BigCommerce Pricing - Plans & Hidden Costs (2022)

BigCommerce Pricing – Plans & Hidden Costs (2022)

Today, we’ll be looking at BigCommerce – an online e-commerce building platform, and in particular its pricing plans.

By the end you will know the true costs and understand some of the unexpected costs that you might have.

You might have been having questions like:

  • How much does BigCommerce cost?
  • Is BigCommerce worth the money?
  • Are there any hidden fees with BigCommerce?
  • BigCommerce pricing plans?

So, we’ll try answer them all today.

What is BigCommerce?

Before checking out its pricing plans, what actually is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is one of the leading ecommerce builders which means it lets you set up a store, add products and begin making money from your website.

Even more so, its design is that it tries to help you sell online with its many tools and features such as advanced marketing tools, payment integration and security.

Its clients include big brands such as Toyota, Kodak and Ben & Jerry’s – but it is also great for small businesses looking to scale up.

How Much Does BigCommerce Cost?

BigCommerce Pricing

BigCommerce has four pricing plans: Standard costs $29.95/mo, Plus costs $79.95/mo, Pro costs $249.95/mo and Enterprise is done by custom after speaking to an advisor.

Therefore, by paying monthly your annual costs come to:

$359 for the Standard Plan

$959 for the Plus

$2,999 for Pro

With any of the plans, by paying annually rather than monthly you can save a further 10%.

BigCommerce also offers a free 15-day trial, which can you start off with by pressing the button below.

What Do the Plans Give You?

Feature/ PlanBigCommerce
BigCommerce PlusBigCommerce Pro
Support 24/7YesYesYes
Customer Groups & SegmentationNoYesYes
Abandoned Cart RecoveryNoYesYes
Product FilteringNoNoYes
BigCommerce Transaction Fees0%0%0%
Credit Card Rates2.9% + $0.302.5% + $0.302.2% + $0.30
Yearly Sales Threshold$50k$150k$400k
Pricing$29.95 / month$79.95 / month$249.95 / month

With all the plans you receive:

Unlimited products, file storage and bandwidth

A Responsive website (compatible for mobile and desktop)

Real-time shipping quotes

Single-page checkout

No transaction fees (that’s a biggie – you keep all your money!)

24/7 live customer support

BigCommerce Standard Plan

  • $29.95 per month or $359.40 per year
  • For start-ups and small businesses

This plan comes with all the tools you will need to start an online store. It comes with all the features mentioned above, but misses out on credit card storing, abandoned shopping carts (contacting people who don’t complete the payment process) and a couple more features.

Also, the sales volume must be under $50k per year.

BigCommerce Plus Plan

  • $79.95 per month or $863.40 per year
  • For growing businesses

This plan is a small upgrade on the last one – but does give access to customer grouping to reward loyal customers (a more personalised shopping experience), stores credit cards and the abandoned cart saver feature.

It allows you to sell up to $150,000 however which is a large increase and is why it is a useful plan for businesses that are growing.

BigCommerce Pro Plan

  • $249.95 per month or $2999.40 per year
  • For established businesses

This plan is for businesses which have now really developed. It includes everything above plus Google customer reviews, the option to import a custom SSL from a third-party provider (customize checkout domain etc), and the “Faceted Search” which allows shoppers to sort and filter through products.

Most importantly with it you can sell up to $400k a year.

BigCommerce Enterprise Plan

  • $POA
  • For big businesses

With this plan there is no set price, but it is to be agreed with a BigCommerce advisor.

You’ll be able to sell to an agreed price and receive priority help and support.

Example Website
BigCommerce Example Store – Skullcandy

Other Prices to Consider

Domain names

Your domain name is the address of your website, for example Google’s is ‘’, mine is ‘’.

Your online store will need one to rank on google, and attract customers, so BigCommerce offers it as an additional fee.

For one year it will cost you from $12.27.

Transaction Fees

With BigCommerce, they do NOT charge any transaction fees.

Whatever you invest, you will always receive the full profit, which is unlike many other website builders.

However instead of charging this they have a forced upgrade policy where you will need to upgrade your plan as you generate more sales (see above).

Nonetheless, it is an attractive structure.

Credit Card Rates

Whenever a shopper buys something, you will have to pay a fee (goes to the payment processor e.g. a bank).

BigCommerce’s processing fees for debit and credit cards start at 2.9% + $0.30 per order but does progressively lower as you upgrade your plans.

Conclusion – How Should You Choose Your Plans

What plan you choose really depends on how large your store is, and what features you really want when considering budget.

The Standard Plan offers most of the features that BigCommerce has, and perfectly enough to get any E-Commerce store up and running.

The main difference in features between it and the Plus are Customer Segmentation (running loyalty schemes etc), Abandoned Cart Recovery and Persistent cart (remembering carts across devices).

Then to the Pro plan there isn’t too much added on.

What is important to consider is how much you expect to earn, with the sales caps that are in place for each of the plans.

Always consider that a jump of $50 per month might seem like a lot, but this is only a couple sales that the new plan will definitely help out with.

Still unsure? Try out the free trial below, no strings attached and see how you like BigCommerce

For a full guide on creating, setting up, and launching an online store with BigCommerce click here.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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