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30 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs (For Beginners)!

What Affiliate program you choose is vital to how well you will do in Affiliate Marketing. That’s why you should really consider which one to join before advertising any products.

Say you join an affiliate program that offers 30% commissions in your niche and earned $30,000 over the year. But there was a very similar company in your niche which offered 35%, but you didn’t pick it, and now have lost out on a potential $5000.

That’s why today I’ve compiled the best high-paying affiliate programs – considering the factors:

Commission Rate

When considering the affiliate program, make sure to choose one which offers a high commission rate. For example, I would never EVER go for one in the single figures if I was in the luxury niche and usually look for at least 20% commission. On the other hand if you are in the toy niche for example, you might have to make do with lower commission rates (Target for example).

Also consider whether you would prefer a fixed commission or a recurring one. Sometimes over time a recurring commission can become passive income and earn you more than a single one-time one.

Your cookie rate is how long you will receive credit for any purchases the customer who clicked your link makes. Some programs with only a day or a couple, are never worth joining, and you will always miss out on a lot of sales. 

Luckily at least a month is normally industry standard, so you should really consider upwards of 60 days.

Other Factors

You should also consider factors such as deep linking capabilities; the pay-out threshold (as in how much you need to reach in commissions to be paid); and affiliate support. The program you join will have to have a good team, that will always help out and make sure you get paid on time and fairly. 

Also consider how often your pay-outs are, some pay weekly, some monthly. 

As well as this, the affiliate tracking software they use is important for accurate commissions.

Luckily for you, I’ve considered all these factors, and put together1 a list of 30 great Affiliate Programs you should join today. I’ve complied them into popular affiliate program categories, so you find the best ones for your niche.

Let’s Get Started

Website Affiliate Programs

Shopify home page


Weebly is a great, easy to use website builder boasting over 40 million users. It’s drag-and-drop interface makes it great for building websites quickly, although they might not be the most advanced.

They offer a 30% recurring commission for as long as the customer remains active and have an impressive 120-day cookie rate.


Shopify is an online e-commerce store builder that provides everything you need to begin selling online. They let you create a beautiful store, manage and sell products, integrate with other apps like Oberlo, ship and more.

They offer a one-time commission rate of 200% and are known for their great support and structure.


Arguably the most popular and well-known website builder, Wix have over 100 million users – so they will normally be an easy sell to your audience.

They offer an $100 commission per sale and come with some great’s tools such as landing pages to use.


Next to Shopify, BigCommerce is probably one of the biggest online store builders, with over 60,000 merchants.

They are known for their advanced functionality and great in-built features.

Their program offers like Shopify a 200% commission and a 90-day cookie.

They also provide banners, weekly newsletters and SEO advice.

Hosting Affiliate Programs

Bluehost home page


One of the most popular hosting providers, Bluehost offers plans starting at $2.95 per month and are usually an easy sale.

They offer one-time pay-outs starting at $65+, and a respectable cookie rate of 45 days. The payment threshold is $100, and you are paid monthly between the 16thand end of the month.


Hostinger is another very popular web hosting provider that offer a starting discount of 90% for their WordPress plans, making them a very popular choice – and therefore boast excellent conversion rates.

They offer from $60 to $150 per sale and provide banners and other great promotional tools.


A2Hosting is a great hosting provider that offers amazingly quick speeds and low costs starting at $2.30 a month.

They have an increasing commission structure where with 1-10 sales you earn $85 per sale which goes up to $100, and at the top $140 per sale with over 30 sales.

With a great base rate and amazing top, they are one of my favourites!

Join up here.


GreenGeeks is a very quick and environmentally friendly hosting provider and offer great support and prices.

Their commission rates start at $50 and go up to $125, with no minimum sales threshold to reach.

They have paid over $3.5 million to their affiliates – want a slice of that!

(Email) Marketing Affiliate Programs



GetResponse is one of the top email marketing platforms, that enable their users to make email listings and send campaigns, online surveys, and follow-up autoresponders.

They offer two programs, either a recurring 33% monthly commission or a one-time $100 for each account referred.

This choice is quite unique and is great in an affiliate program!


One of the most popular landing page builders, Leadpages enables you to capture email addresses with their easy-to-make and beautiful landing pages.

They offer a 30% recurring commission for as long as the customer remains active.


SEMRush is an all-in-one marketing tool for digital marketers offering tools from SEO audits to rank tracking to keyword research. They are one of the most popular and well-known out of the competitors in the market.

With the high pricing plans you can make up to $160 a month for each referral with their 40% recurring plan.


Kicksta provide brands and influencers with a tool to grow organic followers without having to do a thing. Their team work to improve your account, growing engagement and influence.

They offer a 50% commission on every sale – you take half of what they earn!

WordPress Affiliate Programs

Wordpress Themes

Elegant Themes

Elegant themes sell premium WordPress themes and plugins.

They offer a 50% commission on each sale – claiming to offer the highest commission percentage out of any of their WordPress theme competitors.

Mojo Marketplace

Mojo Marketplace also sell themes and plugins, as well as services and live support for platforms such as WordPress and Shopify.

They offer commission starting at 30% which can go up to 70%, as well as banners and other material.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is similar to Elegant Themes, selling premium WordPress themes but which are focused on being very fast and conversion focused.

They offer up to 35% commissions.

Retail Affiliate Programs

Amazon Logo

Amazon Associates

When you join Amazon Associates, you can promote and earn commissions from any products sold on Amazon.

This gives you millions of products to choose from, and you can be in any niche!

It’s a great program for beginners but offers far smaller commission rates than the others, up to 8%.

Target Affiliate Program

Target, similarly, to Amazon, offer over a million products to sell and you can earn up to 8% per commission.

Unsure between Amazon and Target? – well I have a comprehensive review on the Target Affiliate Program and how it compares to Amazon – check it out here.

AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress is a very popular online marketplace, selling a wide range of cheap products mainly sourced in China.

They offer commission rates of up to 50%.

Want to learn more – I have a detailed guide on the AliExpress Affiliate Program here.

Travel Affiliate Programs

Trip Advisor Affiliate Program


Commission: 50%

Cookie rate: 14 days


Commission: up to 80%, but average 1.6% for flights, and 6% for hotels

Cookie rate: 30 days

Commission: 4%

Cookie rate: 7 days

Fitness Affiliate Programs

Fitness Affiliate Program

Ace Fitness

Commission: 8% of sales

Life Fitness

Commission 8%+

Cookie Rate: 30 days

Commission: 15% for new customers, 5% for returning

Cookie Rate: 9 days

Fashion & Beauty Affiliate Programs

Fashion and Beauty Affiliate Program


Commission: 5% per sale

Cookie rate: 7 days


Commission: Up to 18% per sale

Cookie Rate: 60 days


Commission: up to 10%, average 3%

Madison Reed

Commission: $20

Cookie rate: 30 days

Other Affiliate Programs


Canva is a graphic-design tool which helps people create logos, images, thumbnails, posters and more – with over 18 million users

They offer a 30-day cookie rate and you can earn up to 100% commission rate.


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers to offer and sell their services and products. 

The affiliate program offers up to $150 for every first-time buyer.

Conclusion – Choosing an Affiliate Program

When choosing an affiliate program make sure you consider the factors I put above: cookie rate, commissions and other factors such as support and the pay-out threshold.

Make sure you choose one that is high-paying and avoid missing out on earning higher commission rates – check the ones above for one in your niche.

Your chance to begin earning money online through affiliate marketing is amazing – and you can start right now.

Remember to start, a WordPress website is necessary. 

To start your affiliate marketing blog, I recommend you get started with A2Hosting for £2.30 or 63% off.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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