HeySummit Review (2022) – Should You Use It? *Read First*

HeySummit Review (2022) – Should You Use It? *Read First*

HeySummit is an online Virtual Event Platform for ‘entrepreneurs, creators and communities’.

It allows you to create and host online events, with a full host of features.

But should you use it for your online events, or are there better options out there?

To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing HeySummit – checking out its features, pros and cons, pricing and whether we recommend using it.

Let’s get on with it.

What is HeySummit?

HeySummit is an online Virtual Event Platform, which allows you to easily build online events to save time.


They’ve been used by over 2 million attendees worldwide, including United Nations, Udemy and Outreach – and hosted over 6000 events.

Their service comes with a full host of features including:

  • Easy-to-use Attendee Registration
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Speaker Dashboard
  • Full Analytics

HeySummit has integrations with tens of services including Zoom, Zapier, LiveWebinar and Remo.

Their service also works with many popular platforms including Teams, YouTube Live, Vimeo Live and Twitch.

HeySummit Review (2022) – Should You Use It? *Read First*

With HeySummit’s packages, you will often reach a partner to coach you through the virtual event planning process.

This can take the form of weekly video calls, and direct messaging via technical support.

They offer solutions for Professional Services, Non-Profits (which can receive up to 50% off annual plans) and Agencies.

Founded in 2019, HeySummit has a team of 30+ from several countries, hoping to continue ‘empower independent entrepreneurs’.


HeySummit offer ‘all the features you need to run your online event’, and offer a wide range including:

Registration and Ticketing

HeySummit allow you to easily create tickets, and an effective attendee registration solution.

HeySummit Review (2022) – Should You Use It? *Read First*

You can add custom questions to the registration, to make sure you get all the right information from your attendees.

Other features include:

  • Pre-Registration Page – collect emails right from the start.
  • Customized Registration Page – tailor the questions, and experience, for your attendees.
  • Flexible Pricing Structure – price your tickets how you want to.

HeySummit also allow you to set up time limited discounts and offers, to incentivise early buying.

Landing Pages

With HeySummit, you can easily create landing pages for your online virtual event.

They offer a range templates, so you can save time and not have to develop your page from scratch.

HeySummit Review (2022) – Should You Use It? *Read First*

Features include:

  • Dynamic Components – add components that update automatically.
  • Flexible Builder – move content around easily to create your perfect page.
  • Content Blocks – easily add blocks including videos, display sponsors, testimonials or more.

Their editor is incredibly easy-to-use and designed for complete beginners.

HeySummit also promise to always provide support if you are unable to create the perfect landing page.


HeySummit also offer tools to help ‘maximize sign-ups for your event’.

This includes:

  • Affiliate Program – incentivize people to promote your event, with an easy-to-use affiliate program and dashboard.
  • Competitions and Giveaways – set-up events to incentivize attendees sharing.
  • Testimonials – display reviews and showcase satisfied customers.

HeySummit also allows you to have the flexibility to promote your sponsors, and make swipe copy accessible for your speakers, through their own dashboard.

Talk Management

You should be able to easily ‘create, edit and organize talks’ with HeySummit, and their host of tools.

HeySummit Review (2022) – Should You Use It? *Read First*

You can create a talk in seconds, and choose a Title, Date, Speakers, Duration and Category.

Then you can select either a Live Webinar, Custom Stream URL, or a Pre-Recorded talk.

These are all integrated with platforms including Zoom, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch, LiveWebinar and tens of more.

HeySummit allow you then leverage replays and save all the talks in a content library for on-demand viewing.

Speaker Dashboard

HeySummit also make the whole process much easier, and more efficient, for the speakers at your online virtual event.

HeySummit Review (2022) – Should You Use It? *Read First*

This is aided by:

  • Promotional Material – HeySummit will automatically generate promo material (banners, social copy etc) to save time.
  • Speaker Details – allow speakers to add their own bios, headshots, and social links.
  • Real-Time Data – speakers can see how many attendees they will have, and when their next talk is.

You can also allow your speakers to receive an affiliate commission, via the power of affiliate marketing.

Reporting and Analytics

It’s important to keep track of your event’s statistics and insights, to help make sure your next event will be even more successful.

HeySummit promise to help, with the following features:

  • Feedback Questions – easily ask attendees about their experience at the event.
  • Webinar Reports – track engagement, to monitor live or recorded attendance.
  • Event Dashboard – view all important information from one place.

HeySummit, via the dashboard, offer many useful metrics and stats including Top Speakers, Social Shares, Number of Attendees and more.

Getting Started

To get started with HeySummit, follow these steps:

  1. Visit their website here.
  2. Sign up for an account, with your name, email, number, and password.
  3. Choose a plan and begin your 14-Day Free Trial.
  4. Design your ideal event, by building a landing page and inviting speakers.
  5. Go live and track engagement and performance in real-time.

If you are an Enterprise Customer looking for bespoke services, you can get in touch with their team via contact form.

HeySummit Review (2022) – Should You Use It? *Read First*

Similarly, you can do the same if you are a Charity or Non-Profit Organization.


HeySummit offer 4 Pricing Plans (excluding their Professional and Non-Profit offerings), which all begin with a free 14-day trial.

HeySummit Review (2022) – Should You Use It? *Read First*

You can cancel at anytime, according to their website.


Their most basic plan Starter costs $49 per month when billed manually, or $35 per month when billed annually (saving $168 per year).

It offers:

  • 1 Active Summit
  • 200 Registrations (300 with the Annual Plan)
  • 9% Transaction Fees

In terms of features, you receive the Landing Page Builder, Customizable Emails, Webinar Integrations and Accept Ticket Payments.

You also have unlimited team members, and it costs $5/ 100 additional registrations (this is the same with every plan).


HeySummit’s Growth Plan costs $203 per month, or $145 when billed annually (saving $696).

It offers:

  • 3 Active Events
  • 1500 Registrations (2250 with Annual Plan)
  • 4% Transaction Fees

The Growth Plan offers all the features included in the Basic Plan, but also an Advanced Ticketing System, Manage Affiliates and Custom Domain.


The Success Plan costs $595 per month, or $425 per month with the Annual Plan (saving $2040 a year).

It offers:

  • 7 Active Events
  • 20,000 Registrations (30,000 with Annual Plan)
  • 1.5% Transaction Fees

You receive all HeySummit’s features, which on top of the ones in the Growth Plan, include Important Attendees, Custom Payment Gateway, and No HeySummit Branding.


Finally, the Agency Plan costs $1540 per month, or $1100 with the Annual Plan (saving $5280 per year).

It offers:

  • 20 Active Events
  • 100,000 Registrations (150,000 with Annual Plan)
  • 0% Transaction Fees

Same as the Success Plan, you receive all features.

To get started with this plan, you need to first contact HeySummit’s team.

As mentioned earlier, Non-Profits and Charities can receive up to 50% off their plans.

Pros and Cons


  • Good package
  • Good testimonials
  • Use on multiple platforms


  • Expensive

Would We Recommend Using HeySummit?

After checking out HeySummit, we overall would recommend using their service, if you want to host online virtual events.

This is for several reasons.

Firstly, when looking at virtual event platforms, it is important to make sure they offer all the features you need when hosting events.

HeySummit offers an effective registration system, to allow you to easily rack up attendees to your events.

HeySummit Review (2022) – Should You Use It? *Read First*

Even better, you can easily create a landing page via their intuitive builder, to increase your conversion rates.

Using blocks such as Testimonials, Videos, and Images, will allow you to increase the attendance of your events.

HeySummit also offer further marketing tools such as an Affiliate Program and Auto-Generated Banners.

There is no point to an event with no attendees, so we were impressed by the wide range of features HeySummit offer, to avoid this happening.

Secondly, and perhaps one of the most important features they offer, is the range of integrations available.

HeySummit Review (2022) – Should You Use It? *Read First*

Some Virtual Event Platforms only allow you to host live talks from Zoom, or make it difficult to set-up pre-recorded videos, but this isn’t the case with HeySummit.

The wide range of integrations with tens of platforms, means you don’t need to feel confined.

And by mixing it up between live and pre-recorded talks, you can create a larger and more content-packed online event for your attendees.

Finally, we were impressed by HeySummit’s Support Team which quickly replies to any questions, or problems you run into.

This is incredibly important with any online service, so is a pro of HeySummit.

Also, via their website, they offer many helpful tutorials to get you started with hosting your events and make the process even simpler.

HeySummit Review (2022) – Should You Use It? *Read First*

Whilst the 9% transaction fee with the Basic Plan is a bit hefty, this does decrease as you get to the Growth Plan and beyond.

We are also aware, however, that those plans are on the expensive side so recommend making sure you are aware of your budget before proceeding.

Nevertheless, overall, we do recommend using HeySummit to host your online virtual events.


What is HeySummit?

HeySummit is an online Virtual Event Platform. With their service, you can easily create and promote your online virtual events. They have been used by over 2 million attendees and hosted over 6000 events since 2019. Key features including a Landing Page Builder, Advanced Statistics, and a Wide Range of Integrations (Zoom, YouTube etc).

How Much Does HeySummit Cost?

HeySummit offer 4 Pricing Plans, which all begin with a completely free 14-Day Trial. Their cheapest starts from $35 per month (when billed annually), which can go up to $1100 per month. There are also transaction fees, which decrease as you upgrade your plan and a limit to attendees which can be increased by payment.

Is HeySummit Good?

Yes, we do believe HeySummit is a good service. If you are looking to host an online virtual event, HeySummit offers all the features you need, and then some. This includes integrations with tens of services (Zoom, LiveWebinar etc), a landing page builder and easy-to-use dashboards for both speakers and organizers. HeySummit also has an excellent support team, and great reviews.

What Does HeySummit offer?

HeySummit offers a wide range of features. This includes an easy-to-use Landing Page Builder, and Flexible Registration Process, as well as advanced statistics and dashboards for speakers and organizers. You can also host both live and pre-recorded talks, and receive a range of marketing tools including an affiliate program.


Overall, HeySummit allows you to easily create and promote your online virtual events.

Especially in a time such as ours, when talks and events seem to be moving online, using it can help save time and hassle.

We were impressed by their wide range of features, which offer all you need to get started with an online event.

Once again, to get started:

  • Visit the official website here.
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Begin their 14-Day Free Trial and begin designing your virtual event.

The trial doesn’t need any card details, so we see no point in not trying it out if you are still on the fence.

If you run into any problems, make sure to get in touch with their excellent Support Team.

If you want to also promote your online event on Social Media, check out our favourite Instagram Growth Services here.

Hope this helped.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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