Convertful Review (2022) - Is It Better Than Optinmonster?

Convertful Review (2022) – Is It Better Than Optinmonster?

95% of your traffic will leave your website after quickly scanning through your content – and that’s that.

No lead. No sale. No conversion.

That’s where pop-up and slide-in plugins come in – to quickly grab your audience, and secure that email or subscription.

They really, really do work – very well.

Today we’ll be reviewing Convertful, a powerful and effective (and free!) WordPress pop-up plugin – its features, pros and cons, pricing and compare it against other competitors on the market.

Let’s get on to it.

Do I Need a WordPress Popup Plugin?

WordPress Popup Plugin
Credit: AltusHost

Firstly, do you actually need a WordPress Popup Plugin?

There is no denying that if you want to convert your audience into leads and sales – popups are the one of the best ways to do so.

Yet, do you really need a specific popup plugin? Or can you just use the one that your email marketing service provides maybe, or some other simple version?

Well – if you really want to grab your audience’s attention, a simple, generic popup will never accomplish that.

What you want is something that looks slick and eye-catching: to boost the growth of your email list/ subscriber count as much as possible.

Even more so, WordPress popup plugins offer you lots of extra useful features such as: A/B testing, different themes and designs, advanced statistics, triggers and conditions (such as percentage scrolled down the screen, time on the page etc) and way more.

We’ll be looking at all of Convertful’s features in particular soon as well.

In essence, if you are series about online blogging – a WordPress Popup Plugin is essential – and Convertful might just be the best pick for you.

What is Convertful?

Convertful Review (2022) - Is It Better Than Optinmonster?
Credit: Convertful

So, what is Convertful?

Convertful is the all-in-one tool to turn your visitors into leads and sales.

They provide you with all the on-site conversion solutions, not only pop-ups but slide-ins, quiz funnels and more.

The plugin integrates with every major email marketing platform (GetResponse, SendinBlue etc) – and works seamlessly with WordPress.

They offer prices varying from an amazing Free Plan to an Agency Plan costing $200 / month and are quickly gaining traction in the space as not just a standard optin form provider.

What really sets Convertful apart from the others, is how generous they are with their Free Plan.

Let’s find out some more about it.

What Features Does Convertful offer?

Here are some of the features which Convertful offer.

All of these are offered in every plan, including the Free Plan.

All the On-Site Widget Types and Solutions

As mentioned earlier, Convertful offer a whole host of widgets, not only pop-up forms, to begin increasing your conversion rate.

Convertful Review (2022) - Is It Better Than Optinmonster?

They include:

  • Pop-ups
  • Floating Bars
  • Scroll Boxes
  • Fullscreen Welcome Mats
  • Embedded Inline Widgets
  • Floating Buttons
  • Scroll-ins

100+ Starting Templates

You will have no trouble finding the design that will suit your need.

Convertful Templates

They offer over 100 templates within all the plans, including:

  • Spin-to-Win Gamification
  • Social Subscription Pop-ups
  • Segmentation Surveys
  • Quiz Funnels
  • Cart Abandonment Pop-ups
  • Content Funnels
  • Welcome Video Pop-ups
  • And way, way more.

It really is amazing how many, and the range, of what they offer.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Convertful Drag-and-Drop Editor

Convertful offer a flexible drag-and-drop editor, with the ability to customise fonts, colour, background images and more.

You can add any number of columns and elements as seen below:

Convertful Elements

They also allow you to boost conversions by adding eye-catching form animation effects, or if you want, you can add custom CSS and JS.

Effectively, they make the process of creating your forms super easy – and fully intuitive.

Specific Targeting

One of the most important aspects of any pop-up plugin, is the targeting – as you want to make sure that you are displaying the most suitable offers/ forms to your audience at the right time.

Convertful Triggers

Convertful offer many triggers and conditions:

  • Exit Intent – appears when the visitor is about to leave the page.
  • Time on page – appears after a certain time on the page
  • Element Click – appears when the visitor clicks a certain element on the page
  • Page Scroll – appears when the visitor scrolls the page down to a certain position/ percentage of the page
  • Inactivity time – appears if the visitor stops scrolling/ interacting
  • Embedded Widgets – embeddable by Shortcode/ CSS/ HTML

They then offer conditions to whether it gets shown, varying from:

  • History – date of the last visit, current date etc.
  • Technology – platform, screen width etc
  • Visit source – what URL they have come from
  • Geography – city, region, country etc.
  • WordPress – post type/category, WordPress user/admin/editor etc.

Campaigns – Multi-Step Ability

You can choose to customize what happens after the user clicks the buttons – open another widget, redirect to another URL, send data to integration (email marketing) etc.

They also make sure to avoid having campaigns overlapping each other and will only appear exactly when you want (you can define priority).

Also include ‘don’t show again rules’ – where if the user has closed, submitted or viewed, you can alter whether it will appear to them again.

You can also create a sequence of forms to appear – offering various deals in a row perhaps.

Convertful Multi-Step Campaigns

Their survey/ quiz widgets also can be configured to have various screens answering different questions and changing them based on results if you want – fully personalised!

Also, you can create a custom success message – including coupon codes or share buttons.


Convertful can integrate with any Email Marketing Service or E-Commerce Platform: including Shopify, BigCommerce, ConvertKit, AWeber and many more.

Convertful Integrations

It also offers an easy WordPress install – by just signing up and installing the plugin.

As well as this all the forms are fully mobile friendly – and have automatic mobile design, so you don’t have to worry about it looking bad for parts of your traffic.

Other Features

Alongside the many features we have mentioned:

Great Security – 100% GDPR Compliant, 99.9% Uptime, Live Editor Backups and more

Real-time advanced analytics

Convertful Review (2022) - Is It Better Than Optinmonster?

Live Chat Support, and a helpful form and knowledge base.

How Much Does Convertful Cost?

Every feature we have mentioned so far is available in every plan including the Free One.

So, how do the plans actually work and what do the other ones offer?

Effectively, it is mainly fashioned around how many site visits you have per month – with the Free Plan only for up to 1000 per month.

Convertful Pricing

As well as this, more advanced plans offer more sites, sub-accounts and some advanced features.

How To Get Started with Convertful?

To get started with Convertful, you can navigate over to their website, and sign up for an account.

From there if you are on WordPress, navigate over to Plugins, and Add New Plugin.

Then type up, install and activate Convertful – after that, connect your account and that’s it!

Convertful WordPress


Drag-and-drop Editor

Very good pricing (especially the free plan)

100+ Templates

Wide Range of Conditions and Triggers

Integrates with all Email Marketing Services and CMS

Advanced Features such as Analytics, Multiple Step Campaigns and more

Great Support


Some might not like paying by monthly visits

Doesn’t offer buttons to place in your content


These are a very high-converting way to drive new email subscribers to your list. If you’re looking for detailed functionality at a low price point, I suggest you look into Convertful

Neil Patel, Marketing Guru

Convertful is the only marketing tool that really helps me to easily capture, interact and convert visitors into clients. It is the tool that I recommend to my clients and the only one that I use in my own websites for almost all marketing tasks.

Javier Marcilla, NinjaSEO Founder

One of the best widget building and lead generation tools on the market.

David F, Digital Marketer

Alternatives to Convertful

Convertful is great, but if for some reason it’s not for you, there are of course other great alternatives.


Convert Plus vs Convertful
Credit: CodeCanyon

ConvertPlus is a great optin plugin with over 100+ pre-made templates, and the ability to customise extensively.

They also, similarly to Convertful, offer detailed targeting, and various different forms types including email opt-ins, promotions and more.

However, they don’t offer ones such as surveys, quiz funnels etc.

Their pricing comes at $24 on CodeCanyon for a lifetime deal – which is a very good price and comes with all their features and as many monthly visits as you want.

Although, this means that they do not offer a free trial, and the installation process is a bit more complicated.

Ninja Popups

NinjaPopups vs Convertful
Credit: CodeCanyon

Ninja Popups is a similar plugin to ConvertPlus, which can also be bought on CodeCanyon but for a bit more expensive $26.

It has a lot of functionality – over 73 premade templates, over 74 different animation effects, and advanced features such as the ability to track data with Google Analytics.

They also offer many different trigger options, but maybe not as extensively as either Convertful or ConvertPlus.

However, they would still be a great choice.


OptinMonster vs Convertful

Lastly, OptinMonster which is arguably one of the most established pop-up platforms and is very powerful and offers a lot of functionality.

They offer very detailed targeting, a great drag-and-drop builder and many templates and form designs.

However, they are a bit more costly with the plans starting at $9 per month

3 months of OptinMonster comes to about the lifetime cost of the other two alternatives, and Convertful of course offers a great free plan and good overall pricing – so perhaps it’s for the bloggers looking for a more advanced plugin.


Overall, we would 100% recommend using Convertful.

As users of the plugin still on the Free Plan, we’ve really enjoyed the extent of its features and adaptability.

Much of what it offers would cost far more anywhere else, and thus for any small-medium size blogger, its perfect.

If you have a lot more traffic – its pricing points are still great and offer every feature that any other plugin could.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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