mean they are a scam, and in fact probably implies the opposite.

I would only worry about the whole Instagram bot service – and being careful to avoid getting your account banned.

This is why usually I would recommend an account manager service like Upleap instead – who offer similar features, but with a real person doing it for you (read more about them below).

Alternatives to InstaMacro

If for some reason, you don’t like the sound of InstaMacro and want an Instagram Growth Service which will also help you grow safely, organically and quickly – here are a couple of my favourites:

Mr. Insta – Best Instagram Growth Service

Mr Insta Best Instagram Growth Service
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Mr. Insta are one of my favourite Instagram Growth Services.

They offer an incredibly wide range of features including:

  • Instagram Followers/Likes/Comments/Views
  • Automatic Followers and Likes – sit back and watch your following grow with real users organically.
  • Ability to pay monthly – receive hundreds of followers every month for a discounted price!

Through their service, you can also receive targeted and free Instagram followers daily – just by signing up for free!

Their Free Plan runs for 24 hours and offers 25 targeted followers and needs no password.

Mr. Insta also have the best reviews on TrustPilot I have ever seen for an Instagram Growth Service – with over a thousand reviews and having an Excellent 5-Star Rating.

Mr. Insta are the most trusted and reliable provider of Instagram followers and growth in the industry.

Mr. Insta Pricing
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Their paid plans start from $10 for 250 followers – or only $20 a month to receive 15 followers a day (that’s 1500 a month!).

Mr. Insta also provide 24/7 support – and promise 100% safe order and payment.

By gaining in followers quickly and easily, your Instagram outreach and engagement will increase – meaning your account is promoted more by Instagram, further growing your audience.

If you are looking to grow your Instagram organically, quickly and safely (as well as at great prices and flexibility) – Mr. Insta are my go-to choice.

(Get Started By Clicking the Button Below and Get A Free Discount Code)

Or learn more with my full Mr. Insta review here.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media
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An amazing alternative Instagram Growth Service, and one of my all-time favourites, is Stellation Media.

They offer an incredibly wide range of features, all for an amazing price, including:

  • Mass Story Viewer – view hundreds of thousands of user’s stories to boost outreach and audience.
  • Account Manager – a dedicated account manager to look after your Instagram and help carry out your strategy.
  • Auto reposting and Schedule Posts – have the ability to automatically repost posts based on hashtags, people and location every day, and also schedule posts for a specific time.
  • And many more features.

They are sure to skyrocket your Instagram growth within weeks.

I would 100% recommend getting started with their Mass Story Engager Plan.

Or learn more with my full Stellation Media review here.


Buzzoid Alternative - Upleap
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I would 100% recommend using UpLeap – a well-known brand who assign an account manager who helps you grow engagement with organic follower and likes.

Your results are guaranteed to be organic followers and engagement – and on average I have been gaining thousands of real followers a month.

They offer suitable prices, money-back guarantees, and plenty of real reviews.

You will always be able to get in touch with a member of their customer support – and you can be assured both your Instagram and money is safe with them.

They are also cheaper than Stellation Media – although less effective and advanced.

Or learn more with my full Upleap review here.

Conclusion – Would I Recommend InstaMacro?

Overall, InstaMacro is a great Instagram Bot Service to automate your Instagram followers, likes and unfollows.

You are sure to build up a good amount of engagement and reach within weeks.

I would however recommend a more personalised service like Upleap which is about the same price – but has a real account manager to make sure your Instagram is safe.

Check out Upleap’s free 3-day trial here.

Check out my list of the 30 Best Instagram Growth Services, and where InstaMacro places, here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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