Stormlikes Review
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Stormlikes Review 2020 – PROOF They Are A Scam!

StormLikes seems like the dream come true – affordable likes ready for purchase.

Especially when likes on Instagram are so important both for brands and businesses.

However, you should not be fooled by their legitimate-looking image.

So today I’ll be reviewing their prices, pros and cons, alternatives, and whether I would recommend using them (or are they a scam!)

Let’s get on with it.

*By StormLikes I mean not – who seem to be trying to impersonate them and are an obvious scam.

Why Would You Want to Have More Instagram Likes?

Stormlikes Instagram
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Firstly, why would you want to even have more Instagram likes?

Instagram likes are important.

There is no denying that.

The more likes your post gets shows Instagram that it is quality content meaning they are more likely to push it out to a larger audience – therefore boosting your engagement.

It also displays how legitimate a brand is – with an account having many likes seeming way more trust-worthy and immediately boosting your conversion rates.

So, there really is a reason why a service like StormLikes exists, and why there is such a demand.

What Is StormLikes?

Stormlikes logo
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Credit: TrustPilot

Stormlikes is a website which sell Instagram likes for varied, reasonably cheap, prices.

They claim to be the only service in the world that provides likes from real people, and offer various other features such as:

  • Country Targeting – likes from a certain country of your choice
  • Gender Targeting – likes from a certain gender
  • Matching Views – offer same amount of views as likes
  • Ability to randomize and delay likes.

Getting Started with Storm Likes

StormLikes have an easily navigated website, which clearly lays out their features and pricing points.

Their pricing plans vary between one-time purchases, and a monthly subscription.



Stormlikes Review 2020 - PROOF They Are A Scam!
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From there you can arrange your own package, with the higher number of likes ordered, the larger the discount.

For example, 1000 likes costs $12.99, but 5000 likes only $34.99

Also, with each purchase Stormlikes promise:

  • Likes from real users
  • No password required
  • Starts within 5 seconds
  • 24/7 Support


Stormlikes Review 2020 - PROOF They Are A Scam!
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For each package you will receive a varying amount of likes for up to 10 posts per day.

And then, similarly to the one-time packages, you can vary the amount of likes per post from 500 to 50000.

Also, with each purchase alongside their basics, they promise Country Targeting and Gender Targeting.

Pros of Stormlikes

Free Trial Stormlikes
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Offer free 50 likes trial (although it wasn’t working at the time, I was checking their website out – and I’m guessing won’t ever – but comment down below if it has worked for you).

Nice and easy to use website.

Well-displayed pricing points and plans, which are also very flexible.

FAQ and Help Pages.

HTTPS Protection for user security.

Cons of Stormlikes

Seem to be bot likes.

Questionable reviews (more on that later).

No 24/7 Support.

No longer accept PayPal as payment option.


Are the Likes Real?

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Stormlikes say that the websites are genuine likes from real people in their exchange program who have allowed them to use their accounts (sound like bots!)

What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

PayPal as mentioned earlier is ‘temporarily unavailable’ although they say that they are trying to fix the problem.

They accept credit cards issued by MasterCard, Vida and Diner’s Club.

Do They Need Your Password?

No, they don’t – only your username to deliver the likes.

Are You at Any Risk of Being Banned?

No, they say that as their likes are from real people and neither bots nor ghost accounts, your Instagram account is safe.

The Truth about Stormlikes – Why They Are A Scam

StormLikes are certainly far less obviously a scam than other services such as SNS Growth and Buzzoid.

But there are some fundamental factors that worry me and should worry anybody looking to buy from them as well.

PayPal is not supported

Stormlikes Review 2020 - PROOF They Are A Scam!
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PayPal is a very important payment method for any online business – and can be easily set-up, so it is always worrying if a store doesn’t offer it.

Usually it is as a result of a dispute with PayPal over some fraudulent transactions.

This should be an instant red flag for anyone considering their service.

Their likes are from an ‘exchange program’

In their help pages, Stormlikes state that their likes are real and that they achieve this through getting people’s account of an ‘exchange program’.

Stormlikes Real Likes
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Now they don’t explain what this is, but I can guess that people are handing over their accounts to be used as bots which like lots of people posts.

So, they might seem like real people, but they aren’t actually engaging with your content.

This instead of helping you grow, will hinder you, as there is no real engagement which results in no organic growth.

If you wanted inorganic growth you could have just bought 1000s of likes for dirt cheap!

Their reviews and ‘Reward Program’

Stormlikes Rewards
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Their reviews on their website only show the 4-5 Star Reviews on TrustPilot, and some of their own ones.

Firstly, their own ones are clearly not real – they fundamentally never are.

Stormlikes review
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Carefully selected good reviews

When actually visiting Trust-pilot’s page for Stormlikes, you can see a far more mixed amount of reviews – with alongside some good reviews, many other bad ones.

Here are some examples (I’ve even left the grammar/spelling mistakes in them):

Can’t believe they’re actually rated higher than a 1 star. Must be fake reviews… I’ve paid $49 for Instagram followers and it’s been 3 days with no results. I’ve contacted support (live chat) and all they did was send me one automated message saying “thanks for contacting us, we usually reply right away. Sorry for the inconvenience”. They haven’t even read a thing I sent them in the last 3 days. No response from email either.

Just a heads up DO NOT BUY!


I purchased $24.99 of likes. This is a complete scam. Please ignore all the fake reviews on this site. They are just going to steal money. Check reviews before you’re purchase.

Elliot I

Even more worrying in their ‘reward program’ – they offer 10-15% discounts of your purchase if you give them a review on Trust-pilot.

Now they don’t necessarily state it has to be positive – but of course it would have to be if you expect anything in return.

Also, if you are reviewing so you can get a discount, then of course you haven’t actually tried their service yet – and so are writing false reviews!

Clearly, we can neither trust their Trust-pilot reviews nor their own ones.

This is very worrying and gives all indications of a scam.

Alternatives to Stormlikes

As we don’t recommend using Stormlikes, if you do want to grow your Instagram, whose service should you use.

Well luckily there are many alternatives who offer real followers, and organic growth – as well are well-reputed in the market.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media
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An amazing alternative Instagram Growth Service, and one of my all-time favourites, is Stellation Media.

They offer an incredibly wide range of features, all for an amazing price, including:

  • Mass Story Viewer – view hundreds of thousands of user’s stories to boost outreach and audience.
  • Account Manager – a dedicated account manager to look after your Instagram and help carry out your strategy.
  • Auto reposting and Schedule Posts – have the ability to automatically repost posts based on hashtags, people and location every day, and also schedule posts for a specific time.
  • And many more features.

They currently are my No.1 Instagram Growth Service – and are sure to skyrocket your Instagram growth within weeks.

I would 100% recommend getting started with their Mass Story Engager Plan.

Check out my full Stellation Media review here.


Buzzoid Alternative - Upleap
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I would 100% recommend using UpLeap – a well-known brand who assign an account manager who helps you grow engagement with organic follower and likes.

Your results are guaranteed to be organic followers and engagement – and on average I have been gaining thousands of real followers a month.

They offer suitable prices, money-back guarantees, and plenty of real reviews.

You will always be able to get in touch with a member of their customer support – and you can be assured both your Instagram and money is safe with them.

They are also cheaper than Stellation Media – although less effective and advanced.

Learn More Here With My Full Upleap Review

Conclusion – Would I Recommend Them?

I would 100% recommend staying away from Stormlikes and making sure not to buy their service.

If they did follow through with what they promised, with their many features and guarantees, I wouldn’t mind them.

Yet it’s the lack of PayPal integration, the bot likes and the fake reviews that all hint to you not getting your money’s worth if you do buy from them.

Instead, I would recommend UpLeap or Kicksta who are very well-known and trusted in the industry: both offering real organic growth for your Instagram.

I hope this review helped – and if you want to find out about SNS growth or Buzzoid click here.

Talk Soon, The E-Commerce Entrepreneur

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  1. SCAMMERS. STOLE MY MONEY. Claimed that I received likes when I never did and it didn’t even show up on my dashboard. Yet they claim I received them. I NEVER DID. SCAM.

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