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Create by Vidello Review – Plus A Special Discount!

In this day and age, videos are becoming far more important for marketers, and businesses.


They are the most engaging form of content – look at how popular YouTube has become.

Yet, most people are forced to buy Adobe, or Premiere Pro etc – which all costs hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, if they want to make suitable videos.

This is where Create by Vidello (or Vidello Create) comes in.

Today I’ll be doing a comprehensive review on Create – and asking whether it is a perfect, cheaper alternative for businesses looking to move into videos.

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What Is Create by Vidello?

Create is a desktop video editing and recording software.

It was created by Sam Bakker, a leading supplier on JVzoo who has created other successful marketing video/audio products such as Videosly, iGloo and TubePilot.

Create Vidello

The software enables users to quickly record their screen, webcam and audio in perfect pixel resolution – full HD 1080p as well as 4K!

Also, it comes with a full feature timeline editor enabling users to quickly make cuts, add media and customize videos with audio, images and video clips.

Designed to be easy to use, but powerful and full of features, it is a perfect cost-effective platform for marketers, trainers, business owners etc.

Let’s look into it a bit closer.

Why Are Videos Important?

Videos are great as they boost your conversion rates – and help build engagement and trust with visitors.

Adding a video to a marketing email can increase the click-through rate by 200% – 300%, and embedding them in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%

They are usually far more comprehensive and easier to understand than text can be – and alongside images, infographics etc make a perfect marketing strategy.

It is important to avoid having blogs or training courses with only blocks of texts – who would want to read that?

Videos, alongside images, are a great way to break up your information.

This is where Create comes in to help you build these professional looking videos.

Create by Vidello’s Features

Vidello Create Features

So, what does Vidello Create actually offer?

Recording Tools

Create offers a screen recorder, to record your entire computer screen or just a certain section.

A webcam recorder – you just need to select which webcam to be recorded, and it will do so.

An audio recorder – simple, and easy to use one-click recorder.

Editing Software

Vidello Create Interface

The drag-and-drop timeline editor– you can easily cut and resize by dragging and dropping, adding music, zooming, inserting, locking media etc.


Computer application in order to be 100% compatible for Mac OS and Windows.

Resizing canvas – perfect for Instagram, can resize videos to size, to suit your needs.


Media Library Credits: Vidello Create

Has an extensive royalty-free media library: over 100 animated and static emoticons, 100 attractive icons, and 30 premium songs for any sort of video.

Premium songs are suitable for every music genre.

For example: 

  • Emotional teaser videos – cinematic tracks
  • Explainer videos: ukulele jingles or modern pop/dance etc. 

It also allows you to insert videos, images and audio of your own with one-click – and convey MOV to MP4.

Can easily add texts, and shapes – with many fonts and styles.

A Gif creator.


Blur settings – overlay wallpapers

Vidello Create Text-to-Speech

Can create voiceovers in foreign languages.

Just type and past a script to generate a professional sounding voiceover in seconds (14 different accents/languages).

Comes with step-by-step training courses for new members

Can use on up to 3 different computers.

Also comes with:

  • Hue and Saturation
  • Snap and Lock Guidelines
  • Project Folders
  • Vidello Integration

How to Use Vidello Create – the 3-Step Process

Record Videos

Vidello Create Recording

Create offers screen, webcam and audio recording. Record your PowerPoint presentation whilst talking your audience through it with audio and a webcam; or screen record your safari and give an online tutorial etc.

Vidello Create Screen Recording

All this is especially great for training or product marketing pieces.

Edit Your Timeline and Add Elements

Editing is the heart of Create. You can easily and quickly add texts, images, audio and video. Or create transitions between elements with the timeline.

Vidello Create Timeline
Timeline Credits: Vidello Create

The text module allows you to drag the style of text you want onto the screen and add emojis.

It’s all drag-and-drop so to resize or reposition – it’s simple and intuitive.

Create also has an extensive library of images, backgrounds and audio.

Vidello Create Emojis

No need to waste time online looking for legal elements to use – Create has them all professionally made and fully licensed.

As mentioned before, you can also use the text to audio feature if you don’t want to speak or would rather a computer.

Publish and Distribute Your Videos

After you’ve edited your video, you can publish it with a couple clicks.

Vidello Create Convert

Lots of sizes are available, or can be exported directly to YouTube, Vimeo etc.


One-time payment – very well-priced

Easy to use with simple interface

Extensive Media Library (Audio, Emojis etc)

Many Useful Features like Text-to-Audio

No skills/experience needed

Works on Mac and PC

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

24/7 Support Staff


Only have full benefits when purchasing upgraded version (recommended)

Bit less powerful than more costly competitors

Need internet


Vidello by Create offers one-time only pricing rather than monthly.

This is great for smaller businesses and helps cut down monthly costs. 

Vidello Create $127 Pricing

Create by Vidello comes with all features above, for a usual one-time price of $127.

Create by Vidello Review - Plus A Special Discount!

Luckily with this deal you’ll get $60 off – so for just $67!

Alternatives to Create by Vidello

Adobe Premier Pro CC

Premier Pro CC

Arguably the best video editing software for Windows, Adobe Premier Pro CC is used by multitudes of professionals.

Yes, in terms of what it offers, it goes above and beyond. Yet many of its extra features, are wholly unnecessary for most people.

And there’s the added problem that it costs at least £20 a month. Effectively you can get 3 months of it, or a lifetime subscription with Create.

Even more so, it’s not particularly beginner-friendly – so I would only recommend it if you are looking to make very professional video/films / have a large business. Although I know this is not most of you.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X

The top editor for Mac, Final Cut Pro X comes with the expensive price tag of £299.99.

It offers versatile and powerful editing, plus a brilliant interface – and works amazingly on Apple devices.

Still, like Adobe Premier Pro CC, it comes down to how much you are really willing to spend on making some videos and how much time/experience you have.



The Mac Classic, iMovie of course comes free with all Apple devices, and should never be overlooked.

It’s easy-to-use, and has some useful features, but really comes short for proper video editing.

If you really want good-looking videos – it perhaps is a tad too basic (and of course only is on Macs).

Who Would I Recommend Create by Vidello for?

Create by Vidello is great for businesses/people looking to make professional-looking videos with ease, and not large expenses.

It’s a must have asset for:

Product creators

Online coaching

Social Media Marketers, Video Marketers, Offline Marketers

Small or Local Businesses / Business Owners

Video Agencies


Online Coaching


Use it to publish:

Sales Videos

Training Videos

Demo Videos

Viral Videos

Instagram Stories/Facebook Ads/YouTube

If you don’t yet have a website, but want to begin earning passively online and using Create, look no further:

What Are People Saying About It?

“With Create, you can quickly make a variety of videos and without needing to deal with complex and expensive editing tools. I really like how easy you can adjust the canvas and add animated emojis perfect for making professional social video ads.”

Mark Thompson

“Video is a huge part of our marketing – we use it every day. Promotional videos, demos, video ads… And with Create, we can now quickly make virtually any type of video without having to switch between multiple apps! A great tool for anyone wanting to make video courses to promotional video content!”

Martin Crumlish

Create makes it easy to record and edit videos that look super professional. I’ve actually been using 2 different tools to make videos, that I can now cancel my subscription. Love how fast it is and really helps me make videos that wow my website visitors.

Marco Vantroba

Conclusion – Would I recommend it?

Overall, Create by Vidello is a great editing/recording software for smaller businesses.

It is easy and intuitive to use, looks great and offers lots of features such as an extensive media library, great transitions, and text-to-audio capabilities.

I myself use and love it. 

Moving from iMovie and it’s simpler editing – Create’s interface was super easy to use, and I quickly started making videos which were far more professional looking.

And of course, I’m not a fan of dishing out hundreds of pounds a year just to edit and record some videos!

It has an amazing price lifetime of $69 with the special offer (press button below) – and if you don’t like it, get a refund!

That’s it for the Create by Vidello review – I hope you learned something, and enjoy the product.

Talk soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur 

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